Ten Things of Thankful

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and Ten Things of Thankful.

I used ribbet to make my art, Joanie is enjoying a sun beam with Gremmie ( she gave him some shades because as you know, gremlins don’t like bright light).

Did anyone notice Gremmie was wielding a potato peeler on Thursday?

Here are my thankfuls-

  1. The big snowstorm missed us, we only got a dusting.
  2. Pinterest– great for finding recipes, crochet ideas and toddler crafts to name just a few of my boards.
  3. The Great One is a fun age, we made Easter cards and she did such a good job with the ink pad and paint. I took photos, but they are on my mom’s phone at the moment.
  4. No vet trips this week.
  5. I read in Catster that Matilda the cat at the Algonquin passed away in October. That made me sad, but I am thankful that I got to meet her when we stayed there in 2015.

I took this photo, I even brought her one of my crocheted toys.

6. My Sammy was in the latest episode of The Codmother-click here.

7. Cheap cabbage -I made a big casserole of golompki ( stuffed cabbage)

8. Went shopping and to lunch with my mom.

9. My dvd set of the tv show Homefront, I am enjoying binge watching it. I loved it when it ran in 1991-1992. It was never sold on dvd, but a few years ago I found this on Amazon. I didn’t realize it when I ordered it that someone had copied it from the tv so it isn’t the best quality, but it is better than nothing. It is funny at the end of each show the voice over says what is going to be on Dateline that night- even back then people were complaining about the president.

10. Reese’s pieces, I gave up chocolate for Lent so they have been my sweet of choice. I know I should have given up all sweets, but I didn’t.

Don’t forget the #SciFIPawty is all day from 11 AM -11PM with Stunning Keisha as dj at 9 PM.


  1. The one time my human went to the Algonquin and asked to see Matilda, she was napping and not entertaining visitors. πŸ™

  2. We saw he was holding something, but mom couldn’t tell what it was – she’s about as far from a cook as you can be. And Gremmie, son, we’re gonna ask Brody to have a meow with you if you don’t shape up!

  3. Oh dear, Gremmie, no wonder Mrs. Potato Head was running for her life!

    I always find your Thankfuls so inspiring. I bet you will always cherish your memory of meeting lovely Matilda. And I, too, am a huge fan of Pinterest. I was hesitant and unsure how to use it for the longest time, but when I realized how easy it was, I became obsessed.

    Have a beautiful day!

    1. I will cherish that memory. Pinterest is easy to get obsessed with πŸ™‚ I hope you had a great day too. XO

  4. These are great thankfuls….no I didn’t see the potato peeler Gremmie had in that photo – I thought she and Mrs. Potato Head had “made up” and become buddies! It’s wonderful that you got to meet Mathilda before she passed away – she sure had a nice “job” didn’t she. Hope you all have a GREAT weekend with NO SNOW!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

    1. Thank you. He was just teasing her πŸ™‚ I am glad I got to meet Matilda. XO

  5. Still laughing over the potato peeler… Oh my!
    Very nice ten things of thankful today. I am thankful I found out I can make your pictures BIGGER. You probably told us but not much stays up there in my mind sometimes. Hard to give up all sweets… chocolate is BIG. Glad you had lunch with your Mom and shopped… wheeee! The great one, I knew she would be creative!

  6. No I didn’t notice the potato peeler. Yikes.

    Your stuffed cabbage sounds really good. I’m hungry now.

    Have a purrfect weekend. β™₯

  7. I did *not* notice the potato peeler. Ha! Thank you. I’m reminded of my favorite band, Palaye Royale because one brother named a potato ‘Henry’ and touted it around as a pet before his younger brother ate it. Silly boys. Great list. Hurray for no vet visits! You must be in heaven. ~hugs~ And nice photo of the hotel kitty.

  8. Hurray to #1! Same here in VA. Only got around 4 inches and happily it is pretty much all melted πŸ˜€
    Pinterest is very cool except I kind of don’t quite get it lol. Not sure of the boards thing and I end up going on quite a journey when I start clicking on different things πŸ˜€

    1. Glad you didn’t get much snow either. Pinterest takes a while to understand.

  9. I am glad the snowstorm didn’t hit you full force! We’ve been getting a lot of rain lately, which we really need. I hope it stays away today though as my daughter will be going horseback riding for the first time, and I would hate for the weather to ruin that for her.

    I love letting Reese’s Pieces melt in my mouth. πŸ™‚ I don’t celebrate Lent, but if I did, giving up sweet things would probably be a big challenge–but a good choice for me. I really should cut back.

    We’ve been talking about maybe it being time to adopt another cat. I still really miss Parker, but I think Gracie might be a bit lonely. Dogs are much easier to read sometimes, than are cats. At least that’s my experience. But I have much more experience with dogs . . .

    I hope you have a great week, Ellen!

    1. I hope your daughter enjoyed horseback riding. I think it would be wonderful if you adopted another kitty.

  10. All good stuff! And that is great about the snowstorm. A small dusting is okay and will melt quickly. It’s time for spring!

  11. I was sorry to hear of Matilda’s passing. I never got to go to the Algonquin to meet her. You have some great things to be thankful for this week! πŸ™‚

  12. My great one is learning to pull herself up to standing and tries to let go. She gives kisses and waves goodbye. I’m looking forward to coloring and crafting with her as she enters each stage of development. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

  13. We missed this weeks posts, miss Ellen, but what we see in the picture, Gremmie really did…MOL πŸ˜€ It’s nice to have known a star <3 Nice artwork, Joanie, we saw that shades right away, by the way. Very thoughtful! Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday to all of you πŸ™‚ <3

  14. with you on the Grat of ‘Storms Missed and/or Avoided.’ This winter is technically over, so, enough with the snow.
    I still smile when I look at our driveway where I managed to rake before Winter.2 started. There was a week of nice February weather, so I tried not to be impatient for the warm.

  15. #10–Don’t feel like you have to diminish what you are accomplishing with a “I should have” statement. Generally speaking, I think people have a tendency to not see their own accomplishments. Giving up chocolate is a big deal, so good for you! πŸ™‚

  16. OH I didn’t know she passed! I wish I could have seen her. Glad that you had the pleasure though. xx

  17. I would have a very hard time giving up chocolate…I love it so much…and I cheat with that stuff…a lot, MOL! At least there is no grain in the good kinds:)

    Now I know what Gremmie was wielding, OMC!

    Sorry that Matilda went to live in RB Land. Glad you got to meet her, though.

  18. Just saying that you were going to serve golompki got my attention and sent googling to learn more about the recipe. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have made stuffed cabbage. It does look good!

    Glad you had no vet trips this week!

    It looks like Matilda the cat had the best spot in the building.

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