Friendly Fill-Ins Week 67

Hi everyone! Time for The Friendly Fill-Ins. Be sure to leave your link at McGuffy’s Reader. You can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate.

1. If someone were visiting my area, I would recommend a visit to _________________________.

2. My favorite room in my home is _________________________.
3. Back-to-school time makes me think of                               .

4. My favourite year of school was                         , because                                 .

My Answers:

1.If someone were visit my area, I would recommend a visit to The Quabbin Reservoir. It is located in the next town, but only 5 miles from where I live. 4 towns were taken over to build it to supply water to Boston, MA.It is a beautiful place to walk and bike ride. It boggles my mind that they could destroy 4 small towns, moving cemeteries and forcing people to leave. To earn more about it click here.

2. My favorite room in my home is the bedroom, I love to read in there with kitties next to me.

3. Back-to-school time makes me think of taking a photo of my niece on her first day of school from preschool all the way through college.

4. My favourite year of school was none of them, because I have always been socially anxious so even though I forced myself to join things, I never felt comfortable or that I belonged in any social group.


We are also joining Feline Friday which is currently being hosted by Comedy Plus.

Penny has her high beams on.


72 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-Ins Week 67

  1. Is that what those eyes are called? LOL Highbeams. That’s better than what I call them.

    I had a little trouble settling on a favorite year of school. I don’t think any entire school year was my favorite exactly. They all had good and bad. I had a bit of social anxiety as well, more so in middle school and high school.

    I almost chose my bedroom as my favorite room, but I don’t really spend that much time in there.

    Maybe someday I will get the chance to visit The Quabbin Reservoir. 🙂

    I hope you have a great weekend, Ellen! Thanks for hosting!

    • Thank you for these great answers. I also call them lasers too 🙂
      If you ever get to go to The Quabbin, we will have to meet. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  2. I always enjoy your fill-ins. I had to really think on which room to finally put as my favorite. It is so sweet that you took a photo of your niece on her first day of school each year. What wonderful memories! And I never really enjoyed socializing all that much in school either. I had some friends I hung out with the most, but I was always the one in the group least likely to go to gatherings and events and the like. And, Penny, we are loving the look of your high beams!

  3. These were especially good fill-ins this week I think. Loving reading everyone’s answers. School was tough for me too – I was very shy and add to that the fact we moved every 2 years I just never “settled”…..was glad when it was over! That Reservoir is fascinating – thanks for the link to the story. Hope you and the gang have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    • Moving that often must have been very hard to fit in and make friends. I took your flat Sammy to the reservoir when the flats traveled in 2015. XO

  4. Social anxiety makes school so difficult for some. Even though i had a few friends in the lower grades, i was not very comfortable socially until after i got to college.

  5. I’ll have to read about the reservoir. Thanks for sharing that. And I understand about school. Years ago my mother gave the alumni association my address and they sent a newsletter. I got excited upon seeing some of my favorite people listed in an article until I realized they were all missing. Figures. I do stay in touch with one gal who became my best friend in seventh grade (we met in third, when I first moved into town). She asked a few days ago if I received the alumni newsletter, or wanted to. When both answers were the predictable ‘no’, she said in a teasing singsong, “I know where you are and I”m not telling.” She’s a trip. Be well!

  6. It is awful that cemeteries can be moved, and that houses can be bought up, forcing people to move, all under the pretense of “progress”. I have a poem about that. Sad.

    The bedroom would be my second choice of a room that I enjoy. But, the participants vary there. George and Grizelda prefer the family room.

    That is a great idea to take a yearly picture of The Great One! Sweet!

    I am so sorry that you have no favourite school year. I am sure others loved you, though! HUGS, my friend.

    • I hope that cemeteries can’t be moved now like back in the 1930’s. I took photos of the great one’s mom but I will of the great one too. I am the official family photographer, I like to hide on that side of the camera. XO

  7. My answers to Friendly Fill-Ins Are: 1. If someone were visiting my area, I would recommend a visit to Rural King and the rest of the mall. 2. My favorite room in my home is the tv room. 3. Back-to-school time makes me think of shopping. 4. My favourite year of school was 12th grade, because of graduation.
    Good questions.

  8. Doesn’t look like whole lot of humans enjoyed school. Either that or cat bloggers weren’t cheerleaders or troublemakers. MOL! TW loves the little record shops in Boston. She’s been there several times in her youth. She loved The Rat too although she’d come home black and blue from the slamming.

  9. Thanks for the interesting questions! I had fun answering them. I don’t like that the powers that be make people leave their homes and property, just to build something. It probably was needed, but wonder why they couldn’t locate it differently. … Have a great weekend, and happy eclipse day! 🙂

  10. Mee-you Penny yur lazer eyess are so-o kewl; just like you!!!
    Mee finkss mee faverite place iss thee livin room because mee has 2 bedss an thee Tee Vee……
    Then again inn thee bedroom mee has mee carrier an mee windowside bed an LadyMum’ss bed with mee own blankit on it. Mew mew mew…
    Sendin all mee LUV an ***paw kissesss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. The social aspect was the problem for me too. I couldn’t relate to the other girls so I spent recess playing kickball or four-square or tetherball with the boys. And I became an outcast with the girls – never really fitting in anywhere. Now cats?!?! For whatever reason, I don’t have the same fears and hesitations.

  12. Our mom was like you about school. She had a lot of social anxiety. She was an over-achiever with lots of accomplishments, but always kept to herself for fear of not be accepted. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy. p.s. More prayers, purrs and POTP for Phoebe

    • I was in a lot of clubs, class treasurer, French club president and on student council, but I never fit in anywhere. Thank you for the prayers for Phoebe. XO

  13. Excellent fill ins…
    I can answer #2..My favorite room is the only room in the house I’ve been in…it is my bedroom…I am hoping that I will get to see some of the other rooms this weekend. And Penny, your “high beams” are impressive!
    Many Purrs

  14. Great fill-ins this week! Wow, Quabbin Reservoir sounds interesting but just… wow! Moving everything and everyone. *head boggles*

    Our Mom didn’t like much of school either. She was one of those who was always picked last for everything, even though she was very athletic, she was very quiet and not a good-looking kid.

    Sending you and Phoebe good thoughts and all our purrs.

    • Thank you. The Quabbin is very interesting. There is still an old town common from one of the towns that you can walk to, it is about 2 miles into the woods.
      Thank you for the purrs and good thoughts. XO

  15. I don’t like what ‘progress’ does to families and their homes. No matter where they build these reservoirs, though, someone is going to be affected. At least one of my forefathers’ plantations are under Lake Hartwell. Thankfully, they did not flood the family cemetery. It is in its original location, but that location is now an island in the middle of the lake (Lake Hartwell). Our family (well, those alive at the time…I wasn’t yet), fought tooth and nail to save the cemetery that is now only accessible by boat. I have never been, but hope to go some day.

    I guess that I have pretty much always been socially awkward, too, at least after the first grade. I am a very shy, sensitive person, introverted as well, and this is only getting more so as I get older. What about for you?

    Do you think you’ll be able to take the yearly first day of school pictures of your little grand-niece, too? I think that would be a great tradition to continue. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend, Ellen.

    • That is too bad about your family’s plantation. I had no idea this happened in so many places. I definitely get more introverted with age, I think it is because I am not forced to be out in the world like when I was carting my niece around and tutoring.
      I will definitely be there for first day photos of the great one 🙂 I hope you have a blessed weekend too.

  16. I will take a photo of our granddaughter on her first day of school each year too. That’s a great idea. I think I did it with my kids for a good while but I don’t know if I got all 12 years.

  17. MOL @ those high beams!!!

    1. If someone were visiting my area, I would recommend a visit to The Gilmore Car Museum, the Adventist Historic Village, or The Kellog Forest…its hard to pick the favorite!
    2. My favorite room in my home is the dining room, it has the biggest window to watch the great outdoors and it faces south so the light is bright in there. Its also where the confuser is:)
    3. Back-to-school time makes me think of when I would be all excited to see who my teacher would be during my younger years, and who would be in my ‘home room’ during my highschool years. I also took a lot of those first day pictures of my sons when they were starting their academic careers with preschool through college…a lot of changes over those years:) .

    4. My favourite year of school was Grade 13, (Yes I did have a grade 13, that was normal when I was in Highschool, but not any longer), because I had a great time with some of my teachers, and my music teacher let me ‘teach’ some of the younger students. And all the subjects I was taking were ones I *wanted* to take. (Chemistry, Biology, English, French, German and Music.) .

    • Thank you for your answers, I enjoyed them. That is interesting that there was a grade 13, glad you enjoyed it. I am impressed that you took 2 languages at the same time. That is good you took photos on 1st days of your son, they are priceless. It is fun to see the changes year to year.
      Sounds like you have a lot of interesting things to see in your area. XO

      • And near that Kellogg forest is also the Kellogg manor house, and a bird sanctuary.We have a nice zoo, too.It has a natural habitat Africa area. There is a boardwalk all through that part, and the animals run free in there.
        A bit north of here is “Mooville”, a working dairy farm and they have a store…and they make the most yummiest ice cream! Mmmm!

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