Prancie’s Prayer is Now Available

Hi everyone! Today we are joining It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? The kiddy lit version hosted by Teacher Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers.

Prancie’s Prayer is based on her true story of how she appeared at our outdoor nativity on a cold winter day. It is a Christmas book, but it is never too early to start your shopping. πŸ™‚

I thought it was going to take 6 weeks for Prancie’s Prayer to be available, but it only took one week. I am thrilled, but it did throw me off with my marketing plan. I wish I could give every one of my blog readers one, but I can’t afford to do that. I have sent a few out to be reviewed ( I already contacted those bloggers about this).

I do have an offer for you all though. For anyone willing to write a review on Amazon, Goodreads or Barnes and Noble, I will give youΒ  an e-copy. You would have to put a disclosure on the review saying you were given aΒ  review copy. If you are interested, please let me know in the comment section and I will email you.Thank you.

I will be having a giveaway on here soon and on Goodreads for the paperback version.

If you want to purchase a copy ( or copies) through me, let me know in the comment section and I will contact you with my Paypal information. I am selling it through my blog for $10 which includes shipping in the USA.

It is available on Amazon for $12.99 with a Kindle version for $2.99. The Kindle version should be available internationally. It is also available on Barnes and Noble. I am trying to market it to religious stores and smaller bookstores too. If you have any of those near you, could you please tell me the names so I can look up their contact information. This is all new to me and I am determined to succeed because I have many more stories to tell.Thank you all for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

We are also joining Comedy Plus’ Awww..Mondays. I hope Prancie’s Prayer will make you say Awww..






  1. How exciting! Good luck on Prancie’s Prayer – I think this is the perfect time for it to come out. You have lots of time to promote it for the holidays.

  2. OMC That’s pawsum mews awnty Ellen and Prancie. We so can’t wait. We are so purroud of you. We’ve gotta get mommy off her duff. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. Congrats and we think September is da purrfect time – early enuf to do holiday marketing!

    Has ya tried to get Mardel or Lifeway to carry it – dey are pretty big Christian bookstores (since we live in da Bible Belt, we know this even though my momma’s idea of religion is Christmas trees and Easter eggs, MOL MOL!)

  4. We are SO EXCITED for you Miss Ellen and Prancie! It’s a lot of work with marketing and book signings/appearances but it’s also a lot of fun. It’s been a long time but my Mom remembers. We will definitely do an Amazon review and look forward to ME interviewing PRANCIE after our Moms meet in October!!! WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! BIG HUGE HUGS.

    Love, Teddy

    1. Thank you. I can’t wait to see your folks. I am counting the days. XO and love to you both.

  5. Oh we can’t wait to read the book. We will be glad to buy it through you. Just send us the Pay Pal info. And we will be glad to do an Amazon review too. It sounds like such a good book. Good luck with all this.

  6. Ellen,

    Oh wow! I’m so glad to hear your book is now available. I went straight to Amazon and bought the Kindle version. I read it immediately and left a review. It should show in 48 hours. I think it submitted it under ‘Curious as a Cathy’. Anyhow, you did a fabulous job on the story and the illustrations are purrrfect!

    Let me know how I might help you promote your new book!!

  7. I am so so so excited for you! I am equally excited for all of us, because now we can all read Prancie’s Prayer! I will most certainly be reading this adorable book, and I will be happy to leave a review on Amazon. This really is so exciting, and I’m so happy for you! A huge congratulations to you for this wonderful accomplishment!

  8. We here are so excited for you. We are going to order from Amazon and then we will leave a review for you. Can’t wait until we are able to read more stories that you have for us. Good luck and have a wonderful day.

  9. Thank you for the lovely comment on our precious little Diva.
    She gave Diva a new meaning. Each time I see a sun puddle or a box I’ll smile. She gave me so much joy and I’m pretty sure she’d be royally UPSET if I quit blogging so I will be back …and who knows an Angelic Diva will probably fly every so often too.
    Hugs and Proud to have been Mom of Madi

  10. Oh, how exciting! I’m going to buy the Kindle edition and leave a review on Amazon. ~hugs~ Best wishes. And thank you for all the kind words on my blog. How nice your husband enjoys yard work. I like gardening as long as it’s cool. Heh… Be well!

  11. prancie; we hope yur book sellz a bazillion copeez; we will chek out de fonez book, yez we still getz one πŸ™‚ N sendz mom de info her kneadz…conga ratz onze again we think thiz is total lee KEWL ~~~~~~ πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯

  12. Yippee!!! Two copies please,, one for me, one for baby L my foster son’s son (i am an unofficial foster Gigi to him). If i can later (will depend on work), i may want a couple to donate to the local library.

  13. I’m so excited for you! I’m vacillating between buying from you or the Kindle version. I will definitely let you know. I can’t wait to read it!

  14. Congratulations, Ellen! So happy for you and excited for all of us who get to purchase it and have a copy. I will buy your book from Amazon and another one from you if you have enough copies. Perfect time of year for Prancie’s book to come out. I will put my words together and attempt a review, Might be a bit before I get it done but I will! Big Hugs to you and scritches for Prancie!

  15. Wow, I am so late, but now I am here I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! This looks awesome and we will be buying one if we can in UK. I hope you get to publish all your others too, as we have found that a story needs to be told and brings so much fun in the telling. I hopes this goes from strength to strength for you all!
    Purrs from Mrs H and I

  16. OK, it looks like you answered my questions from my other comment (it pays to finally get caught up!). This is so exciting, and I definitely think things will pick up for you as Christmas gets closer. Do you have an age range you think this would be good for? I love to give books as Christmas gifts to children.
    Oh, and congratulations – this is so exciting!

  17. This is so pawsome! We are going to tell mom to get us a copy for Christmas! (So our review my be a little delayed.) Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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