Friendly Fill-ins Week 84

Hi everyone! Thank you for the good thoughts and prayers for Sammy and Polar Bear yesterday. Sammy ended up with one tooth being extracted. And Polar Bear was so “feisty” that we have to go back for his blood work, he needs a mild sedative.

Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins, be sure to add your link at McGuffy’s Reader. Thank you to all who participate.

1. Snow___________________.

2. I _____________________.

3. One holiday memory that I cherish is                   .

4. I always thought that Santa          
My answers:
1. Snow is beautiful-in small amounts like under 6 inches.
2. I am tired, I had to get up early to drop Sammy off at the vet. I am not a morning person.
3. One holiday memory that I cherish is , actually I have no one memory that sticks out. I just cherish all the times I have been with my family as a child and as a married woman.
4. I always thought that Santa existed until I was about 8 years old.
We are also joining Feline Friday, currently hosted by Comedy Plus.
Joanie looked so cute on my lap the other day with her paws crossed over her eyes.


88 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-ins Week 84

  1. Polar Bear, everyone gets blood tests, and you should realize that your humans want what is best for you, and they cannot know what you need unless they have blood test results, which means you need to have a blood test. Please be a trooper and get the
    test so you can be treated and be well and have more fun! ?

  2. Good going Sammy P. I had 2 teeth removed last year…the tooth fairy made me feel so much better about losing the teeth. I think the Tooth Fairy lives near you so it will be easy for her to pop over. Polar Bear….I know where you’re coming from too….these peeps think they can paw us and steal blood like a zombie…well, you can’t so bring on the drugs!


  3. Sammy, we hope the tooth fairy brings you catnip under your pillow and Polar Bear – well we am just glads you haz a good Mommie who puts up with you like her does me! -Benjamin Lil Bear who am not so goods at the vets without Feliway.

    Thanks fur stopping by to wish me a goods journey to my furever home!
    -JayMee aka Jeremiah Midnight

  4. Polar Bear you are being a bear, MOL! I hope you didn’t put the bitey on anyone there…sorry you were that scared about the whole ordeal, though.

    Sammy I hope your mouth feels much better after getting those naughty teeth out of there.

    Purrs & Hugs to all!

    1. Snow is only pretty when it is fresh and not interfering with ‘plans’.

    2. I am tired and have aching muscles and some soreness in my fingers from the hard work today, of shoveling snow before going to work. The work was even harder than the snow…

    3. One holiday memory that I cherish is when my Mom almost threw a diamond ring in the trash, because she thought that all she had was a gag gift from my Dad of two lollipops…the ring was between them and she didn’t see it, Oops. Dad kept a close watch on that stuff beside her chair so that it didn’t get thrown in the trash bag when cleanup started…then she squealed with delight. I have that ring now… .
    4. I always thought that Santa was a strange dude who could show up in so many places So we could sit on his lap…at the mall, and in other places; and none of them were the North Pole. And who ever thought anyone could live there!!

    • Thank you for your answers, I enjoyed them. Very true about snow, it does tend to change plans like mine last Saturday. Sorry you are in pain 🙁 That is a funny story about the diamond ring and your mom- and how special that you have the ring now.

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  6. Sometimes getting a cat to give blood is very difficult, i hope his feistiness is an indication that nothing is really wrong with Polar Bear. Sammy has my sympathy on the tooth extraction, i had to have several removed as a child.

    Santa is still real to me in many ways, it’s why i love this holiday, and i hope you get some rest today.

  7. That picture of Joanie with her paws crossed is adorable.
    We agree with you about the snow.
    We feel for Sammy, We truly do!
    And Polar Bear understandably must feel that if he has to have his blood stolen for testing, then it is incumbent on him to draw blood from the Thief, to make up for it (mol).

  8. I hope Sammy has forgiven the vet for stealing his tooth by now!! Too bad Polar Bear didn’t cooperate for his blood stealing so now he has to go back again…….boo!!!! Hope everyone is feeling good after the adventure especially YOU “Mom” !!!!! Love your fill-ins today… Mom has a lot of special memories from her childhood too relative to Christmas. Magic.

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. Ellen,

    I’m with you a little snow is fine anything more than an six inches is too much. Actually if we got six inches that would be a lot. 🙂 What this Santa doesn’t exist? Why, oh why did you tell me this? lol

  10. You have such cute furkids. Joanie is adorable. Great capture! I am really glad that everyone is doing okay right now. But, I understand your constant concern. I totally get that. In the UP where we want to go, the average yearly snowfall is 173 inches. The average US city (where it snows) gets 26 inches of snow per year. But, you can walk where you need to go in town. They can deal with it because it is normal. Oh…Santa does exist…if you believe. Hugs!

  11. I am glad Sammy’s dental is over and a bad tooth is a memory. Feisty Polar Bear… I hate that you have to make another trip to the vet Ellen, but I had to giggle a little bit. Sweet Joanie. I am not a morning person either.
    1. Snow was forecast and now it’s not… pouting here.
    2. I thought I was getting the dreaded head cold, sore throat thing that is going around but I woke up this morning and all is well! I can put the kleenex box away.
    3. One holiday memory that I cherish is my last Christmas with my Mom. She loved Christmas.
    4. I always thought that Santa ate the cookies!

    • Thank you for your answers, I enjoyed them. Sorry you are not going to get the snow. I am glad you don’t have a head cold. I am sorry your mom is no longer with you, but I am glad you have good memories of her. XO

  12. We’re glad your dental went well, Sammy, even if you did have to part with one of your teeth. And having bloodwork done sure isn’t fun, is it, Polar Bear? But, it’s necessary and your mom took you in to have it done because she cares! And, Joanie, you are adorable! We also really enjoyed your fill-ins. I think I was about the same age as you, 8 or so, when my parents gave me the Santa talk. I remember feeling a bit down about the truth, but still having hope because my parents explained to me that Saint Nicholas was a real man with a great story. Happy Friday!

  13. What a great shot of Joanie. So cute.

    I can’t remember when I didn’t believe in Santa anymore. It was a shock as I recall. I’ve met a lot of Santa’s in my lifetime though. They do wonderful things.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. My best to your mom. ♥

  14. Cute photo! Thankfully we don’t get much snow in our neck of the woods because after living in Colorado and Kansas, Mommy is tired of snow. Sending purrs to Sammy after having his toof out.

  15. Mee-you Joanie that iss one pawsum foto of you!!!! Yur adoorabull.
    An mee sends POTP to Sammy fur his toothie xtraction; hee an LadyMum are quite thee pair, mew mew mew…
    An Polar Bear mee hopesa thee seddytive will help you. Sumtimess goin to thee Vet CAN bee scarey!
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  16. Aw, poor Sammy. We’re sorry they stole your toof. At least it was only one. And Polar Bear, being feisty doesn’t stop them from doing what they want to do to you. They just make you come back for more torture. 🙂 (Zoey and Ernie both get gabapentin before a vet visit to help calm them. It doesn’t sedate them much, just sort of chills them out.)

  17. Joanie looks so cute with her paws over her eyes, as if she is just going to nap until Santa arrives. Mom is like you, Mom Ellen…a night person! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  18. p.s. Concatulations to Sammy on only having to have one tooth removed. Prayers, purrs and POTP for Polar Bear when he returns to the vet. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  19. I’m with Polar Bear as I really don’t like needles either (a bit silly as I’m a nurse), and glad that Sammy only had to have one tooth extracted – has the tooth fairy been?
    I’m not a morning person either, but have to get up early for work. Hope you catch up on your sleep this week. 🙂

  20. My older brother took me to see Santa Claus..I was 11. And he had his girlfriend with him. When I told Santa that he didn’t leave anything in my stocking the last year, his girlfriend said. “Oh, she still believes in Santa Claus”. with amazement in her voice. She devastated me (seriously…I cried when I got home) because yes, I did. Who knows, without her smart remark, I might still! 🙂

  21. Not onlee doess mee have Pancreatitis Aunty Ellen it terns out mee has INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE…not Irritabull Bowel an thee 3rd Vet lied about how sick mee was inn 2105.
    LadyMum iss so uppyset an worried an mee wunderss what will happen at thee Vet’ss tomorrow (Katurday). Pleeze say a purrayer fur mee…
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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