It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

Hi everyone! We are joining 2 hops today, Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays andΒ  Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

I am actually reading 5 great books, all worth reading, yet none are about cats.

Sammy guarding my stash

  1. The Happy Medium by Kim Russo is about her life as a psychic and how she saw spirits from a young age. I love to read books like this that give some sort of proof that our loved ones are near.
  2. Heaven’s Lessons by Steve Sjogren is another book that I found comforting. It is about a man who had a near death experience.
  3. On Living by Kerry Egan is about her life as a hospital chaplain and things she has learned from people whose lives are ending. It is not depressing at all, I am glad I decided to read it.
  4. Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy by David Burns is an excellent book for anyone, but especially anyone who suffers from depression. I decided to read it because I had a double major of Elementary Education and Psychology so anything about Psychology gets my interest.
  5. A Really Good Day :How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage and My Life by Ayelet Waldman is also a Psychology book. The author does an ( illegal) experiment on herself my taking microdoses of LSD to improve her mood. After not having any luck improving depression with prescribed meds, she dares to try this and is pleased with the results. I am not saying it is OK to do illegal drugs, but this was very unique.



  1. Your human is genius . Reading 5 books in the same time!
    My mom only read one book at the time, she hate to mix up story by herself… MOL
    My mom love historical fictions not the romance one. Now she is reading ‘ Empress of Rome by Kate Quinn’ it’s the third book in the series. She does memoirs some times so she will check out your books . Thanks

  2. I’m a psychology lover too. I catch myself trying to figure out everyone … including Bear Cat (which he DOES NOT appreciate). I read most of David Burns’ book 20 years ago … but I think it might be a good time to revisit it (IF I can find it amongst my towers of books).

    1. I think you should read it again, I am finding it helpful. We change so much over the years that you may find something beneficial no that you missed before.

  3. Five books at once! I can barely handle one but it’s my own fault. I spent too much time at Cat Scouts!!! All your reads sound good though……….

    Hugs, Pam

  4. I’ve only got three books going right now; one on CD while I drive, and two actual ‘books’ that I read at night while I sit next to The Hibby while he watches sports on TV. Am lucky to have multiple library systems to pull books from!

    1. Same here, the town library can get books in from several areas in the state and I always have a lot on my list.

    1. It is very good. Yes, I love Heaven is for Real. I have bought a few copies at book sales and I send them to those I think will find comfort in it.

  5. Mommy wants to put several of these on her list. Especially Happy Medium. Now she’s reading a book called The Winter Over, a murder mystery that takes place in Antarctica. She started researching Antarctica research stations for a bit, but she’s back to it now. She put the Outlander series aside for a while.

    1. The Winter Over sounds good. I read a memoir about a Dr. that was diagnosed with breast cancer while working in Antarctica.

  6. I’ve got two books going right now. One for the Cat Scouts book club, “The Dalai Lama’s Cat” and one for a bible study at church, “The Broken Way” It is hard to keep up with two, but thankfully, the story lines are very different πŸ™‚

  7. Your mom is an avid reader for sure.
    Mom reads one at a time and sometimes she forgets where she left one book. If she had 5 in progess she’d need to put a GPS on them
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Well, five books at once is a lot. You’re like my Auntie. She’s always got several going at once. Mostly we just read one at a time around here. BobbieSue just finished The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood. Her review will post next week sometime. I’ll have to ask mom what we’re reading next!! ???

  9. OMC Awnty Ellen, mommy is so in awe of you. She can’t find da time to read anythin’ other than blogs these days. MOL

    And we’re sorry ’bout our Buddy post, mommy was just in shock and havin’ a really hard time with it all. Big hugs fur all

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. I understand, I know your Mom always took care of Buddy and helped catch him when he got outside, that is just so awful. XO

  10. Γ„iti has just finished Hawking’s The Grand Design – all complex physics stuff (she’s a nerd).But she read Feeling Good about 10 years ago and says it is great – she uses CBT all the time now to help her. She and a friend read the book chapter by chapter and talked it through every week, like mini co-counselling.It was great.

  11. guyz…we due good ta get 5 paragraffz at once let a lone 5 bookz…de food gurl sayz her all wayz noez when weezer…her gram ma iz neer… when her sees 11:11 on de clox…. weezer waz born on 11/11 πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯

  12. Mee-you Lady Ellen yur amazin reedin so many bookss at once!
    LadyMum iss still reedin “A Cotswold Mystery” an it iss a berry innterestin story. Wee still not sure who thee murderer iss. It iss a tricky story for sure.
    Give mee LUV to mee sweet Phoebe with fankss.
    ***nose rubsss*** an ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I get bored easily so I like to read a little of each. Tricky stories are fun, they keep you guessing. XO and lots of love to you from sweet Phoebe.

      1. Mee Aunty Reeni next door reedss 3 bookss at one time all so. LadyMum has to reed 1 at a time because her medss sorta ‘steal’ her memoree…..
        Beefur our 5 Pee Em nappie, LadyMum red more of thee misstery to mee….an wee even MORE confused now. There are maybe 40-50 pages to go….wee both scratchin our headss tonite, mew mew mew…..

          1. Mee-you Phoebe wee finished thee book last nite. Wee NEW Granny Gardner had dun thee murder butt wee did not figure out her younger daughter helped her! That was a twisty mee can tell you!!
            So wee are on to thee next book.
            ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

          2. I hope your next book is just as exciting my sweet detective boy. XO and head rubs and paw kisses

  13. Mom’s on a wait list for a library book so she’s not reading anything right now. She has been looking through some books and discovered there are a lot of books not to her liking (trashy romance, poorly written, graphic violence, young adult….) Finding a book worth reading is no easy task.

  14. Wow! Your Human is really a reader! Mine is (sort of) reading a novel by an Italian writer called My Brilliant Friend. Her terrible Italian isn’t good enough to read it in Italian though so she is just reading it in English. She says it’s pretty good, but mostly she’s just watching Game of Thrones on Netflix, MOL!

  15. Wow! That’s a lot of reading at once! Our Mom is still reading her beginning French school book and writing out flash cards to help her remember words. On the side, meaning when she thinks she might have a minute NOT to think in French, she’s read the first three chapters of Writing out the Storm by Jessica Page Morrell, an author and writing teacher our Mom used to know in person.

  16. Right now most books in our den are shut…though there sure are a lot of them to pick up at any time…of course that is the trouble…time…MOL!

    Our Opa (grandpa) used to say about this or that book…I put it away and stopped reading it because I couldn’t tie a knot in it anymore…which meant he wasn’t able to follow the story line. (He had some brain damage from mini strokes…sad was the day when he could not read anything anymore.)

    Petcretary used to read a lot…biography, historical, medical and how to books. Then she discovered computers…and now blogs. Pawppy reads a lot of theology and economics books and magazines.

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