Penny’s Tips- Volume 8

Hi everyone! Here I am again, two weeks in a row. Are you bored with me yet?

I have an unusual tip this week, one you have never seen before. Dad’s friend made a bluebird feeder for us and he used a penny in it.

He used a container, the drip catcher of a flower-pot , a wire and a penny.

Can you see the penny, it has a hole drilled in it and the wire goes through it. The bluebird feeder has dead mealworms in it- yuck! They seem to like them though. And I like to watch them.

I hope to see you next week if mom doesn’t push my segment off for something else.



  1. Are live mealworms yukkier than dead ones? ‘Cause lizards like to eat live ones. I know this because my human had lizards as a kid. It was even ickier, she says, when the mealworms would pupate!

  2. How did he fasten the container to te drip-catcher?

    That’x exactly what our human is supposed to build for us – we’ve food forbirds, but not for squirrels! This looks like a great construction for nuts

    1. It is glued on, and holes are drilled in the flower pot base for drainage. There are also 4 rectangular cuts on the plastic container for the mealworms to go through.

  3. Hi Penny! That’s a great bird feeder…..I bet the bluebirds and others love it. The fact he used a penny makes it even MORE special doesn’t it?! Very clever design…….I hope your Mom doesn’t push you out of the way next week – we like Penny’s Tips!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. That is such a great Bluebird feeder. Penny, we love your tips. They are just great and very interesting too. You all have a super Tuesday.

  5. Never bored with you, Penny! Great idea for a Bluebird feeder. CH just puts the mealworms in a small amber glass dish on a wire stand and the Bluebirds come… trained I guess to two times a day after 12 years. Just tell your Mom how we love your tips and she will make room for you I bet!

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ That is a good way to feed them too. We used to feed them the live ones years ago- ick.

  6. A very good tip, if i can find a way to drill the holes, i’d like to make a feeder, too. Please do come back next week!

  7. penny….we think yur tipz R grate sew ask yur mom ta let ya keep on
    postin…..tho we canna trooth full lee comment two day……..ewe noe why πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯

  8. I thought of you yesterday, Penny, when thinking of a tip I wanted to share. ~grin~ The purpose of the penny in the birdfeeder escapes me, though. ~scratches head~ Be well!

  9. I wouldn’t know how to drill a hole in a penny if my life depended on it. But that’s a pretty cool tip. This series is perfect for all those people who insist there’s no point to using pennies!

  10. That iss a furabuluss idea Penny!! Yur so clevurr an yur Pappaw all so….
    An Aunty Ellen pleeze let Penny keep doin her collum….wee luv to reed about her grate ideass!
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  11. That’s a cool bird feeder! Ours has to have a roof over it. because of all the rain, the seed can get all gummed up in the tray if it does not stay a little dry.
    And Mealworms…they sound tasty!

  12. We have a mealworm feeder too. The dried ones are not that bad…but sometimes at the store the clerks seem to shudder when they have to pick up the bags to scan them, MOL! That is a clever design! Do you have the pattern available?

    Penny’s tips are unique and we enjoy them here.

    1. Dead or not, I wear a disposable glove. ALl you do is glue the plastic container to the drip pan. Drill holes for drainage in the drip pan edges and cute a small rectangle at the bottom or each side of the container. Drill a hole through the lid of the container and put a wire through it for hanging. I don’t think you even need a penny ( sorry, Penny) , just bend the wire so it won’t go through.

  13. We never get tired of seein’ your bootyful face sweet Penny. Mommy has a necklace with all the coins on it. did you know it’s actually against the law to drill a whole in any coin? Sure nuff. Stay warm. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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