Ten Things of Thankful

Hi everyone! We are joining Ten Things of Thankful and Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hops.

Here is our art made on ribbet:

And here are my thankfuls-

  1. We lost power Friday from the storm, but it was back in 2 hours.
  2. Our 20-year-old generator failed and we were afraid is could cause a fire, I am thankful that our electrician who installed it and is now retired came over to disconnect it for now.
  3. We got all rain from this storm instead of snow or sleet.
  4. Breakfast with my mom, niece and the great one.
  5. I am thankful that the great one has so many people that love her, I wish all kids we so lucky.
  6. The teller at the bank I go to retired a year ago and I didn’t get to say goodbye. I am thankful that my mom and I ran into her( not literally) in the grocery store parking lot and had a nice conversation with her.
  7. I am almost done all the crocheting for the A-Z challenge.
  8. New episodes of my favorite shows on tv this week.
  9. Thankful my hubby qualifies for a senior discount at the vet ( that sounds funny, you know what I mean though :)).
  10. My sweet hubby.

We are also joining the Appreciate the Moments blog hop hosted by Everyday Dog Mom and Dog Mom Days. The word this month is lucky and I am lucky to have all these loving cats.




  1. My human wishes our vet had a senior discount, although her boyfriend probably doesn’t qualify for it yet.

  2. All rain and no snow was probably a GOOD thing but losing your generator sure isn’t! That’s got to be wonderful to be able to count on it so I hope you either can get a new one or have your old one fixed – there’s more winter to come and that means more chances to lose regular power!!!! You have some GREAT thankfuls today……but then you ALWAYS DO!

    Love, Pam and Teddy too

    1. Yes, we are lucky. We lose power a lot in the summer with thunderstorms too so we really need one. XO and love to you both.

  3. Sorry about the generator. That stinks. Those sure are some mighty good things to be thankful for. I am very thankful for all the cats that live here too.Have a wonderful week end.

  4. We hope you can get a new generator soon. Our mom would love to have one – we live in hurricane country – but she rents. Plus, expensive. Do you have a stand by one ? That’s her dream.

    1. Yes, that is what we had, I hope it can be fixed. It is nice to be able to have water and flush the toilet when the power is out.

  5. Wow! Busy lass. Well done. And nice list. ~hugs~ The discount must be a tremendous bonus. And don’t feel bad about how the wording sounds. I used to tease when driving my husband to the barber shop that I was taking him to the ‘groomer’. He prefers I drive and would pay me off with a nice lunch. Of late, he’s been going by himself so we can save $ from eating out for our ongoing retirement. ~grin~ Be well!

    1. That is funny about taking your hubby to the groomer πŸ™‚ Be well too!

  6. I am glad your power wasn’t out for long. It is far too cold to be without heating.
    We have a wood burner which heats everything, but when the 2 storms collided over us a couple of days ago, the wind was so severe it just sucked the flames right up the chimney and it didn’t give out any heat. The logs were burning out in no time. Luckily we have back up heaters which kept us warm.

    1. That sounds like a bad storm, I am glad it is over now. We have a pellet stove, but can’t light it without electricity. XO

  7. I love #AppreciatetheMoment and the accompanying picture. That looks like bliss to me.

    I was worried we also would lose power, but fortunately, we didn’t. That was good yours wasn’t out for too long.

  8. I am so thankful that you fought the storm and won! I am thankful we have internet and I am especially thankful for my sweet hubby, too. Ellen, I am on IG as dlk_clickpix and CH is shorts_sandals_nosocks just in case you might want to see what’s goin’ on with us. I am going to try to email you but it has been crazy making. I think I noticed you had an Instagram account????? Enjoy your Saturday!

    1. Thank you. I have an instagram, but I can’t post photos on it through the computer so I have no way to add photos to it. Thank you for your email. XO

  9. Hi Ellen!
    While I don’t have any gremlins in need of training, I certainly could use a little for my felines, one has walked across my keyboard several times this morning, and doesn’t understand why mommy gasps when she does! πŸ™‚

    You have a great list of thankfuls! I am so glad your power outage wasn’t longer than that, I’ve been through it, and it’s not fun. I am glad you got the old generator disconnected too, better to be safe. We have one of those also, and it’s been a lifesaver at times. Rain is much nicer than snow or ice because it disappears more quickly. Hopefully it won’t freeze back up!

    You are very blessed to get to share time and meals with your mom, niece, and the great one! I know how much that brightens your day… and theirs! It is wonderful that she has so many people loving her, no child can have too much positive support, it makes all the difference if you feel loved and encouraged! You are going to be such a blessing in her life as she grows up! I wish all kids were that lucky too. Some of their situations break my heart.

    It was nice that you ran into the former bank teller and got to visit. I recently ran into the doctor who worked across the hall from the law office where I last worked. We had a great visit in the grocery store aisle. She was always so kind!

    You are almost all ready for the A-Z – that’s fantastic! Then you’ll be able to enjoy your posting and visiting new blogs. I can’t wait to see what you’ve made!
    I was never that organized when I did A-Z, though I always planned to be. πŸ™‚

    We are enjoying finally seeing a new season of shows too. The seasons are so short anymore, seems like just a few weeks and it’s another finale! I remember way back when summer time was the only off-season on tv.

    LOL at your hubby getting a senior discount at the vet. You really should let him go to a doctor for humans! :-)) But yes, I know what you mean, and we love senior discounts, use them all the time. I figure we’ve earned them along with the silver hair! AARP discounts are the best, especially for hotels, etc.

    I liked your tenth item best of all, having a partner that brings love, understanding, and joy to your life is the very best blessing of all!

    Have a wonderful and warm weekend, Ellen. Spring is coming soon! πŸ™‚

    Your furkids are so beautiful, and yes, we are blessed to have them in our lives, they add so much love and laughter!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on each thankful. I agree that seasons are very short now. I have been tempted to ask my vet to do my dental- it would be cheaper πŸ™‚ XO

  10. You have much to be thankful for. We all do if we’ll take the time to be thankful.

    I’m glad you got the generator disconnected. I would worry myself sick about that.

    Scritches to all the kitties and my best to your mom. β™₯

  11. Whoa! You are very lucky you have a lot to be thankful for. We got snow and sleet as well as rain but there’s not a trace left. Just the wind. Can’t wait to see what you’ve crocheted for the challenge.

  12. We enjoyed your thankfulnesses! You might add to be thankful your power outage was only 2 hours, ours was 6 and lasted into the evening so our mom lit candles and kept watching us so we didn’t get too close! When the lights and tv came back on at the same , better believe we were startled!

    Thank U also for reminding us about the senior discount at Vet, our vet keeps forgetting to give us one and we keep forgetting to ask. Have a great Caturday.

    1. Glad you finally got your power back too πŸ™‚ Yes, make sure you get that discount πŸ™‚ XO

  13. We like your list of thankfuls! Thank goodness it was rain here and not snow! We’d all be shoveling today. Our power outage lasted just minutes and none of the trees came down. I’m especially thankful and feeling lucky that Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red are healthy, and have become buddies.

  14. We have an old generator too, the man that comes to service it says that when they get really old they need some work to keep them in good shape for another bunch of good years of service. It depends on how much ‘work’ they have to do over a given amount of time. IE: Number of hours running time over its life. I think he said a valve job. Sounds like good old engine work.
    I am glad you did not get buried in a dump of snow. Hope you don’t get flooding.

    No senior discounts at out vet, (We would for sure qualify…and so would Pipo, MOL!), but there are some stores that give them on certain days.

    1. Sorry your vet doesn’t do the discount for seniors. Our grocery store does it too on Tuesdays. I hope our generator can be fixed.

  15. That’s a good list of things to be thankful for. 2 hours without power isn’t too bad. We had our generator disconnected last year but luckily we haven’t had any long power outages since then.

  16. Hmm, something looks a little backwards about that image of you and Gremmie, Joanie. Is that why you need yourself a gremlin trainer? Raising kids sure can be tough, can’t it?

    Reading your Thankfuls is always so uplifting. It’s wonderful to see such gratitude in today’s world. I cannot wait to see what all you’ve created for the A to Z challenge! Happy Saturday to all of you!

  17. I am totally impressed that you are doing crochet projects for the A-Z. That is intense. I can’t wait to see all your work. I make S for scarves and H for Hats. I once made a B for basket, an M for mermaid tail and a D for dress for my granddaughter. I can’t imagine what else you have to share. I’ll look forward to it. Your list is great. Two hours without power isn’t too bad. If you’re like me, every time the power goes out, I’m reminded of Hurricane Sandy when we were without power for 8 days. It sort of gives me a feeling of panic. We got a little snow, and very high winds, but otherwise unscathed. I was happy to see the new episodes of my fave TV shows, too. Have a good week.

    1. ALl my crocheted items will be for cats, mostly toys and some hats πŸ™‚ We have been without power for a week in 2011 from the Halloween storm.

  18. Gremlin trainer! I will hire you when we get new Gremlin πŸ™‚
    You have so many great things to be thankful for. I hope all kids (whether furred or not) are as lucky as your great one πŸ™‚

  19. Those are great things to be thankful for. We’re glad you got that generator disconnected so that you didn’t have any problems. πŸ™‚

  20. No fire is good! I’m glad your power was only out for a couple of hours. I was pretty lucky too. Others not so lucky. Oh, and the no snow? Excellent! πŸ˜€
    Crotcheting for A-Z Challenge? Wow! That must be interesting and fun!

  21. We had the same storm. Unfortunately (for us) our generator is the reason I can type this Comment!
    arghh… grateful for the generator.
    (So, do cats, like, develop a favorite toy? (Top photo) We have a dog and she totally has favorite toys).

    1. Even when ours was running, if the power was out we wouldn’t have phone or internet πŸ™ All the cats have a favorite toy. πŸ™‚

  22. Another week of great thankfuls. The final photo is so sweet. We are going to have to ask about a senior discount at the vet. We get $5 off for posting the visit to Facebook and a multi-cat discount, but a senior discount would be beneficial. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  23. Unfortunately, a senior discount doesn’t matter to The Hubby, who will NOT take a cat to the vet; he’ll only pick up or drop off, without any paperwork! LOL!

    1. My hubby rarely goes to the vet, but the account lists his name first for the discount πŸ™‚

  24. I was so thankful to have new episodes of my shows this week too! I know TV isn’t the most important thing in the world, but watching it with my hubby in the evening is our way of relaxing at the end of the day.

  25. I am thankful that Granny finally helped me to stopped by and show my nosey πŸ˜€ Great things to be thankful for <3 Extra double Pawkisses to all of you πŸ™‚ <3

  26. I’m impressed with you having your A-Z challenge crocheting nearly done! I’m just now thinking, “Should I participate?” “What should my theme be?”

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