It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

Hi everyone! Today we are joining Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading and Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays blog hops.

First off, Joanie wants to try to do a book review. This book not about guinea pigs. They lied.

OK Joanie, we need to work on your reviews a little more. The Guinea Pig Diaries by A.J. Jacobs was not about guinea pigs, but it was a fun book. I enjoyed the author’s other books, The Year of Living Biblically ( he follows The Bible literally) and his other book about reading the encyclopedia from A-Z. In this book, he tries several experiments over the course of a year, including Radical Honesty, which lead to hilarious results.

Hillbilly Elegy : A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D.Vance tells about the struggles of the working class in Appalachia. I actually don’t think these struggles are unique to that area. I see many of the same things in my own small New England town including rampant drug use. In 2015, my town had the highest opioid death rate per capita in the state.

I am also reading Tinker Dabble Doodle Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind by Srini Pillay . His book is the opposite of the advice we normally get to stay focused on something. He suggests we unfocus to yield more results. As someone who multi-tasks often, I was happy to read that is a good thing to do.

One more thing..Emmy wants to know if you like her hat?



  1. Emmy, I love your hat. You will be the coolest cat in the 4th of July Parade!
    I just finished reading ‘Golden Gate Graveyard’ by Jet Eliot. It’s based in San Francisco. A good mystery.

  2. Simon loves Joanie’s review. It was honest and to the point!! Emmy looks great in her new hat. Happy Fourth!!??❤️

    1. Joanie is glad that Simon liked her review, that is why she wanted to write one. Emmy thanks you. And we all wish you a happy 4th! XO

  3. I think Joanie gets an A for book reviews – short but honest! As for Emmy’s hat – YAY FOR HER! It’s nice to know she will be inside her new home on July 4th instead of out where the fireworks are….all alone….she sure looks HAPPY!

    Love, Teddy

  4. Fantastic reviews! I like the kind of humor you describe in A.J. Jacobs’ books, so I will definitely have to give his works a try. And, Emmy, you look as gorgeous as ever!

  5. Love Emmy’s hat and Joanie’s review was a no mess around review… straight and to the point… and funny. I am not reading anything… yet!

    1. Joanie thanks you 🙂 She may start doing weekly reviews. I hope you get to read something soon.

    1. Joanie and Emmy thank you 🙂 Happy 4th! We hope you stay safe too.

  6. I’m reading The Bourne Initiative by Eric Van Lustbader. Very good book

    Yes, I love her hat. Very patriotic.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

    1. Emmy thanks you. That sounds like a good book, I liked all the movies.

  7. That is a great hat! Wish I could talk M into wearing one.
    What a shame that the book wasn’t about guinea pigs! Still, it was an excellent review.
    As per what I’m reading, it’s an old one: Celsius 7/7by Michael Gove, which explains what the Muslim issues were 11 YEARS ago… shockingly, we’re seeing the same issues, today…. I’m reading this because I’m trying to understand the current ‘political’ situation that seems to be giving so many countries problems.

    1. I wish you could get him to wear a hat too, he would look so handsome.
      That sounds like a tough read.

  8. emmy yur hatz total lee kewl N we R glad yur safe & inn side thiz yeer !! happee 4th everee one make sure ya eat lotz oh surf N turf frum de grill 🙂 ♥♥

    1. Emmy thanks you. And yes, A. J. Jacobs books are all fun and good. The others are interesting, but not fun.

  9. Emmy yur hat lookss pawtastick on you!
    WOW Lady Ellen those are berry innterestin bookss you red. LadyMum finished “To Tell Thee Truth” bye Lady Anna Smith (thee 2nd book inn thee tree-o) an wee started thee 3rd book “Screamss Inn Thee Dark”. It will take her thee hole week to reed mee iss sure.
    Mee iss tryin to reed one of Lady Pam’ss bookss: :Feral’ss Rainbow Forest Family”…it iss a grate book!
    Pleeze give all mee LUV an ***paw kissesss*** to mee Purrincess Phoebe xxx
    Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I have all Pam’s books, we love that one. Your Mum reads a lot , that is a good thing. Phoebe sends her love and paw kisses. XO

  10. Wow! The idea of unfocusing is fascinating to me! I’m going to look for this book. Emmy, your hat looks very nice on you…are you in the general population yet? Happy Independence Day!

    1. It is a good book, the author gives many examples of inventions and ideas that came from unfocusing.Emmy thanks you, she is totally integrated with no problems. Happy 4th!

  11. Really unfocus is really good because think of how many good ideas one gets when not even thinking about things and they just pop into my head. I thought Joanie did pretty well with the book review!!

  12. I always enjoy your reviews. I just got Hillbilly Elegy. My ancestors are all from Appalachia. It is in my blood. There are so many reasons that that region has had hardship. Mining is a huge factor. I believe that the northern areas were hit hard by the steel mill closures, too. It is hard to recover from that kind of economic hit. Even still.

    Love that hat! Love you guys, too. Please excuse me. Chloe Jo is still in the hospital. Her system is not working right. They are giving her fluids and flushing her. She is not eating, now, either. Tests and prayers.


    1. I am praying for Chloe Jo, poor kitty is having a tough time. I hope she will start eating soon. You will definitely like Hillbilly Elegy, the author often writes of Appalachia being in his blood. XO

  13. Emmy, you look very fashionable in your hat! We hope things are continuing to go well for you in your adjustment to your new family. How is your health? Have you been cleared of hyperthyroidism? We hope so!

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Emmy thanks you 🙂 I had to take Phoebe to the vet last week so Emmy just got there today. We will have the blood work Wednesday. XO

    1. Emmy is glad you like her hat 🙂 Drame camp sounds like fun. Good luck with your big move.

  14. Emmie is a sparkler in her hat! Winky winks! I’m not sure Mom should read the Tinkle Dabble Doodle Try – ’cause she focuses like the D-O-G – look squirrel! You read a lot Miss Ellen. I bet you are very smart lady. My mom needs to read more. Mew Mew!

  15. It’s a lovely hat, Emmy!

    Radical Honesty sounds dangerous, i prefer honesty with tact. These do sound like great reads.

    1. Emmy thanks you. I agree with you about the radical honesty, I would rather fib than hurt someone’s feelings.

  16. Joanie and Mom Ellen, I love your reviews, most especially Joanie’s. And I LOVE that hat. All the kitties rock those hats!!!

  17. That was funny that the title of the book led you to think it was about guinea pigs, MOL!

    And Emmy looks furry pawtriotic!

  18. YOu look fabulous in your hat! wDOnt you hate to prepare yourself for a good Guinea Pig book and it turns out to be something else? *Side note: To Kill a Mockingbird is NOT about deading birds either!

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