Friendly Fill-Ins Week 71

Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins, but first we want to offer our condolences to our dear friends, The Florida Furkids. Their Dad passed away on Thursday, our thoughts and prayers are with Allie, Raz and their mom, Sharon.


1. I have broken __________________ bones.

2. When I go out to breakfast, I order___________________________.
3. As Summer officially comes to an end,                                  .

4. Before this year is over, I really need to                                 .

My answers:

  1. I have broken my foot bones ( right one).
  2. When I go out to breakfast, I order french toast or pancakes- I am too lazy to make those at home.
  3. As Summer officially comes to an end, I say good riddance-it was too humid.
  4. Before this year is over, I really need to declutter- I keep talking about it and writing about it, but never actually do it.

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75 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-Ins Week 71

  1. I make good French Toast! Bill makes good pancakes and waffles. I only eat these when Bill is home and wants breakfast. YES! Goodbye, Summer. It is supposed to be 86* here this weekend. I do not like that. Yes, my decluttering continues.
    So…when do you want to pick up B & C? Hugs!

    • I bet you do make great French toast. We have hot weather again, but hope not for long.
      I wish I could snatch up Bonnie and Clyde, so cute. XO

  2. I am sending prayers and my deepest condolences to Sharon. May both she and Bill find peace.

    Your fill-ins are wonderful! I love pancakes, but I can no longer eat gluten and have trouble finding places that offer gluten-free pancakes. I am working on some decluttering as well, but I definitely have days where I get little to none done. Thank you for hosting this fun challenge!

    • I am sorry you can’t have gluten, that must be hard to find gluten free that tastes good.Thank you for your weekly participation in the fill-ins.

  3. My condolences to Sharon and everyone who knew and loved Bill.

    Summer is always humid, and not much we can do about it, so you are right that it will be nice to have cooler air that’s you don’t have to have gills to breath.

    As a very messy mimi, i know what you mean about needing to declutter. There’s lots of sites that can give ideas and inspiration, and even forums where you can find people to cheer you on, but in the end it comes down to taking the time to do it.

    • I am good at it when I do it, but I need a kick in the butt to get motivated 🙂 Plus a lot is my hubby’s stuff to go through and he is too busy with outside stuff.

  4. Our hearts ache for Sharon too……we know Bill will always be with her. So very sad…………

    I like your fill-ins today…….I make pancakes all the time here at home BUT I rarely make anything “time-consuming” so I always go for that when I eat breakfast out! Decluttering is something I bet we ALL need to do. I go through “fits” of decluttering – I’ll just tackle one room at a time – usually at season changing so I guess it’s time for me to START for Fall!!!

    Love, Pam and Teddy too

    • Yes,most need to declutter, some more than others. I need to get moving on it, things are getting out of control. XO and love to you both

  5. My condolences to Sharon and her family. Very sad.

    I’m always talking about decluttering too. It’s such an overwhelming project. I love french toast and pancakes.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Sorry about your friends passing in Florida. Always a sad thing.

    I’m ready for some cool too. It’s been a very hot summer.

    Have a purrfect day all you kitties. My best to your wonderful mom. ☺

  7. If I had answered the questions, my answers would be very close to yours. When we lived aboard EvenStar, there trippers at the two side exits, so I continually stubbed my toes. I will make pancakes and French toast, but not waffles – love them topped with fruit. Florida is always too humid and boy oh boy do I need to declutter!

  8. Oh wow my answers are very close to yours.
    1. It’s ankle and nose bones.
    2. I do the same and will add some potatoes or meat, it’s been so long I don’t think I can make either anymore.
    3.Yes and summer is not coming to an end and the novelty is wearing off. I have two fans and the AC on right now.
    4. Yes, exactly and I even pulled out a bunch of stuff from the biggest problem area and ended up putting it all back.

  9. Tell you what Miss Ellen. YOU get started on the decluttering and I will keep you company doing the same thing! We’ll have a race.

  10. I am so very sorry to hear about Mr. Bill passing away. That is so sad. 🙁

    We’re in the same boat with decluttering. I am trying to get it done, but 30+ years of stuff and a houseful of kids leaving stuff behind as they move away leaves a whole lot of work to do and not nearly enough energy to do it!

    How did you break your foot?

    I agree about summer! I would say that I look forward to the heat and humidity leaving, but that won’t happen around here. I wish it would, though!

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

    • It is so sad.
      My niece took most of her stuff when they bought a house in 2015, but she still has a closet of stuff upstairs and some underbed storage boxes in the apre room which was her room.
      I broke my foot when I was 15 and decided to take an acrobatic class. I had taken ballet, tap and jazz for years so I thought that would be fun- wrong!
      I hope you have a blessed weekend too! XO

  11. 1. I have broken _so many bones it aint funny. Does 45 metal bits in me count too MOL.

    2. When I go out to breakfast, I order__Pancakes and scrambled eggs.
    3. As Summer officially comes to an end, I am glad we will have our new home soon
    4. Before this year is over, I really need to relax more but that may mean retire
    Dad Pete

    Hey Fur Friends, I about fell over when I saw you all come through the door to come to my birthday pawty. What fun we had Thank Mew

    • Thank you for your answers. I am sorry you have broken so many bones, that is awful.
      I am glad you will have your new home soon, that is exciting.
      Great party-we all had fun. XO

  12. We, my Mommy and I, Marvelous, are so very sad to hear about Ms Allie and Mr Raz’s pawpy Bill! He has been fighting so furry hard. We know that Ellie, Cubby and Clifford as well as all the other before animals were there to greet him.
    And we liked your Friday fillins! Especially the de-clutter part…we agrees!

  13. It is indeed a sad day for Sharon, Raz and Allie. Their dad and sharon’s husband fought hard for several months. He is at peace now and loving with Angel Ellie.

    Decluttering is always a problem here. One of us throws an item in the garbbage and the other has fond memories and pulls it out.


  14. So very sad about Mr Bill, he fought the good fight, but now is at peace, and with his fur angels,whom he so loved.

    Decluttering should be done regularly like dusting and vacuuming, but…well, you know!

    1. I have broken a bone in my right foot, when I was showing off to a friend how my parents then new puppy walked, MOL but OUCH! Since I am always falling down stairs, its amazing I have not broken more…though in 1991, I apparently broke a vertebrate in my thoracic spine falling down the stairs when Angel Simba tripped me…but I did not know about it till 2007 when I had an exray for something else! OMC!.

    2. When I go out to breakfast, I order bacon and eggs or French toast, since I rarely make those for breakfast here. I used to make lots of pancakes and waffles, but not anymore.
    3. As Summer officially comes to an end, I will look forward to crisp lovely fall days with bright blue skies and lovely colors on all the trees. And all the harvest bounty:) .4. Before this year is over, I really need to clean up the messy spots in my house where I just dump things because I am too lazy to deal with them until they drive me crazy, then I go on a cleanup spree…which I call ‘cleanup-itis’…MOL! .

    • Thank you for your answers. I broken my right foot too. You need to be careful on the stairs.
      I usually make my husband scrambled eggs and sausage on Sunday, but he has oatmeal the rest of the week. I always have frozen waffles toasted with butter- very unhealthy. I look forward to Fall too and cooler temps I have those spots around the house too 🙂 XO

  15. Great fill ins! We’ll get back to answering on the blog soon. In the meantime, mom says she’s never broken a bone, orders French toast when going out to breakfast, now that summer is over we love Autumn is almost here! And before the year is over mom hopes to get herself together. I don’t know what that means but it’s what she said. Kiss ? Penny for me .

    • Thank you for these great answers. I am glad your mom never broke a bone. Autumn is the best 🙂 We are sure she will get herself together. Penny sends kisses.

  16. Incredibly sad about Bill… my heart sank when I read Sharon’s post. My heart and my prayers are with her.
    Your #3 is so true! We are back in heat and humidity for a few days now. I am really over it. I decluttered our closet in August and that is about as far as I got.

    • Very sad about Bill. I am impressed you decluttered the closet, that is my worst area because I keep a lot of clothes hoping to fit in them again someday.

  17. Re cluttering: TW keeps talking about it too. She’s gotten rid of a few of her VHS tapes that she can never play and that’s all. Today was really hot and humid here. TW likes spring and summer cos she’s a baseball fan and the short days of fall and winter depress her.

    • Decluttering is very time consuming and it is more fun spending time with kitties. My hubby loves baseball, but not the same team as TW.XO

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