Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! I am joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I am thankful that I have been getting to go for two walks a day with my folks.

Shhh! Don’t tell the farmer I got on his equipment. I knew I could smell hay.

I am quite the adventure cat. I don’t know why everyone stares when they ride by and see my folks walking me on our own property.

Grammie picked up my medicine at the vet today- thanks Grammie. I love you so very much. I still take my anti-nausea meds so I won’t lose my appetite.

Here is my poem for Sammy’s Poetry Day featuring the letter L- I used all 4 words just like Madi does.

I will never be a lap cat
but sometimes I will wear a hat.
I like beef and turkey, but not lamb
I sure hope I get a visit from my Gram(mie)
I have a hunch
mom and Grammie are going to lunch
I hope they get me a new harness
after Labor day I can’t wear a pink dress

And the winner is Crystal’s Photo Blogging Site. Her adorable kitty will enjoy the mat.

Here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow. Mom came up with the first two and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second two.

1. My favorite fictional character is ______________________-.

2.  A new tv show or film I am looking forward to this Fall is ____________________.

3. One of my very favourite books is                       .

4. The best time to                        is                        .



80 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. What’s wrong with wearing a pink dress after Labor Day? I don’t have a pink dress, but I’ll wear my pink t-shirt if you wear something pink. If you don’t want to, I’ll wear my pink t-shirt anyway. It’s good for visibility.

    Effie doesn’t have any clothes , just her lavender-chamomile collar. She is quite vain about her own gorgeous fur.
    ^-.-^ ?

  2. A thought I should have mentioned. In coloring books, using color pencils can be really good. When I was 10, I had to do a book of Virginia geography. My Mom mentioned that rubbing the pencil colors with a tissue really smoothed then out nicely. Give that a try.

  3. Why can’t you wear a pink dress after Labor Day, Phoebe? I say you can wear a pink dress any time you want – kitty prerogative! Although a new harness would be nice regardless.

  4. 1. My favorite fictional character is ____puss in boots__________________-.

    2. A new tv show or film I am looking forward to this Fall is _______Soccer matches in Italy_____________.

    3. One of my very favourite books is Anything by Jane Gardham .

    4. The best time to sleep is .anytime!!!

  5. YAY Phoebe! You used all the prompt words for your poem AND you got to go outside again for more walks in your pretty pink harness. My Mom had to get me the next larger size harness as I’m getting – well – BIG. I bet your Mom and Grammie find some pretty Fall-ish harnesses for you so you will be the Fashionista of your neighborhood!

    Love, Teddy

  6. Oh Phoebe, lucky you to get to go for two walks a day. That must be tons of fun. We love the poem. We think you can wear pink any time that you want to.
    Have a fabulous day.

  7. Phoebe this is one of your cutest and bestest poems and blog posts… I think it’s the pink dress with you in it! I agree with Teddy… I bet your Mom and Grammie find something more fall-ish for you soon.

  8. Oh, how fun that you get to go on two walks a day, Phoebe! And your Grammie sure is purrfect (not that we have to tell you that, though!). Your poem is fantastic, too, Phoebe! You sound a lot like the kitties around here – laps are not always all that fun to sit on, and lamb just isn’t all that great to eat. Though, the kitties here are not as open to wearing hats as you are, Phoebe. Purrs to you!

  9. Aaaaaaaw Phoebe, you look great in your pink dress. who says you can’t wear pink all year long? And, we’re glad you get to go out with your pawrents. Have fun. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  10. You’re most adorable you know. I’m pretty sure you already know that.

    I love your poems too. Always a treat.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom and Grammie. ☺

  11. Hurrah fur Lady Crystal winnin thee contest Phoebe!! An you look marveeluss inn yur pink harness…oh an it iss white wee not supposed to wear after Laburr Day. Butt you are a Purrincess so you can do what you like mee sweet gurl!!!!
    An yur poe-em iss adoorabull….
    Mee thott mee do a poe-em about Lamm (thee other Lamb!)

    “On Sunday nite mee got scared,
    mee had to get away frum there!
    Mee reelly puffed uppy
    an mee growled so feerce
    an then inn thee blink of an eye…
    mee was out of mee vest
    an mee diss-appeered!
    Under thee fence an
    gone with thee wind!
    Mee was on thee LAMM
    An mee not give a (xcuse mee) Damm!!
    Butt Mollie doggie had other planss,
    Shee chased mee back to thee yard
    so on thee LAMM mee went again,
    only Mollie doggie joined inn
    an chased mee home amongst thee din!
    Been on thee LAMM
    compleetlee wore mee out;
    so power nappin iss
    goin on without a doubt!
    Mee finkss twice befur mee goess on thee LAMM again…
    Next time mee stay at home an eat Chick-hen!!!!”
    bye (Pooped out butt Poe-etick) Purrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    All mee LUV an ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • That was a great poem my sweet purrince. And very long, you are most talented. And I am so glad you ran back home. Please don’t do that again, my little heart can’t take the worry. XO and paw kisses and nose rubs too!

  12. Nice poem! And I adore those photos. Very cute. I like the questions, and believe I’ll have a go right now…

    1. My favorite fictional character is Nickolas Sean Angelus Gravan, a main OC from my erotica series. ~grin~ Half Irish and half Greek, he’s an aspiring rock star playing guitar for my fictional burgeoning band BloodMoon.
    2. A new tv show or film I am looking forward to this Fall is Stephen King’s “It”.
    3. One of my very favourite books is “Squire” by Jet Mykles.
    4. The best time to write is now.

    • Thank you 🙂 And thank you for these great answers. Nickolas does sound handsome. I am afraid of anything by Stephen King. I agree, the best time to write is now. 🙂

  13. phoebe……indeed you can wear what you want when you want in what color you want and how you want and if you choose to roam the yard naked you can do that too ~~~~ =^..*= hugs from dai$y ~~~~ ♥♥

  14. I would stare too, Phoebe, if I saw a darling kitty in a pink dress strolling the grounds with her humans. Your grammie is sweet to pick up your meds that help you eat and feel better.

    Love your poem!

  15. Ahh haha, I think Dexter has some of the same likes but he draws the line at pink dresses. I almost got him fairy wings though. I have to wonder about him outside cuz the hallway door closed the other day with him out there and he let out the most pathetic and amplified meow I’ve ever heard come from an animal that size.

  16. I love that, Phoebe. Whenever I have Sam out on her leash, I wonder what the neighbors might think when they drive by. 🙂 That’s OK, I don’t mind being the crazy lady on the street who walks her cat on a leash, talks to her chickens, and lets her dogs bark at everyone who goes by!

  17. You look so cute out walking in your pretty pink harness. I think it is white that you can’t wear after Labor Day so I think you are good. Of course, any girl appreciates new clothes, am I right?!

  18. They stare because they’re seeing something so cute and pretty, it’d be a shame not to take in every second of it ;). You’re pretty much the most adorable adventure cat in existence!

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