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Hi everyone. Today is Chewy day, but first we want to offer a moment of silence on the loss of our sweet friend Minko who sadly left his family on Father’s Day. Rest in Peace dear friend.

Here are my three things I am thankful for: I am thankful that the severe storms predicted for Monday were not bad, thankful that we didn’t lose power and thankful that my kitties get to try something from Chewy every month.


*Disclaimer- We were given a bag of Blue Buffalo Kitty Cravings Chicken Crunchy Cat Treats for free in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are our own.

Sorry Mom, I am going to pass- I need to fit in my bikini.

Num Num Ooh, these are so good! Slurp!  Wow! KaTwo never eats treats and she loves these.

They are only 2 calories each, I guess I will try them. Very tasty!

And I can still fit in my bikini.

Here are the ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Barley, Oatmeal, Peas, Chicken Fat, Natural Flavor, Glucono-Delta-Lactone, Potassium Chloride, Citric Acid, Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols, Oil Of Rosemary.

These must be good, all 13 cats like them. I don’t think that has ever happened.

If you want some, they are $2.79 for a 2 oz. bag. Click here.  And don’t forget that Chewy offers free shipping on orders over $49 so why not stock up on all your cats’ favorites.

We are joining the Chewy Blog Hop sponsored by Oz the Terrier and Golden Woofs.




79 thoughts on “#Chewy Influencer

  1. That Chevvy must be something, when even KaTwo eats them…while she is continues to lie…I do that too btw…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 <3
    We just read about Minko, it's so terribly sad… :'(

  2. Blue Buffalo makes some great products, i’m not surprised they all like it. If i could afford to, i’d feed my cats their food, it would keep them healthier.

  3. Ellen,

    Does Chewy makes human food? I love that each bite has only two calories. 😀 I love the photo of your bikini wearing kitty!! That cracked me up! Good review! 😉

  4. So sorry about the loss of Minko. It’s so hard to have them leave us.

    I’m guessing this is really good stuff if all 13 loved it.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. I’m glad they’re a hit. By the way, the kitty saying ‘num num’ is the spitting image of my late, great Luna. She’ll be gone three years August fifth and we still miss her, just talking today about how she would ‘kill’ every third of fourth bite of kibble with a head shake. ~grin~ Be well!

  6. WOW. That’s quite the endorsement when all the kitties love something. For the entire time I had Kitty – through now with Bear – I always figured any old treats would do. Treats aren’t meant to be healthy anyway – so I didn’t really research and carefully weigh the options like I do with kibble. I’m starting to think I was wrong in that respect. I think we’ll try these 🙂

    • I am sure Bear will like these. I know what you mean though, I usually just get party mix or temptations which are the equivalent of our cheetos and chips 🙂

  7. I am so sorry about the passing of your friend. I did not know Minko but I know the pain of losing a fur baby. My condolences to the pawrents.

  8. guyz…minko waz, iz, N all wayz will be, one total lee kewl dood….we haz known him, pipo & MJF sinz like 1798~~~~ we loves ewe buddy ♥♥♥ all wayz

  9. BEEKEENI!!!! You look beeuteefull mee sweetest buttercup!! An those treetss are so low inn caloriess you do not have to wurry a bit! Can you ask yur Mumma to tell mee how much pro-teen an fat there iss inn 1 treet? mee has to have low both…..
    Ann Minko iss gone?? Whaaaa??? Minko mee buddy Minko??? Mee feelss just turribull…..not another furend gone…. ***hangss head***
    All mee Luv an **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Poor Minko. A sad day for his family.

    I responded to your questions about the roping of my cat-trees but will repeat the response here, in case you miss the comment on my blog: “This time, I simply wrapped the loose ends under continuing coils of rope. But for other trees, where the wood is exposed, I intend to use thick staples, the kind that fixes barbed wire in place.”

    I’ll let everyone know how that attempt fares.

      • As an addendum, the staples I will be using are big enough and thick enough to hammer in, which is what I will be doing. They are labelled as “3/4 inch (13 ga)”. I don’t think they were ever meant for a stapler (though possibly for a staple-gun). In any case, I make sure the rope is pulled as tightly as possible before fixing in place. I hope this helps.

  11. Thanks so much for the sweet tribute to Angel-Minko. We appawsiate that.
    And for all the nice comments about him, too:)

    We have his little body’s ashes in a nice little box, now. Petctetary has to make a little nook for his memory somewhere, then eventually we will make a post about that.

    We need to get some of those treats for Pipo, he is quite fussy about most treats, he does like the Purina beyond treats, but those you tried must be super yummy as well as the bonus of being healthy:)

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