Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!! We hope the Easter Bunny was good to you.

It looks like Brody is the official Catburry Bunny, he even got featured on The Pet Blogger Showcase by Bear Cat and Feline Opines and Heart Like a Dog. Thank you!

  Not to be outdone, Phoebe was featured on the PetFaves blog. Thank you!

We are joining The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Have a great day everyone!




  1. Happy Easter!!!

    We love the bunny-kitties! Or should they be called kittybuns??

  2. I saw Brody’s picture on Bear’s Pet Blogger Showcase. I remembered the picture. I’ve loved it since I first saw it. Phoebe is a pretty bunny!

    Happy Easter!

  3. They are all beautiful Catburry Bunnies, and i hope you have a blessed and beautiful Easter!

  4. Ellen, your kitties look so unamused with their bunny ears. lol These photos just cracked me up. Happy belated Easter to you, my friend! I hope you had a lovely weekend!

  5. Thank you for linking up to the Showcase! It’s a good year for Brody … first Phoebe promised to stop calling him the suck-up … he’s a celebrity as a Catburry … and he won the paw of the gorgeous tiny tabby, Leia 🙂

  6. How lovely to be featured! And how much you deserve it. Those photos are so sweet, just like Easter candy! Hope you enjoyed the holiday!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  7. Happy Easter to two , Bunny Stars! Actually, you are ALL stars in our eyes 🙂 Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

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