Friendly Fill-ins Week 65

Hi everyone! Time for The Friendly Fill-Ins. Be sure to leave your link at McGuffy’s Reader. You can also put your answers in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate.

1. Meetings __________________.
2. Rules __________________.
3. The best time to                        is                         .

4. I have learned                                     .

My answers:

  1. Meetings are almost always a waste of time and always seem to have someone that never stops talking.
  2. Rules are meant to be bent, I follow the law, but now so much the rules.
  3. The best time to do something you want to do is NOW- life is short, never wait.
  4. I have learned so much about cats since I started reading blogs a few years ago ( I only learned about them right before I started blogging). I thought I knew everything about them after living with them and reading about them for over 20 years, but there is always so much more to learn.

We are also joining Feline Friday which is currently being hosted by Comedy Plus.

  Joanie is thinking about which book to review on Monday.



  1. I chuckled at your answers for 1 and 2. Mine were different. I agree with you on 3 and 4, though. I love learning, and Now is the perfect time! HUGS!

    1. That is funny that we were opposite on the first 2, we are usually very similar. 🙂 XO

  2. Joanie is such a pretty kitty. 🙂

    All of your answers are great, most especially #3. We never know when our number will be called, when this will be the last time for whatever. Don’t put it off. Do it now or you may never get the chance. Very good advice, Ellen. 🙂

    Have a blessed day and weekend.

    1. Thank you. And Joanie thanks you too. I hope you have a blessed weekend too. XO

  3. Happy Friday! We think like you do about rules……! We also agree that even when you think you know it all about cats – you don’t – that’s why we are mysterious critters!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Happy Friday! My opinion of most meetings matches yours. Only if you are a great boss and will keep them on track and get them out on time are they productive.

  5. I hope Joanie picks a good one for you. Life is too short to obey arbitrary rules. Many so called rules were made up by people who think they are experts in the field. Like the rule of thirds in photography. We have to swing towards the fences and take life by the horns. Have a great weekend.

    1. I had never heard of that photography rule. I like your attitude about taking life by the horns. Hope you have a nice weekend too!

  6. Our answers are so similar sometimes! I really like what you put for #4, and it is so true. I have also learned a great deal from blogging. We can’t wait to see what book you picked, pretty Joanie!

    1. Yes, they are similar quite often 🙂 Joanie thanks you for calling her pretty.

  7. That is true about learning about cats–I’m learning more all of the time.

  8. Oh, we love your fill-ins this week! And we agree with every one of them, especially the first one of which our Dad is suffering through right this very minute!

  9. The Feline community is endlessly fascinating and there’s always something new. Joanie, we just know your next review will be pawsome.

  10. Simon can’t wait to read Joanie’s review!!
    We won’t be answer the fill-ins on my blog – I’ve got some other photos to post – so here are mom’s answers:
    1. “Meetings” are boring and I hate going to them.
    2. “Rules” are definitely made to be bent – sometimes in half!
    3. “The best time to” go to bed “is” when you’re sleepy – not push your way through the sleepiness and then when you finally do go to be, you can’t sleep!
    4. “I have learned” to have a thick skin at work. The customers I talk to on the phone are usually angry, frustrated,& bitter and take all that emotion out on me. I’ve worked hard at learning not to take what they say to me personally.

    1. Thank you for posting your answers here, I enjoyed them. We think a lot alike. It is hard not to take something personally, but I am glad you are learning. That sounds like a tough job.
      Joanie sends Simon kitty kisses. XO

  11. We love that picture of Joanie … looks like her weekend started a little early 😉
    I agree about learning about cats. I’ve learned the most by going through things with my own cats (diabetes, hepatic lipidosis, acne, eye infections, dental problems) – but I’m so clueless about the more common issues (like kidney disease). I’ve read about it – and tons of other things – but it’s not quite the same. Behaviorally and personality-wise, each cat has his own quirks, so you can spend a lifetime just trying to understand the complexity and intricacies of your feline. They’re beautiful and amazing creatures!

    1. Thank you, every day is the weekend for Joanie. 🙂 I have learned a lot from my own cats too and from reading other peoples’ cat experiences. They are beautiful and amazing, I can’t imagine a life without them.

  12. Joanie will pick out a good book, I’m sure.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. My best to your wonderful mom. ☺

  13. My answers to Friendly Fill-Ins are:
    1. Meetings are sometimes boring.
    2. Rules aren’t always good rules.
    3.The best time to enjoy today is today because tomorrow may never come.
    4. I have learned the job you have today isn’t 100% safe becase anything can happen.
    Like the Photos.

    1. Thank you for these great answers. Very true about #4, no job is safe anymore.

  14. 1. Meetings where I work can be a source of frustration and often are quite a time waster…at least we get to clock in and get paid to waste our time, MOL!
    2. Rules are a another source of grumbling…and oftern while iI do not break them I may bend them to suit the purpose. I like to think of them as guidlines.
    3. The best time to gt anything done is now…if you put it off it will be forgotten or become an insurmountable challenge.

    4. I have learned patience and achieved some listening skills at my work…and from being ‘in a bed’ myself when I was sick. Dependence on others is a hard thing…

    1. Thank you for these excellent answers. I am glad you get paid to go to meetings 🙂 Being sick in bed oneself is definitely a good way to understand how your patients feel, but I am sorry you were ever that sick. XO

  15. I agree 100% with you on meetings! I always get so frustrated at how little is accomplished and how much some people talk!

  16. We so agree with #4. Even before I started blogging, I learned so much about cat products and toys from the Twitter Pawpawties. One of my furrends had a store when I got the Tunnel of Pain from. since we started blogging, I’ve learned more medical stuff.

    1. I have learned a lot of medical things too that I never read about in Cat Fancy.

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