1. Aww the costume looks great! I actually didn’t know they made Frozen Costumes for kitties! I can now say I’ve seen everything!

  2. Absolutely darling! The snowman nutcracker, the Frozen theme and Joanie! Joanie, such a sweet cat β™₯ Ellen you clicked some great pictures. Smiling this morning!

  3. That was cute. I love nutcrackers. So much So I collect them. One year I bought this tall Nutcracker with a table. As it turned out it was a wine server and since I don’t drink it doesn’t get used for the original use but gets used for holding small decorations and stuff.

  4. Jaonie! You made a wonderful Elsa! And your Nut Cracker stand in did a fabulishious job too!
    WOW! I can’t wait to watch it!

    1. Hey I’ve commented on a few posts and this is the first to actually show up after. Hopefully the others will show for you but just wanted to let you know I’d been by a few and had that glitch.

  5. Oh Joanie, you should’ve been cast as the part of Elsa in Disney’s tale! Olaf doesn’t look to steady on his feet there. Maybe he drank to much egg nog? Tee hee hee. Purr purr purr.

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