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Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww…Mondays, McGuffy’s Reader’s Sparks and Mewsic Moves Me ( hosted by Curious as a Cathy, Xmas Dolly, JAmerican Spice and Stacy Uncorked.)

  I went to photofunia and made this for my spark. I hope it makes you smile.

This week’s theme for Mewsic Moves Me is Songs with colors in the title. Here are my choices. In memory of my Phoebe and her traveling bikini that traveled the US and Canada in 2015-

2. Purple Rain ( Prince)

I have always been a fan of Prince, my Angel Phoebe posed with my purple record in April 2016 after his passing.

3. Blue (LeAnn Rimes)- Haven’t heard much about her lately, but her voice is incredible.

I do have a great book to tell you about , but I thought this post was long enough so I will have that on Wednesday.

93 thoughts on “Another Blogging Monday

  1. YAY for Prince always……Your Phoebe wore that bikini like nobody else ever did or could that’s for sure even though it traveled far and wide. Cat Scouts will be dancing with the leprechauns this coming weekend (tee hee).

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom too

  2. Ellen,

    Saint Patrick’s Day is sneaking up on us, isn’t it? I like the little meme creation! Your “Color Me With Mewsic” song selections are fabulous. “Itz Bitz Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” is such a fun song and it puts me in mind for warmer weather. I love the long days of summer but not so much the heat & humidity. Thanks for joining the 4M gals on the dance floor, dear friend. Have a sparkletastic week!

  3. Good tunes! I especially had fun listening to the “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” 🙂

    Phoebe really rocked the bikini! Such a sweetie that angel.

  4. At least one of those is a song we don’t want stuck in our heads today (you can probably guess which one)!
    I wonder what did ever happen to LeeAnn? She definitely had a very powerful voice. We actually saw her in concert once, and it was a great show. She wore these spiky heels and danced around on the stage for a couple hours…now that was impressive too. LOL!

  5. I’ll do that dance.

    Love the bikini. I had a yellow polka dot bikini when I was young. I had one because of that song.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and may your day be filled with wonderful Sparks. ♥

  6. I always liked LeAnn Rimes, and you can’t go wrong with Prince. Do you realize that Brian Hyland who sang the first number (I’m not typing it out) also had a hit with “Gypsy Woman”?

  7. The songs you shared sure brought back good memories, and I love your Spark for today… I think we all need a little more magic in our lives, and the freedom of spirit that allows us to dance! Have a great week ahead, Ellen! <3

  8. Your “Spark,” did make me smile:))) And I love all of your music choices as well as Phoebe in her “Traveling bikini.” Hysterical Ellen…have a great week and happy Monday!

  9. BEEKEENI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh mee luvss this foto of mee Purrincess inn her beekeeni!!!!
    Now mee furgot what mee wanted to mee-yow to you Aunty Ellen!!! Mew mew mew…
    See you Wednesday to mee-yow about bookss!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~~

  10. I love the Sparks! Yes, indeed. Let’s dance with the leprechauns!

    I always think of that bikini song when I think of Miss Phoebe. And, LeAnn Rimes is one of my favourites! Thank you for making my Monday, my friend. HUGS.

  11. I’d rather dance with the leprechauns: we are about the same height and I bet dollars to donuts they don’t do that dipping thing Mom does when we dance.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. guyz….yur songz choizez thiz week bee awesum !!

    back in black; whiter shade of pale; just a few oh sum other good onez ♫♪♫♪ two !!

  13. Nice Spark going into St. Patrick’s Day. I’d love to dance with the leprechauns and hope they lead me to their pot of gold! The Phoebe in her bikini is just too cute. I’m to sure my kitty would let me dress her….in anything!

  14. Whoa! You’ve kinda jumped around in years didn’t you? Totally cool. I love to go back and listen to some really cool oldies. Between Blue & Yellow Polka dots and Purple I think that might make for one fabulous rainbow! Great job my friend. Have a rockin’ week.

  15. Dancing with the leprechauns sounds like so much fun!

    All good song choices 🙂

    We miss Phoebe and we are glad we have the traveling bikini memories because of her 🙂 XO

  16. I love that you have Prince represented. The other day I was listening to the radio and heard a song that I thought was new. I thought, they sure are sounding like the 80’s these days. It was Prince! No wonder it sounded like the 80’s. I just didn’t know this particular song. I had a good laugh.

  17. Hi Ellen,
    Happy Friday. I’ve been commenting about how blown away I am that it’s Friday already! I can’t believe the week has gone by already. It’s almost time to start on another Monday post!!
    I loved seeing pics of your Phoebe. She’s a cutie. I had a cat named Phoebe when I was a kid and I have some fond memories of her. I often think of the day she absolutely cracked me up zooming around on her back under my bed, using her claws on the bottom material of the box springs. I remember laughing so hard as she just zoomed and zoomed all over the place under that bed that day and I so wanted her to do it again, every time she came into my room, and she never did, which was hugely disappointing to my young brain which didn’t understand that that was a one-time thing for her. 🙂 Sweet Phoebe…

    Hey, that’s cool that you have Prince’s purple record! I didn’t know they released a purple vinyl record for that album. It reminds me of the gold vinyl I had of Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re an American Band” album from way back. I made a very rash decision in the midst of losing my mind during a move that I gave away my entire album collection because I just didn’t want to bother packing it —— and I have regretted that stupid decision ever since… but I had the yellow (gold) vinyl record and I have seen it on ebay for over $100 now (of course I’ve also seen it listed for $16 so I guess if I want it back bad enough I could always bid on the $16 one) but mine was in excellent condition because I was really particular about my albums and the covers. Another “oh well…”
    BTW, Phoebe is a perfect model there next to Prince’s Purple Rain album. 🙂

    And you are so right about LeeAnn Rimes voice: she has an incredible voice for sure. She is amazing at covering that song. To me she sounds like an old-time country star and I can’t remember what her name is, the one I’m thinking of…Maybe Connie Francis?? I don’t know. Anyway, LeeAnn Rimes’ music video for “Blue” was shot right here in Austin at the famed Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park, a very popular hot-spot with a very cool swimming hole: the pool is filled completely with water from natural springs and the temperatures are always nice and cool so when it’s horribly hot and humid here (pretty much most of the summer), that pool is packed!

    Thanks for a fun color post!
    Have a great weekend,

    Michele at Angels Bark

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