Friendly Fill-Ins Week 89

Hi everyone! Time for The Friendly Fill-Ins Week 89. Be sure to leave your link at McGuffy’s Reader .You can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate.

1. I have never been able to _____________________.

2. I wish I could still ___________________.

3.  ____ is my ideal winter night.
4.                      and                      .

My answers:

  1. I have never been able to do a cartwheel, not even when I was a kid. That bothers me ,but I am not going to start practicing now.
  2. I wish I could still fit into my wedding dress, but that is never going to happen.
  3. Being home with the hubby and kitties is my ideal winter night .That is my ideal night and time of year.
  4.  Joanie and her Gremmie are adorable.

We is playing hide and seek, please don’t tell Gremmie where I am.

We are also joining Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus.


  1. We will not give away your hiding place 😮
    It is OK if your mum does not fit her wedding dress any more.
    She does not need it 🙂 She has a purrfect family and that is better.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. HA! My Mom says she was never really GOOD at doing a cartwheel – she always felt she was going to land on her head. As for fitting in her wedding dress she is pretty sure she could fit in it but couldn’t possibly zip it up! We love cozy nights here too…….and we think that Gremmie is going to find Joanie and try and steal her tent!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. At least she could get in it 🙂 Gremmie found her ,but they both fit in the tent 🙂 XO

  3. I could never do a cartwheel either. If I tried now, I’d definitely break something. LOL That would be my ideal evening any time of the year, too. Joannie and Gremmie are so cute. Have a great weekend!

  4. Joanie and Gremmie ARE adorable! Good Morning! Missed you all. No cartwheels here either… 🙂
    1. I have never been able to be a coffee person. I want to love coffee and I love the idea of coffee and I love smelling coffee as it brews but no drinking the coffee.
    2. I wish I could still wear my contacts but my eyes have gotten too dried out. It’s okay though because I love my new RED glasses!
    3. On the couch with a good book is my ideal winter night. Currently reading Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty.
    4. Chili and peanut butter. Love a spoonful of chili followed by a little bite of peanut butter or chili with saltines on the side with peanut butter on top!

    1. Thank you for your answers, I enjoyed them. I feel like pumpkin like you do about coffee. Every Fall there is pumpkin everything and I want to like it. Red glasses sound fun and so does that book. I have never had chilli and pb together, but I like them both. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Joannie, maybe Gremmie is worried about where you are. You had better to speak to that Gremmie. We like you fill-in answers. Have a great day and a good week end too.

  6. I used to love doing cartwheels, but if I tried it now I’d probably break six or seven bones! Joanie and her Gremmie sure are cute together 🙂

  7. No worries my mom could never do cartwheels/stand on her hands but oh boy could she stand on her feet she was a great roller skate!

    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. I always enjoy reading your fill-ins. I think a lot of us have the same idea for a perfect winter night, and that is a wonderful thing. There’s not much better than staying home with the furbabies and family. Wishing you all a fantastic Friday!

    1. Thank you. I agree, there is nothing better than staying home with the furbabies.

  9. Mee not mee-you a werd to gremmie….hmmm hmm hmmm….”What Gremmie?” “On no Joanie went inn to thee kitchen…”
    **whispurrsss** “a few hourss ago!” Mew mew mew.
    How iss mee doin Joanie???
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  10. Oh, great answers for this week’s fill-ins. Our Mom claims to be able to do cartwheels but wishes she could have just once been able to do a backflip. We’ll take a pass on that one. Your winter night sounds perfect for us. Okay, maybe we’ll request a bit of cheese in there, somewhere.

  11. I hadn’t thought about getting into my wedding dress. Oh my. That will never happen here either.

    Love the kitty, but I love all kitties. It’s a good thing.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. My best to your funny mom. ♥

  12. If you picked the right groom, and you did, you only need that dress once anyway! That’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

    Happy Friday!

  13. Last time I tried a cartwheel, it didn’t go so well. I guess I don’t have the arm strength to support an adult weight. We agree … Joanie and her gremlin are adorable!

  14. We won’t tell Joanie a thing! 🙂 Our mommy used to cartwheel and even do flips in the air but if she tried now something would probably break.

  15. As The Menagerie Mom said, many of us think alike how to spend a purrfect winter night. What would we do without our furry darlings 😉 You all stay warm and cozy, Viola.

  16. Here are my fill-ins….thanks! It’s fun to play!
    1. I have never been able to resist a kitten_____________________.

    2. I wish I could still go skiing, but my knee reminds me not to push my luck. So I snowshoe instead!___________________.

    3. _a snowy evening with my best friend by the cozy fire is my ideal winter night.

    4. My sweetie and Lucy are best friends! .

    My answers:
    1.I have never been able to do a cartwheel, not even when I was a kid. That bothers me ,but I am not going to start practicing now.
    2.I wish I could still fit into my wedding dress, but that is never going to happen.
    3.Being home with the hubby and kitties is my ideal winter night .That is my ideal night and time of year.
    4. Joanie and her Gremmie are adorable.

    1. Thank you for your answers, I enjoyed them. I can’t resist a kitten or cat either 🙂 I like to snowshoe too. 🙂

  17. The human is OLD and she still does cartwheels and loves every minute of it!
    Have a wonderful weekend…

    Noodle and crew

  18. We hope Gremmie didn’t find you, Joanie. You look so cute hiding in your tent.

    Our mom has never been able to do a cartwheel either. She wishes she could have learned how to ice skate backwards, but that never happened either. MOL!

  19. I hope Joanie loves her igloo as much as I love mine. Fun answers. TW never could do a cartwheel but she could stand on her square head. She’s finally decided to get rid of all the clothes she’ll never fit into again. Wedding gowns are different though.

    1. I would have a lot of room in my closet if I got rid of everything that didn’t fit 🙂 Joanie is the only one that uses the igloo. XO

  20. Our Mama used do be able to do cartwheels but once when she was a teenager, she did a series of them after swim practice on a dare to see how many she could do in a row. She had taken off and placed a pair of gold earrings her parents had given her in her pant pocket to keep them “safe” while swimming and forgot all about them as she cartwheeled across the park and lost the earrings! She never did a cartwheel again after that!
    We agree, Joanie is adorable with her Gremmie 😀

    the critters in the cottage xo

  21. A cartwheel….it never entered my mind to do one. What a weird thing to do. I love being at home watching TV with hubby, Shoko and Kali. Then everyone gets busy with their toys,


  22. You have a nice and cozy hiding place, Joanie. I won’t tell Gremmie…

    1. I have never been able to play sports very well, though I love to watch some of them.
    2. I wish I could still play my violin…too much arthritis in my neck and fingers…one day that will stop me from working too, I suppose…
    3. A good music and a nice hot cup of tea sitting on the couch with my family nearby is my ideal winter night.
    4. Pipo and Dalton are not the best of friends just yet…Pipo and MJF tolerate each other better than they used to. .

    1. Thank you for your answers, I always enjoy them. I could never play sports either. I am impressed you know how to play the violin, maybe doing it again would help your arthritis to feel better. It is tough getting all the furbabies to be friends. XO

  23. I could never do a cartwheel either! I had pretty much the same answer to #3 – I’d just add the dogs and sitting in front of the wood stove while watching TV. 🙂

  24. Hi! I’m joining in this week! Don’t feel bad about the cartwheels, I never had the coordination to do them, or handstands, or any such thing. I don’t think our lives have suffered much because of it, though it was embarrassing at the time.

    I think most of us would love to fit into the clothes we did when we were a bit (or a lot) younger, but I can still look at the pictures and remember there was a time that my body was in pretty good shape. 🙂

    Your idea of a perfect night matches mine, yes anytime, not just in winter.

    Joanie and her Gremmie are indeed adorable, does she love having it with her? I used to have a cat that loved to sleep in the lap of my big teddy bear. <3

    Josie Two Shoes ~ Friendly Fill-Ins

    1. Joanie thanks you. And I thank you for doing the fill-ins, I enjoyed your answers. XO

  25. Apart from #4 these could be my answers. It used to really frustrate me that I couldn’t do a cartwheel and tried often. My wedding dress is so small compared to me now, but I still have this little hope in my head that one day I will put it on again.
    Have a lovely week Ellen.

    1. Thank you. I hope you can one day fit in it, I have given up. I hope you have a nice week too.

  26. I really love these fill-ins. You rock. And so do your kids. I am so taken with Joanie and Gremmie. That is one of our favourite movies. It freaks Bill out when I talk like them. HUGS!
    P.S. The Linky will look like the one for Sparks, now. WP does not have Javascript, so the code is different. XO

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