Ten Things of Thankful

Hi everyone! Today we are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop, Tonk’s Tail #PMT photohunt and Ten Things of Thankful .

Before we get started though, the winner of the cat mug ( and crocheted cat toys) is Cat Scout Charles. Congratulations! Prancie will announce the winner of the Black Cats Tell All book on Sunday. You have until 9PM EST to enter.

The word prompt this week is family. I guess Emmy has decided she likes her family.

I used ribbet to add a frame to the photo so that is my art.

Here are my thankfuls-

  1. Leftovers- I sent my mom home with a lot and we have enough for days too.
  2. turkey soup
  3. turkey salad with cranberries, pecans and mayo
  4. A nice,relaxing Thanksgiving. My mom and I even worked on a puzzle as we planned our shopping strategy for Black Friday.
  5. Surviving Black Friday- most stores had enough workers so there were hardly any lines and everything we went for was still available.
  6. The “great one”Ā  is going to be a big sister.
  7. Prancie’s blood work was good , her thyroid is in normal range, she gained a pound and her heart sounded good.
  8. Sammy’s blood work was good too-except for his thyroid, but that is treatable with a pill.
  9. Christmas music on my favorite radio station. The alarm goes off to the radio so it is nice to hear the Christmas music.
  10. Going shopping on Black Friday with my mom. I know some are against going because of the crowds and frenzy, but it is something we always do and I am thankful we were healthy enough to go ( and I pray we will be for many years to come).




  1. Wow – lots to be thankful for indeed! Glad the kitties are in good shape health-wise……glad there are a lot of leftovers around your house from turkey day……and WOW on “The Great One” getting a new brother or sister – that should be “interesting” !!! HAHAHAHA

    Love, Teddy and Mom too

  2. We sure do like your thankfuls. Sure glad that Prancie got a good report. Sounds like you are making good use of your turkey. We are doing the same. You all have a super Saturday.

  3. Congratulations to the “great one” and lucky you, Ellen! We had a ball with our new great niece Thanksgiving Day. Hard to believe she is almost three months. Her big brother isn’t totally sure about her yet… Haha! Great news on Prancie and Sammy! I am enjoying Christmas music as I type!

    1. Awww.. I bet it was fun to see your great niece. They get even more fun once they start talking šŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations on expecting a new family member! It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and i’m not against Black Friday shopping for those who want to do it. What i don’t like is stores opening for Black Friday sales on Thursday and making people miss the time with their families to work.

    1. I don’t like stores making people work on a holiday either. In Massachusetts, they can’t open on Thanksgiving.

  5. Oh, congratulations to the family on the expected new member! I think it is nice that you and your mom are close and enjoy your outings. You go for it!
    Emmy, you are a smart girl. Your family is awesome.
    Congratulations to your winner! HUGS!

  6. We are always so happy to see your happy family! And, as always, I just love reading your Thankfuls. There’s going to be another “great one”? How exciting! Happy Caturday!

  7. Congratulations to the winner.

    Black Friday is not for me. I hate shopping anyway and Black Friday would probably take me over the edge. I ‘m glad you enjoy it though. To each his own.

    Have a fabulous weekend. Scritches to all the kitties. ā™„

    1. I love to shop, but I don’t like crowds. Luckily by the time we go out the crowds have dispersed. I hope you have a great weekend too!

  8. Item(s) 1, 2 and 3 I can identify with, courtesy of Phyllis and her hard work preparing a well-enjoyed meal on Thursday
    (always good news when blood tests come back with the right indications)

  9. I applaud you for braving the Black Friday crowds! Glad to hear the kitties blood work is good šŸ™‚ And this is the very first year I’m not deluged in leftovers…not exactly sure why!

  10. Ohhh! Turkey! We loved your Pictures, your 10 things and we want to concatulate Cat Scout Charles! Mom – your toys are the bomb!!! I ABSOLUTELY love mine!

  11. Pawsome list and I’m glad that Prancie is doing much better. I hope that was my puzzle you worked on on Thanksgiving. Sounds like a wonderful Black Friday experience. I’ll bet you ate out too.

    1. I did do your puzzle on Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t the one I did with my mom. Yes, we went to the 99 on Friday. XO

  12. Black Fridays are just too much excitement for me now. There was a time when I enjoyed the thrill of getting a good deal, but I much prefer shopping on less busy days.
    The turkey salad with cranberries, pecans, and mayo sounds delicious.
    I’m sure your Mom enjoyed having some of the leftovers.

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