Friendly Fill-Ins Week 88

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins. Be sure to add your link at McGuffy’s Reader. You can also add your answers in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate.

1. I would like to ask_____________________ why _______________________?

2 My favorite fast food restaurant is_________________________..
3. If I could go to any concert of someone still performing, it would be                        .

4. My Winter pastime is usually                           , because                        .

My answers:
1. I would like to ask Nicolas Cage why he chooses to be in such crappy movies lately?  OK, if I ever get to meet him, I wouldn’t really say that.
2. My favorite fast food restaurant is Burger King, I am actually glad the closest one is 30 minutes away. Wendy’s isn’t bad either, I like their chilli.
3. If I could go to any concert of someone still performing, it would be Rob Thomas. I have been to many concerts over the years, but I have yet to see Rob Thomas or Matchbox 20 which he was a member of.
4. My winter pastime is usually crocheting, because it is more fun to work with yarn when it is cold than when it is too hot.
We are also joining Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus.

Sammy’s sweater looks better from this angle.

92 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-Ins Week 88

  1. Sammy’s sweater is adorable! I wish I had the patience to crochet … I’ve tried and I just can’t get the hang of it. I don’t get why Nic Cage’s most recent roles have been so … strange … disappointing for a phenomenal actor.

  2. My human’s favorite fast food place is Del Taco because she likes the fish tacos – whenever we are out of town for a cat show, she always googles to see if there are any Del Tacos nearby.

  3. Sammy looks great in that sweater!

    1. I would like to ask God why there has to be so much trouble in our world lately….but like Job, I am sure I won’t get the answer. We’ll never know till we get to heaven…and then it won’t matter because we will be doing many other beautiful things.
    2 My favorite fast food restaurant is well, several: Clara’s; Malias and Food Dance…they are local places, and two of them are serving exquisite dishes made from local food.
    3. If I could go to any concert of someone still performing, it would be Itzak Perlman – a famous classical violinist. Or some organist from Europe, but right now I don’t know any by name… .

    4. My Winter pastime is usually cooking and finding good recipes, and trying to plan what to put in my patio garden because there is more time when we are ‘shut in’ for the winter. .

    • Sammy thanks you. Thank you for your answers. I would like to know the answer to that too. That would be a nice concert, classical violins would be pretty. Have a nice weekend! XO

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  5. Ellen,

    Nicholas Cage has been in some pretty awful movies, hasn’t he? The best ones are the two National Treasure flicks. I always thought they’d release a third but it hasn’t happened yet. Face Off was an excellent one, too. Sammy’s sweater is so cute. Did you make it? I like the snowflakes on it. The cold is returning to East Tennessee tonight. It’ll be a snuggle with my blankie weekend with a cup of hot something in my hand. Thanks for hosting the Friday fun, my friend. TTFN!

  6. That sweater is adorable. I have tried knitting a little bit and enjoyed it, but I’ve never tried crocheting. Maybe someday when I figure out how to put more hours in the day (and keep the cats out of the yarn!). Burger King used to be my favorite too, but once I stopped eating beef, it sort of lost its appeal.

    • Thank you. I bought it, I wish I could knit one. I can only crochet. I admire that you gave up beef, I tried to be a vegetarian once and made it 10 months.

  7. You and Nic Cage. I really wish you could meet him. I must agree, though. He has been in some very odd movies and roles. I am so impressed with your creative talents. I have none of those. HUGS.

    • Thank you, I wish I could too. Your gift from God is your writing, you are an amazing poet and writer- and very sweet too. XO

  8. You always look pawsome in your sweater. We’re just impressed you wear them at all. Mom likes Nic Cage too… But probably not as much as you do. And our Auntie Mary likes to crochet too.

  9. You know, I had a feeling you might put something like that for #1. 🙂 Your answers are all fantastic. I often wish I had even an ounce of skill with yarn and needles, but, alas, I do not. That’s okay, though, because we have wonderful friends like you who send us such fun and lovely crocheted goodies! Purrs, and happy Friday!

  10. Sammy looks great in that sweater.

    Crocheting sounds like a great thing to do in winter. If you are cold, crochet some things to keep you warm.

  11. I love the colors of Sammy’s sweater against his furrs. Purr-fect choice! My fill-in answers 1. I would like to ask Miss Ellen if she is the talented artist that does all your cute bloggie headers and logo? 2. McD’s 3. CATS on Broadway 4. napping on Mom’s lap ’cause its so nice & warm. Hugs!

    • Sammy thanks you. Thank you for your answers. I am not the talented artist that made my logo, that would be my friend. He has his own graphic design business if you are ever interested. I saw CATS on Broadway right before it closed 🙂 XO

  12. I wonder if you’d do to Nick Cage what I did when I met David Duchovny in person…froze like a block of ice and couldn’t say a word! Oh, the embarassment…but he’s very handsome in person!

  13. Great sweater Sammy. Now stop picking on Prancie, will ya? We did not know that about Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20 who we’ve never heard but know the name. TW used to crochet and remembers how how it would be during the summer although she sometimes would sit on the front steps and crochet.

  14. guyz….we noe if yur mom waz ta meet missturrr nik her would knot say that either…her wood bee speech less !! 🙂 ♥♥

  15. Sammy looks sweet in his sweater at all angles! 🙂

    Maybe Nicholas Cage just takes whatever movie is offered him to keep the green papers coming in ?

    the critters in the cottage xo

  16. Great fill-ins! I too figured Nicholas Cage would be mentioned SOMEWHERE in your answers….haha…..I have never been good at crochet or knitting but you are FABULOUS and have been so generous sharing your talent with everyone in the form of adorable toys and mats, etc. We also think Sammy’s sweater is GREAT and he obviously is totally comfy wearing it. I think Teddy would EAT a sweater if I put it on him! HAHAHAHA

    Hugs, Pam

    • Thank you. I always get Nic in whenever I can. You have other gifts like being an incredible writer and painter. Sammy’s sweater is store bought, but he does look cute 🙂 XO

  17. Your answer to #1 so made me laugh – I agree about the movies, but I’d probably just stand there drooling if I ever met him.
    I so wish I could crochet, maybe this year will be when I finally teach myself from youtube videos.
    Sammy’s sweater is so gorgeous and he looks very proud of it.
    Have a lovely day.

  18. In my experience of meeting famous people (and I’ve met very few), I’m lucky if I can think of anything to say at all! I actually have a funny story about that. I’m a quiet/shy person, and I met the country singer Joe Nichols at a concert once. I was with two girlfriends….one of which is VERY talkative….and both of them just stood there grinning and I was the only one who said anything! It probably wasn’t anything intelligent though. LOL

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