Friendly Fill-Ins Week 41

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins Week 41. Please add your link at McGuffy’s Reader and you can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate, it is fun getting to know you all.
1. Snow ___________________.
2. My favorite kind of soup is ______________________.
3. When no one is around, I                                      

4.                      is my                         .
My answers:
1. Snow is beautiful in amounts under 6 inches 🙂
2. My favorite kind of soup is cream of broccoli, but Cheesecake Factory has an amazing mushroom soup that I enjoy too.
3. When no one is around, I watch Flip or Flop ( otherwise, I need to listen to my hubby complain about how wasteful it is and that everything looked fine the way it  was to begin with).
4. My Mom is my best friend.
Before you go, Phoebe is taking guesses on when Penny will pee in her box. The winner will win a water activated fish. If more than one has the same guess, she will do a drawing from those names. Just put the date of your guess in the comment section.


82 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-Ins Week 41

  1. Snow is beautiful – and best admired from indoors and behind a double-glazed window..
    My favourite kind of soup is chicken soup – preferably with kneidlach (matza balls).
    When no-one is around, I allow myself to swear at things that go wrong (and even use the F-word).
    My music is my lifeline (well, them and my cats).

    Shimona (Mummy to the J-Cats).

    • Thank you for those great answers. I love matza ball soup, it is one of my many favorites too. I just started making my one about 2 years ago with Mnischevitz Matzo meal.

  2. So Penny is a box-pee-er?? Gosh….let’s see….I’ll guess February 18th. This is exciting (hahahahaha). Homemade soup of all kinds – that’s my Mom’s favorite!

    Love, Angel Sammy

    • Yes, just the wrong kind of box 🙂 I recorded your guess- good luck! I love homemade soup, anything except clam or seafood chowder.XO

  3. I love your answers, as always! Your husband sounds like my dad, sometimes just a little too eager to point out the faults in this show or that show. I can’t watch certain shows if my dad is over at my house, because he’ll do just that! And what a beautiful answer to #4. I am very close to my mom, too (as well as my dad, of course!). Now, as for Penny and her box, I’m going with tomorrow, 2/18. Purrs to all of you!

    • Thank you. I am blessed to be close to my Mom and I was close to my Dad too, but sadly, he passed away in 2001. I recorded your guess- good luck!

  4. I love cream of broccoli, too. Broccoli is my favourite veggie! You and your mom are both very blessed. HUGS to you both! (I always wished my mom was that way.)
    Penny will pee in her box on Saturday. That is our guess. Chloe Jo tends to just chew on boxes. I guess I shouldn’t complain, but it bothers George!

    • I love broccoli too, but never from local gardens, there are always little worms that hide in it. I recorded your guess- good luck. Chewing would be better than peeing. I am sure it does upset poor George though. XO

  5. My favorite soup is Wild Rice. I’ve had the recipe since I was a teenager. Easy to make and delicious!

    Today will be the day that Penny will pee in the box (February 17th).

  6. Your answer to #4 is so sweet. You’re very blessed. The soups in #2 sound yummy. I love soup! I’ve never watched Flip or Flop but I’m going to try to find it. It sounds intriguing.

    For Penny, I’ll guess 2/17.

  7. Ellen, I like broccoli cheese soup, too. I use to make it but haven’t in years. I really need to dig out that recipe and make some. One of the problems other than the high calories is finding USA grown broccoli frozen or fresh, especially during off-peak seasons. Thanks for sharing your responses and for hosting the fun. Have a good weekend!

  8. Poor Penny! Having so much fun at her expense. You know I have to step in and defend her with being my sweetheart! But if she can laugh at herself then I can laugh with her. Simon is a box pee-er, too! I say she’s going to pee in the box on Monday, Feb 20!

    Mom is really behind in emails but she promises to get caught up over the weekend (yeah, right!). Love to you all, especially my sweet, box pee-er, Penny!\

    Love, Toby

    • Penny thanks you for defending her, she doesn’t like Phoebe making fun of her publicly. We recorded your answer though-good luck, maybe she will pee just for you- MOL! XO and Love to all of you from all of us.

  9. So, if it is anything like our house, Penny has already peed in her box! So, I would say, we guess today. Got to stake claim to those boxes right away. Mom, of course, related to your #3 fill-in. Dad doesn’t mind the renovation shows as much as he does the baking shows. But, he is so laid back, he usually just ignores them if he is around. The problem is that Mom starts to feel guilty, as she knows Dad would rather be watching something else. Thanks for having the fill-ins every week. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  10. guyz…..what up with yur mom knot wantin two pluz feetz oh snow in de yard !!! 🙂 happee fry day two all N heerz two a uaru kinda week oh end; himz act shoo a lee a prette awesum fish; see ya twoozday ! ♥♥♥

  11. How nice to have your mother as your best friend! My hope is she won’t pee in her box at all. Wouldn’t that be unexpected!

  12. !. Snow is pretty but I hate driving in it.. Now Katie said she hadn’t;t been in it since she has been here with me.

    2. My favorite kind of soup is my homemade vegetable beef soup. Heavy on everything. YUM!

    3. When no one is around I can sure play some LOUD rock music. Shake the walls loud.

    4. My family is my biggest most beloved blessing. Nothing compares and that includes material possessions and money.

    Penny…I will try to take a guess on that question of Pee. Stand by.

    • Thank you for your great answers. We had beef vegetable soup this week, it was good. I agree the family ( including the furbabies) are the best blessing. XO

  13. Hey there lovely furends!
    Here are Murlis answers:
    1. Snow iz ma fav of all da stuff dat fallz from da sky.
    2. My favorite kind of soup is chicken soup (but I onlee getz a few lickz of it… Sighz).
    3. When no one is around, me takez a nap til Mumz back. Iz no fun withoutz herz.
    4. Sleepin cuddled to Mumz legz is my usual way to sleepz. If iz reely cold tho, I sleepz underneath herz blanket.

    And here are mine:
    1. Snow makes me happy, but has gotten way too rare in my region.
    2. My favorite kind of soup is creamy veggi soup like my Mum used to make. But my Dad makes her soup just as purrfect!
    3. When no one is around, I love to take a nap lol.
    4. Murli is my priority in everything and she’s family, my closest friend and she’s like my child.

    Hmmm, Murli and I think Penny might do it on the 21st of February?

    Phoebe and Penny look so sweet in their pics!?
    Murli and I wish you and the cats a nice Sunday!???

    • Thank you for both answering the fill-ins. I love to nap with my kitties too. My cats are my children too. Creamy veggie soup sounds wonderful. Penny still hasn’t peed 🙂

  14. Mee missed thee deadline fur guessin. Seemss mee iss missin a lot latelee. Ladymum has kept mee busy takin care of her (an mee had a few ruff dayss meeself!).
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I am sorry you had some rough days too my sweet boy. I love you so much and I hope your Mum feels better soon. XO and paw kisses

      • Fankss Phoebe gurl. Last nite mee was so scared to umm, do meebizness…mee waited till 12:30 A Em an you know LadyMum gotted back uppy an stayed with mee till mee was dun an shee tooked care of mee (wipin mee off). Shee iss a GOOD LadyMum!
        An yur a Purrfect Purrincess!!
        All mee LUV an **paw kissesss** xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Oh dear, we missed out on this chance too…silly busy petcretary…oh well, we don’t like water games anyways, MOL!! Even though Pipo drinks water off his paw (he is a dipper), we don’t think we would want to play with a fish…but then we have not had a chance either…tee-hee!

    1. Snow can stay away and never come back…only if it stays off the roads and sidewalks…as if….
    2. My favorite kind of soup is cream of mushroom or cream of chicken…but the alltime fave was a kidney bean/sausage soup that my mother made…no recipe, but the Dutch call it *Bruine Boonen Soep* Mmmm! Or her pea soup was delish too. (*Snert* or Ewrten Soep) Yum…do you get the idea that petcretary loves her some soup??.

    3. When no one is around, I play endless games of spider solitaire… or I bake! .
    4. Minko says: Catnip Nanner is my newest fave thing! Pipo says: My new big litter box is pawsome…I fit better in it! .

    • Thank you for your answers, I always enjoy them. Your mother’s recipe sounds very good and I love cream of mushroom too. Nip nanas are the best 🙂

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