Ten Things of Thankful

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and Ten Things of Thankful. Our art today is a card wishing the kitties’ Dad a Happy Birthday!


And now for our thankfuls:

  1. My wonderful husband whose birthday is today.
  2. My hubby that makes me tea at night and even warms the cup with hot water so it will stay extra hot.
  3. My hubby who plows ( very handy this week with 10 inches of snow).
  4. My hubby who makes sure the generator is working before a storm ( and was wise enough to get one to begin with).
  5. My hubby that the cats all flock too, I get annoyed that they all take turns on his lap. Joanie is my only lap cat with a brief visit from Brody or Emmy once in a while.
  6. My hubby who can fix a leaky faucet without calling a plumber.
  7. My hubby who can hang a framed picture or anything and make it perfectly level.
  8. My hubby who is a great cook.
  9. My hubby who is glad I am so close with my mom.
  10. My hubby who loves me even though I am a little crazy with all my quirks and superstitions.

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband to share my life with.




  1. That is so sweet! You do have a lot to be thankful for! I do want to say, although my human’s boyfriend can’t do most of the things on your list (and only Binga sits on his lap), he can do #10 pretty well with my human, and that’s what matters here. (BTW, his birthday is at the end of September.)

  2. Oh what a SWEET tribute to a great hubby! We hope he has a SUPER SPECIAL FABULOUS Birthday too………..

    Love, Teddy and Mom Pam (and Dad David too!)

  3. A happy happy happy birthday to your wonderful husband and the kitties’ dad! Your #5 made me laugh, because the exact same thing happens to my parents. They have 11 cats, and only 1 of them will pick my mom’s lap over my dad’s. As always, I greatly enjoy reading your Thankfuls!

    1. That is funny the cats prefer your dad too. My hubby thanks you for the birthday wishes.

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday to your hubby! He shares the date with my husband and, oddly, rockstar Marilyn Manson (aka Brian Warner). ~grin~ Be well!

  5. β™ͺβ™ͺHappy Birthday to you,β™ͺβ™ͺ
    β™ͺβ™ͺHappy Birthday to you,β™ͺβ™ͺ
    β™ͺβ™ͺHappy Birthday Dear Hubby & Cat Dad,β™ͺβ™ͺ
    β™ͺβ™ͺHappy Birthday to you.β™ͺβ™ͺ

  6. A very Happy Birthday to your husband and well done for the accolade you give him…It’s so good that you treasure him so much …

  7. Ellen,

    Sending birthday wishes to your husband. Sounds like you are blessed with a special man, too. Have a good weekend and keep warm!

  8. Happy Birthday to a most wonderful man!!! I remember the days of having a husband (almost) like yours. Treasure him Ellen!! (I know you do!)
    Love & ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. I am sorry your husband is no longer with you πŸ™ XO and love to you and the purrince

      1. Thank you Ellen…It seems as each year goes by I miss Kevin more. I am sure it has to do with 1) my dodgy health & 2) being in Housing. Kevin always made me feel brave even when I was in a wheelchair. He was so supportive & loving. With his love & devotion I got out of the chair after 3 weeks of not walking. He spent over $2,000. on private Physiotherapy for me. He was selfless.
        An then the Depression hit….followed by the Cocaine use….followed by leaving Mingflower & myself. He came back 3-4 times & I so wanted to believe things would work out…the eternal optimist. And then Kevin left & moved into a fleabag hotel….he lived on the 3rd floor (knowing I could NOT climb the stairs.) I saw him 2 weeks b4 his death & did not recognize him….I made a decision to visit him but the night b4 (July 13th/03) the Police came to my door with the awful news!! I completely ‘lost it’….
        In fact, I’ve never quite been the same since…..Kevin took a piece of me with him. At least he is no longer in inner turmoil but what a way to go… **sighsss**,
        His family took the $$ I offered to share with them & ran!! Not a peep from any of them. I was an idiot to give them anything! And then to end up in Housing, broke & broken….some days I marvel how I have come this far Ellen!! Thanks for ‘listening’…..
        ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

        1. I am sorry you went through all that and how awful that his family cut you off after you were so kind to them. I know Siddhartha isn’t a husband, but he loves you and needs you. XO and love to you both.

          1. Selfish people…the truth came out after the fact…..I realized just how awful they were & it sure explained why Kevin was so messed up. And the way Siddhartha henry bosses me about he is just like a husband…in a good & funny way!!!! LOL πŸ™‚

  9. Happy Birthday to your Dad, Kitties. And I love reading all the things your mommy is thankful for. I should do that sometime because there are many many things that I am very grateful for. XXXX

  10. Happy Birthday to your hubby – he sounds wonderful! I like #10 the best – I often wonder how my hubby puts up with all my craziness! πŸ™‚

  11. Awww what a sweet post. You have such a wonderful husband. I can easily see you respect and love each other very much πŸ™‚
    Very happy birthday to him!

  12. Hi Ellen πŸ™‚
    Just visiting from Martha’s blog. Happy Birthday to your kittie’s dad! πŸ™‚
    Very sweet post. I feel the same for my bf. πŸ™‚

  13. I’m so OCD, that after The Hubby shovels the snow…I go out there and ‘fix’ what he didn’t do! But, he’s a keeper…just like your hubby! Hope he had a terrific day!

  14. 2, 3, 4 and 6 very much covers it all!

    (Though I have to admit #2 is very, very impressive. It takes a certain extra effort to come up with that little touch and that, in and of itself, is quite cool).

  15. Sorry we’re so late. Happy belated birthday uncle David. And, awnty Ellen, you’re one blest cat lady to have someone whi’s so purrfect. Big hugs fur you both.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  16. Your hubby’s talents are a real blessing for the two of you and probably to many of your friends. I’m sure he is just as appreciative of your talents.

    Wishing you another great week.

  17. I drink hot tea all day/everyday. So, my heart was fluttering right from the start of this list. Warming the cup….that is the sweetest thing I have heard in ages.

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