1. Ahh yes, so talented indeed. Mom loves the Nutcracker, dad not so much. Merry Christmas y’all and Happy New Year!

  2. A lovely cat version of a Nutcracker ballet. Not sure if Tchaikovsky was a cat fan, but he should have been.

  3. Oh Joannie, you look so pretty in your dress. That is just too cute. Well done. You all have such a Merry Christmas.

  4. That is so cute!
    Reminded Petcretary of your Dear Angel Phoebe’s pole dancing skills:)

    And whoot! A drummer!! There are over 300 of those here, huge ones, big ones, mid sized ones like yours and small ones too. Embroidered ones, ceramic ones, and even one on a flag! MOL! Endless drummers everywhere you look here…

    1. Thank you. We miss our pole dancer. No one else really does that. WOW! You have a huge collection of nutcrackers. I probably have 25.

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