Thankful Thursday and a Poem

Hi everyone! So you saw the stupid card Mom made. The top photo yesterday was Snowball and the bottom one was Polar Bear. The biggest mistake on that card was suck up Brody was in the spot I wanted-phooey!

100_9966  Here is a bigger photo of me in my new Christmas dress.

I saw Grammie on Wednesday and I will see her on Friday, I love her so very much . I am thankful that I got to see her. I am also thankful that my friend Snowy let me be on his fundraiser calendar. There is still time to order one if you want, purchasing helps pets and kids. Click here.

For Sammy’s poetry day, we are starting with A again as he had planned and now that he is an angel, I thought I would write a poem about angels.

Our angels are always watching us
they are not like those elves I could toss under a bus.
They are there to keep us safe and sound
sometimes they help us not fall on the ground.
So when you miss a loved one
remember that love is never done.
They are just now angels from the sky
and they will always be close by.


I am also joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Don’t forget the Festivus party is next Friday. No one has sent me any photos of them on a pole or wrestling 🙁  Mom saw a real Festivus pole at Bed, Bath and Beyond today, but she was too cheap to buy it.

And here are the fill-ins for tomorrow. Mom came up with the first 2 and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2.

1. My favorite Christmas Song(s) is/are_____________________, but I could do without hearing _____________________ever again.
2.My most meaningful Christmas ornament/decoration is ____________________, because________________________.

3. My favourite holiday treat is                                .

4. A holiday tradition in my house is                                      .


65 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday and a Poem

  1. You look very pretty in your Christmas dress, Phoebe. What? I didn’t see the suck-up on the Christmas card?!?! All I saw was you, Phoebe! CLEARLY your beauty outshines the rest 😉
    Awesome poem – and totally true.

  2. What a lovely new Christmas dress Phoebe! I love your angel poem – no surprise that I did an angel poem today too…..LOL…..thanks for pawticipating. I never had a pole and I wasn’t much of a wrestler as I was an only cat and didn’t have anyone to wrestle with so no pix for Festivus…..unless you want something “photoshopped” !!!!!!!!

    Love, Angel Sammy

  3. Phoebe, you are simply stunning in your Christmas dress! And what a beautiful poem in honor of all of our angels. We are so glad that Sammy and all of you are continuing with these weekly poems. We may not be much in the way of poets ourselves, but we sure do love reading all of your lovely poems. We can’t wait for Festivus (the kitties here are working really hard at making sure their list of grievances is plentiful), and we can’t wait to do tomorrow’s fill-ins! Purrs!

  4. Ellen, got your Friendly Fill-ins. Thanks! By the way, it would be an awesome idea if you’d add your blog URL to your gravatar profile. This way, it’ll be easier for others to find you when they click on your icon. 😉

  5. standing ovation…we love this line in your poem
    “They are there to keep us safe and sound
    sometimes they help us not fall on the ground.”
    Hugs madi and mom

  6. Phoebe, your dress is beautiful and so are you ! Please don’t be mad at Brody ! This is the first time he’s had a home for Christmas, and he certainly doesn’t have an awesome Grammie !
    And your Angel poem is great too !

  7. guys…yur angel poem total lee rocked ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

    we rited bout ants…… ???? it waz a haiku thiz week 🙂

    heerz two a merry Christmas anda happee one anda
    blessed one…..see ya ina few ☺☺☺☺♥♥♥♥♥

  8. 1. My favorite Christmas Song(s) is/are____Oh, come, oh, come Imanuel_________________, but I could do without hearing Doggie in the WINDOW!_____________________ever again.
    2.My most meaningful Christmas ornament/decoration is _______a silver star from mama’s mama_____________, because__it’s ffrom mama’s mama______________________.

    3. My favourite holiday treat is turkey .

    4. A holiday tradition in my house is black-eyed peas for New Year’s with corn bread .

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