Ten Things of Thankful

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Catruday Art Blog Hop. I started taking photos for our Christmas card yesterday and this is one of our bloopers. I used Lunapic to add a snowflake border.

I am also joining the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop.

  1. Sammy’s negative heartworm antigen test.
  2. Good kitties that let me dress them for photos.
  3. Only getting one scratch from KaTwo while taking photos for the Christmas card.
  4. A husband that brings me coffee in the morning and makes me tea at night.
  5. My hubby and I got to have lunch with his sister this week.
  6. Lunch with my mom and the great one.
  7. Blueberry pancakes at my favorite diner with my mom.
  8. Almost done Christmas shopping.
  9. Parchment paper, before I discovered it, I always burned my cookies.
  10. I won Jackson Galaxy’s new book from Caren and Cody’s blog. I will review it soon.

Clearly I did a lot of eating this week ( #’s 5-7), but it was more about the people than the food.


  1. You have a lot of things worthy of thankfulness, Ellen. Again, I am very happy for Sammy’s test results! Your cats are very fortunate to have you, and you are equally blessed to have them.

  2. The humans here love cooking with parchment paper too! We have a pirate nutcracker. I think I already posed with him for a different holiday.

    1. I love parchment paper. I don’t remember your pirate nutcracker, I bet he is cute 🙂

  3. Blueberry pancakes and parchment paper are definitely things to be thankful for! Silpat mats (or generic versions) are nice too.

    1. They are 🙂 I worried about the mats because I didn’t know if they had any toxins in them.

  4. Lots of things to be thankful for indeed but the biggie is Sammy being alright – we have been praying for that and it looks like he is just fine! YAY! Good luck with the photographs for your Christmas card. Your kitties are so good about wearing fun things like hats and clothes. I think Teddy would shred everything I put on him! LOL

    Happy Saturday
    Love, Pam

  5. Those sure are some mighty fine things to be thankful for. The best is Sammy’s negative heart worm test. That is great news. Everything sounds wonderful too.You all have a fantastic week end.

  6. Your card will be beautiful, i just know it, although it might be funny to make one with just “outtakes” and see how it turns out.

    A husband who loves you and makes coffee and tea for you is a big blessing!

  7. We enjoyed your festive blooper, Joanie! Your Christmas card is sure to be adorable. And, as always, your Thankfuls are wonderful to read. We are also so happy that Sammy’s heartworm test came back negative. Purrs to all of you!

  8. Ten very good thankfuls today. There is something about having good food with great company… people we love. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping! Congratulations on winning the book! So incredibly thankful for #1!

  9. I agree my cats are number one in line to be thankful for. Then my 2 chidren and 2 grandchildren. And also that my new medicine is helping me get off opiods so as i get older my health will improve. Merry Christmas to all!

  10. 1) surely belongs at Number 1
    2) not sure how extra grat this must be, having a dog rather than a cat… they strike me as being somewhat comfortable expressing disapproval directly…which would make the entire exercise fairly exciting, I would think.
    8) I can identify…with the shopping, as I am almost started. lol

  11. #1 is a huge thankful without doubt.
    #2? I don’t know. You not worried about a little payback when you least expect it? lol
    I haven’t even begun to think about shopping 😀
    Congrats on #10!

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