Wordless Wednesday

Update on Moo’s travels:

Moo visited our friend Carol and then moved on to someone else who took her on a cruise to Alaska.

Here she is with Carol’ s adorable pups,  Boo and Tinkerbell.

Flat Moo is currently in Jerusalem, to read about that, click here.

If you signed up for a visit, don’t worry, you will get a turn. There are 23 stops in America and Flat Moo has 7  International stops. It took Phoebe’s shades almost 2 years to go less places so I have no idea how long Moo will take.

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  1. I signed up and will wait my turn. I’m looking forward to Moo having a boat ride on the California Delta. Cows love boats don’t they?

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  2. It looks like Moo had a lovely visit with Boo and Tinkerbell. And now Moo is on a cruise? And to Alaska at that! She’ll have so many stories to tell by the end of this journey.

  3. Oh, how fun. Thanks for visiting me so faithfully. I did not know you could eat Queen Anne’s lace. Raw nasturtium flowers add a nice, light peppery taste to salads. Sorry to say I didn’t start any seeds for them this year.

    1. We added bee balm to our salad and it was pretty, but also peppery which I didn’t care for.

  4. wavez two ewe full figured moo…..yur cuzin flat moo waz heer N we verree much N joyed de visit !! 🙂 ♥♥

  5. Yes, we had Phoebe’s shades just before she left for the Rainbow Bridge! I don’t remember if we are on the Moo list, but yes or no, it’s fun to see Moo’s travels!

  6. Wonderful that Moo is going so many places! Did i ever sign up, i know i should have. She needs to see a bayou.

  7. We hope she knows how to swim in case there is a shipwreck! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Darn that Mom of mine; she failed to sign me up to get a visit from moo! I think he would’ve like ORE-go too! Miss Ellen, will moo get to visit some of the cows in France? Mom says the cows look very happy and plump there. Winks.

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