Selfie Sunday

HI everyone. Before we get started, we want to give our sympathies to our friend Jan on the loss of her sweet dog, Merci.

We also ask for purrs and prayers for Truffle and Brulee who are both having health problems.

Trouble did her selfie on Instagram.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

75 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday

  1. That really is such a cute selfie, Trouble. We’ll be heading over to offer our condolences to Jan on Merci’s passing shortly, and we send purrs and prayers to Brulee and Truffle, too.

  2. We’re always sad to learn about losses or illnesses in our blog world….POTP or sympathy to all who have experienced this. We think Trouble’s selfie is adorable!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Oh Trouble, such a great selfie. You are just too cute. Sending purrs to Truffle and Brulee. Wel were so sorry to hear about Merci. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Trouble, I want to smooch you all OVER! Your eyes are stunningly gorgeous too!

    I am worried about Truffle and Brûlée. And I stopped by to visit with Jan and offer my heartfelt condolences. XX

  5. My condolences and prayers are with Jan after the loss of beautiful Merci. And also many purrs and prayers to Truffle, Brulee, and their mom Paula.

    Trouble, you are a selfie pro! I need to figure out Instagram so that I can see lots more of you. We hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

  6. I hope you had a very nice Sunday, Trouble. So sorry to hear about Jan’s doggie. Merci was a lucky puppy to have such a kind momma. I am so-o worried about our furr-iend Brûlée. I am thinking about them lots and sending lots of purrs.

  7. Ellen,

    Please extend my sympathy and prayers to Merci’s owners. She was a beautiful animal and with a face like that I know she was a good dog! I hope Truffle and Brulee’s health issues improve. Saying prayers they are well again soon.

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