It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

Hi everyone! We are joining Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? and Comedy Plus’ Awwww……Mondays blog hops.

I am currently reading two memoirs both written by actors, but so different.

This is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare by Gabourey Sidibe is an interesting book. At age 34, I would think she wouldn’t have enough of a story to write, but she does. If you are not familiar with her, she became an overnight success for her role as Precious in 2009 and has worked steadily ever since. Some of her language is crude, but she seems like a nice person who takes care of her Mom ( including paying her rent).

I just finished Are You Anybody? by Jeffrey Tambor and I enjoyed this one more. I remember him from the television show, The Ropers (yes, I am old). Funny thing is that I didn’t remember him from anything else until I started reading this and he has been in many great movies. He was also in The Larry Sanders Show and Arrested DevelopmentΒ  (I haven’t seen either of those).

In one chapter he writes of how he and his first wife sold their small car so they could have room for their two cats in the car when they moved from NYC to California. I was also impressed that he reads to his four children every day ( he also has an older daughter from his first marriage). There was also an interesting chapter of how Scientology tried to lure him in.

KaTwo hopes she is Awww….worthy. While posing she knocked one of the books into the litter box- fortunately, it was clean litter. I think I will have her pose somewhere else next time.




  1. Always enjoy book reviews, I saw Gabourey Sidibe on The Daily Show giving an interview about her new book. She is interesting. I don’t know the other guy. I’m ready to start a new book, “Golden Gate Graveyard”, a mystery. I just want some light reading this summer.

  2. Mom and dad are avid readers, too! Dad’s currently reading “Reality”, a hilarious poke at all the ridiculous reality shows on tv, and mom’s reading “The Hand That Feeds You”, a great novel (dad read it already) about dogs eating- well, you can imagine. Happy reading, and have a great week!!

  3. Yes, KaTwo is Awww worthy, if a tiny bit clumsy with books. (It’s hard to hold them when you don’t have thumbs.)

  4. These sound like such interesting reads. I have seen some episodes of Arrested Development, and though I didn’t remember his name, I thought I recognized Jeffrey Tambor on the cover. He sounds like a nice man. And KaTwo’s fun time with the book and litter box reminded me of something pup Astrid did the other day. She picked up one of the kitty’s orange goldfish toys that you made them, Ellen, and she tossed it right up into the air so that it landed in the water bowl. It was just swimming along in there. Your toys look so realistic that Astrid thought the fishy needed a little swim! Happy Monday!

  5. Those sound like great books for sure. At least KaTwo, you did push the book into clean litter. What else are you supposed to do with a book, but push it off the table. You all have a great day.

  6. The pictures is adorable, and Margie’s post about what else a cat should do with a book is so spot on I had to laugh. I’m stuck between two disappointing reads, so I’m focusing on my own fiction. Happy Monday!

  7. I am not much of a fan of nonfiction. I’m glad you enjoyed your memoirs. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  8. Those would not be my cup of tea and only reading cat books until my book pops out soon. I’m reading the excellent The Inner Life of Cats, part science, part memoir about man and his black cat. Beautifully written.

    1. I had not heard of that one, I will add it to my Goodreads list. I am eagerly awaiting your book.

  9. Such innterestin bookss Lady Ellen….
    LadyMum diss-covurred Anna Smith frum Scotland so know shee iss readin Glaswegian misstereess!
    Shee finished “Thee Dead Don’t Sleep” an now shee iss reedin her 2nd book “To Tell Thee Truth”. What’ss innterstin iss thee main characktur iss a MEWSS reporter an with her Editor an Police friendss shee helpss solve all sortss of casess an catch sum reelly nasty peepull….
    LadyMum must fink shee iss sum sort of “Missy Marpull”, mew mew mew…..
    Pleeze give all mee LUV an ***paw kissesss*** to mee Purrincess (Fankss)
    Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Your Mum would make a great detective, she is good at solving mysteries. Maybe she could write a mystery and have a lady detective with a handsome black mancat for an assistant πŸ™‚ Phoebe sends her love and kisses. XO

      1. Mee-you mee iss goin to suggest that to LadyMum!! Shee used to write an publish poe-emss an short storiess….
        That was a lifetime ago shee told mee butt maybe shee should write again!?
        ***nose rubss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx
        An ALL mee LUV an **paw kissesss** to mee sweet Phoebe gurl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. I think that is a wonderful idea! We would love to read anything she writes. We know you get your poetic talent from your Mum. XO and all my love to my sweet purrince.

  10. KaTwo is very Awww worthy. Very.

    I’m reading Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. Very, very good book.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

  11. Those sound like good books! Our mommy is reading “The Gypsy Moth Summer” by Julia Fierro. She’s halfway through and so far she’s enjoying it.

    1. It is definitely a gypsy moth caterpillar summer- those little suckers are eating the leaves off all the trees.

  12. KaTwo is a cutie! Would you believe that I’ve just started reading (or maybe re-reading) The Great Gatsby? Am pretty sure we read it in high school, but I have no recollection of the story, and I didn’t see any movie version either. I figure it should be a entertaining read!

    1. Yes, it will be. I know we had to read it, but I don’t remember much. I did like the film though.

  13. Katie Mom remembers Jeffrey Tambor, her watched more Three’s Company than the Ropers though.. Howsome ever, her did watch one episode of Arrested Development where Richard Belzer guest starred as his character John Munch.

    KaTwo am working furry hard to be a good assistant. Sometimes Books just haz to fall down but not gets hurted… Katie Mom am going to read to us about The World According to Bob.

    -Angel, Peach and Chiquita.

  14. The ropers sounds familiar, but I didn’t really watch them. I have not heard of the other author.

    KaTwo made me giggle. Our first kitty was always pawing evfurrything off to the floor…even a radio once.Yikes!

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