Hi everyone! Once again poor Penny can’t give you one of her tips. She will be back next Tuesday though.

*Disclaimer-we were given a Catit Lounge Scratcher with Catnip in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are our own.

  We chose the “white tiger” pattern. I thought Emmy should try it first being that it matched her.

 She loves it.

Sammy enjoyed it too. He scratched away until I turned my camera on then he just sat there.


Brody did the same thing. It is clearly a hit though. The Catit Lounge Scratcher is sturdy and at 19.5 inches long, it can handle a big boy like Sammy ( 16 pounds). After all 3 tested it, it still looks new. I have had others that were already shedding cardboard pieces after one try. It comes with a package of catnip to sprinkle on it too. It is only $7.99 and don’t forget that Chewy offers fast and free shipping on orders over $49. It always amazes me how quickly my orders arrive, usually less than 24 hours. To get your own, click here

We are joining the Chewy Blog Hop hosted by Sugar Golden Woofs.

   Right before I published this post, Joanie thought it would be a nice place to nap.



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  1. That looks very cool, Ellen. It would be great if it would satisfy Effie’s scratching urges, but she has devised an efficient way to satisfy her scratching needs: she scratches whatever is near her, usually my legs. ? ?

  2. This looks like a must-have for any kitty household! I’m thinking I’ll be ordering one (or probably way more) of these for the kitties around here. We have lots of furry birthdays over the next couple of months, so this will be purrfect. Happy Tuesday!

  3. We’ve never tried one of those scratchers … looks like fun. I’m glad you included the part about Sammy because our cats are rather … robust – and it’s nice to know the scratcher would hold up to them! Good job, Emmy!

  4. That scratcher is a win for your house! I once tried a cardboard scratcher, put catnip on it, and Buddy just wanted to rub on it. I never could get him to scratch it. Instead he preferred the side of the house. Not good. Now, in our new house, he is beginning to scratch wood things instead of his scratcher. I hate to waste more money on a cardboard, but I may give this a try. Thanks!

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