Wordless Wednesday

Joanie is not being naughty, she is just helping with the decorating.

#PMT photohunt @tonkstailΒ  ( naughty)

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  1. I get to help my human with the decorating this week too! Well, mainly I supervise, and then my human has to stop every now and then to praise me for what a good job I’m doing supervising. That’s my job.

  2. Yur such a good kittygurl Joanie! When LadyMum put uppy thee tabull top tree; mee sorta ‘ree-arranged’ it on itss’ side on thee floor. So after 87 triess LadyMum put thee tree inn thee pantree, mew mew mew…..
    **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  3. I think she’s definitely assessing which one’s look like they’ll be the easiest to knock down and which ones will look good as cat toys.

  4. And what a fabulous helper she is! I bet she’ll have the house all decorated for the holiday in no time!

    PS You always have such cute image for your bloggie header! I love it!

  5. Finally, someone with as many Christmas decorations as I have! My cat, Peanut Butter, tries to help me, too, but she gets distracted easily. Pretty soon, we’re wrestling each other for the light-up Christmas star. I want to put it on top of the tree, she wants to eat the wiring.

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