Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone! Prancie is letting Joanie write today because she wants to talk about her gremlin -again!

  Here is potty

I put Gremmie on potty

then I check

see- he went potty

Is easy to train a gremlin to use potty. Is not easy to find teeny tiny toilet paper.

I needed some me time so I left Gremmie with his Uncle Sammy. I got to read book so I can do review tomorrow.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday Blog Hop.

This is actually a doll potty I bought for “The Great One”, I thought it was cute how you can “flush” to get the blue back. Apparently it wasn’t realistic enough though because she poured water from her sippy cup into it 🙂

71 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. Joannie, we are very impressed with all the effort you are putting into raising your Gremmie but… today it occurred to us.. what exactly do you plan to do with him after he’s all grown up?

  2. Our Human thinks that is furry cute. And it is good that you are potty training your gremlin, Joanie. But – maybe Gremmie would prefur some purrivacy in such matters (mol).

  3. I think it’s an adorable potty and obviously Gremmie cooperated and used it appropriately even if The Great One decided to flush it with sippy cup water!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. You are doing great as a trainer, Joanie, and it looks like Sammy is a good gremlin-sitter.

    A blessed and beautiful Sunday to you!

  5. Sure, we think it’s perfectly normal for a cat to have a gremlin with a toilet! MOL!!
    It’s very nice that you have someone to help you with babysitting, Joanie!

  6. What a perfect potty for Gremmie, Joanie! You sure are doing a great job training him. We were curious if his Aunt Penny would teach him to pee in cardboard boxes, but not with you to teach him so well. Purrs!

  7. We wonder what Joanie will teach her Gremlin to do next . . . he is a quick study! ;p
    Our Mama wanted to thank your Mama for the birthday wishes. Thank you! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

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