Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! Festivus is tomorrow and I want to thank all of you that sent photos, I will have them on display tomorrow with links to your blogs.You can all list your grievances in tomorrow’s comments. I have one that can’t wait though. Mom took me to the vet on Tuesday morning when it was -1 degrees! That sore on my lip was not getting better, it is a rodent ulcer- and no, it is not from eating rodents, I am not lucky enough to get to eat them. Here is a link to an article about them. I am on prednisone and had an antibiotic shot. Poor me.

I did get to see my Grammie Wednesday and I will see her a lot on Friday, Saturday and Sunday- yippee! I love her so very much. We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop– I am thankful for my Grammie and I guess for a Mom who tries to keep me healthy ( even though she could have chosen a warmer day to go to the vet). I am also thankful for my friend Nellie, look what she made me


And today is Angel Sammy’s Poetry Day featuring the letter B. I am almost positive no one will have the same subject as I chose.

Barszcz is a Polish broth
it is clear so it won’t stain a tablecloth.
You add kielbasa,potatoes and eggs
sorry, no chicken legs.
Barszcz is also Grammie’s maiden name
isn’t that funny, they are the same?


It is an acquired taste, I like to sneak a little of my Mom’s. Tomorrow is the big Festivus party, but it is also Friendly Fill-in Day so here are the fill-ins:

1. I still need to _____________________ before Christmas.
2. My favorite episode of Seinfeld is ___________________.

3. What I really would like for Christmas is                                      .

4.  My favourite part of Christmastime is                                    .


84 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Great “B” poem today Phoebe and I’m sure you’re right that NOBODY will pick THAT “B” word to write about but YOU! I’m sorry you have an ulcer on your mouth but I’m sure that antibiotic will fix you right up………we’ll be around for fill-ins tomorrow and about all I can do for Festivus is share some grievances even though I must admit, there’s not much to complain about at the Bridge!

    Love, Angel Sammy

  2. The furbabies here have all of their grievances ready for tomorrow! We can’t wait! And I’m sorry you had to get out in such cold weather, Phoebe, but it really was for your own good! We’re sending purrs and prayers for your lip! We love your poem, and you as an ornament. So purrfect! We will certainly be seeing your tomorrow for Festivus and Fill-Ins!

  3. Sorry you had to go to the vet on such a cold day, but I hope your lip gets better soon. That is a really good poem, and I’ll bet you’re right, no one else will have the same subject!

  4. Sending hurry up and heal ulcer thoughts to you! Strange to call it a rodent ulcer when no mouses are involved… 🙂 Your B poem is awesome… I love kielbasa, potatoes,and cabbage thrown together in a pot. Never had it with eggs! I am so happy you get to see your Grammie so much during the holidays.

  5. I guess I’m the one person who never watched ‘Seinfeld’! Well, I know who the characters are, and I’ve watched a couple of minutes of episodes here and there, but I just never got into that groove. Never watched ‘Friends’ either. I like Jerry Seinfeld, and have watched his stand-up routines multiple times. Okay, that being said, Phoebe, I hope you’re vet visit has you right as rain quickly, and your mom cannot control the weather! I’ve searched for photos of cats poledancing, but have come up empty (I’ll find them tomorrow, Murphy’s Law!) I look forward to your post tomorrow!

  6. Ir ao veterinário já não é uma coisa boa, mas com frio rigoroso é pior ainda. Espero que você tenha uma boa recuperação.
    Phoebe, você ficou muito bonita dentro daquela bola vermelha, Nellie fez um bonito trabalho.

  7. Phoebe, we absolutely hate that you have this. We bet it hurts. And we hate you had to go out on such a cold day. It seems that whenever our Mom has a doctor’s appointment this time of year, it ends up being the coldest day of the year. We’ll be purring and praying that you get better really soon. Was your Grammie’s family named after the broth or vice versa? We’ll see you tomorrow for fill-ins. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Thank you for the pity. Mom did warm the car up and I had a blanket and then a flannel sheet covering the carrier, but it was still chilly.
      Not sure which was named first-MOL!XO

  8. Hi Phoebs! I’m sorry about your ulcer and the vet visit. Phooey! I like the ornament made pretty with you on it. Your poem rocks!

    We just air our grievances in your blog comments tomorrow or also post? Either way, see you tomorrow!

  9. Sorry you had to go to the vet, and i’m glad your poem was about something that will make me look it up and learn something new!

  10. SHIT! Told ya I would forget about Festivus! (not intentionally)…… just totally slipped my mind. Too late now cause I’m not in the mood to blog tonight. Will enjoy reading the posts though!

  11. 1. I still need to TW said she needs to wrap Pop’s gifts before Christmas.
    2. My favorite episode of Seinfeld is when Kramer stole and set of the Merv Griffin Show. As a Yankee fan, TW enjoyed the ones with Yankee players.
    3. What I really would like for Christmas is for Pop to put together the cat tree that he bought me last Christmas.
    4. My favourite part of Christmastime is opening presents. I can’t even say eating since the peeps have baked ziti and I don’t like it.

  12. My Maggie gets rodent ulcers, and has done so for all her life. Her first breakout came on when she was just 4 months old. Yikes!

    At one point, I kept hers a bit under control with grain-free food, strict hygiene control (no plastic anything) and fresh water. But as she ages and her immune system gets weaker, she’s getting them again. And a few years back, she got a rodent ulcer deep inside her mouth. That was SCARY, and when it happened, we went on maintenance shots of a hormone-like drug to keep things under control. She still has ulcers from time to time, but much less often and not inside her mouth.

    Feel free to reach out with questions, if you have them. And I have a ton of stuff on the blog about this, too. It’s been a part of my life for quite awhile now. Happy to help!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    • Thank you for this information, I am sorry Maggie has had so many. Phoebe is 14 so I don’t know what caused it. We don’t have any plastic bowls so maybe it is a food or her age.

  13. Mee-you Phoebe gurl you has a mouthy ulsir??? Mee sweetest gurl mee hopess thee medss cleer it uppy quiklee!!!!
    Mee will say sum purrayerss fur you!!!
    An mee apawlogizess mee not been here fur you (or anyone…)
    ***sniffsss*** Siddhartha Henry 🙁

    • Thank you my sweet boy, it is awful, I have to have prednisone twice a day. Thank you for visiting and we are praying for your Mum. XO

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