The Catburry Bunny Auditions-Part 2

Welcome to The Catburry Bunny Audtions-Part Two. We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade.


Mrs. Potato Head



Polar Bear-wouldn’t wear the ears



If you missed part one, click here

77 thoughts on “The Catburry Bunny Auditions-Part 2

  1. Look out, Mrs. Potato Head, or Gremmie will peel those ears right off of you! You kitties all make the cutest Catburry Bunnies ever. Polar Bear, I’m thinking all the kitties in this household would have the same thoughts as you on this one. Purrs!

  2. I got a laugh out of Polar Bear’s expression. He’s not messing around! I can see why he’s not wearing any ears.

    The rest of you are just so fun to see! I love these!

  3. Oh gosh! Mrs. Potato Head, she’s a hoot! Reminds me of my Aunt Margie! EveryBODY looks so festive in their bunny ears… well, we will cut Polar Bear some slack cause that’s definitely a I am not wearing those bunny ears kinda look! Gotta give the nudge to KaTwo!

  4. Goodness, even Mr. Potato head is even an Easter bunny. You all sure do look cute in your ears and hats. Polar Bear, we don’t blame you one bit for not wearing ears or hats. All of us would probably refuse that too and if we had to, we would take them off post haste.
    You all have one terrific day.

  5. Ka-Two an Jinx iss a tie as yur both so stylin with thee bunny earss!! Brody mee furend you look purrty miffyed there, mew mew mew……
    LadyMum iss finkin of gettin mee sum bunny earss! EEKKK!!
    Mew mew mew….
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Everyone looks so cool. There’s always one that refuses to participate just like Polar Bear. Kali was the hold out here. Very rarely would she put on an article of clothing. She loved her lei though. That she’d even wear to bed.


  7. I think EVERYONE looked FABULISHIOUS in the Ears! I give everyone a high five!
    And Polar Bear…I appreciate that you did NOT want to wear them…purrsonally, I am on the fence.

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