Friendly Fill-Ins Week 27

Hi everyone ! Today is Friendly Fill-In day, but it is also Veteran’s Day! I have the utmost respect for all who have served ( and are currently serving). My Dad was in the Air ForceLucyveterans  Here is a photo I used in 2014, of Lucy with my Dad’s flag and a photo of him in the service.

I recently read about The Eric A. Palmisano Care Package Project that was started in memory of a U.S. Marine killed in Iraq in 2006. There are several item they need to make these packages, you can check them out by clicking here.

Now for those fill-ins. Be sure to add your link at McGuffy’s Reader. And you can always put your answers in the comment section.

1. _____________________should be taught in schools.
2. The last item I donated was ___________________________.

3. My (personal) song is                           , because                               .
4. Three things I am thankful for this week are:                             ,                                   , and                             .
My answers:
1. MEDITATION should be taught in schools. ( I wish I had learned how to do this early in life instead of trying now and having my mind jump all over).
3. My ( personal) song is FRANK SINATRA’S YOUNG AT HEART, because I AM LIKE A GIANT CHILD AND THE LINE, “FAIRY TALES CAN COME TRUE” ( I got my Prince Charming).
4. Three things I am thankful for this week are: MY HUBBY, MY MOM, MY CATS, THOSE WHO PROTECT US and EVERYONE THAT READS MY BLOG. ( I know that is more than 3, but I am thankful for the abundance of blessings in my life).



  1. What great fill-ins……..I admit to being a child at heart too (but don’t tell anyone). Today is a day to remember our wonderful veterans too – my Dad was one after a lifetime in the armed forces. I’m on my way to hook up to the HOP at McGuffy’s! See you around! Happy Friday.

    Love, Pam

    1. Thank you for joining in the fill-ins so faithfully every week. And I am thankful that your Dad served. XO and Love to you and Sammy

  2. Today and every day i am grateful for those who have served and are serving our country.

    Having more than three thankfuls is a blessing, too!

  3. What a special picture of Lucy with your dad’s photo and the American flag. What a treasure indeed. Happy Veterans Day to all! We also appreciate all that those who serve do for us. They are so very brave. And we love your fill-ins! I think it would have been wonderful to take meditation classes in school. I think a lot of students, and everyone in general, could benefit from that. Purrs, and thank you for hosting this fun event that we so very much enjoy!

    1. Thank you, I love that photo of Lucy and pretty much all photos I have of my sweet girl. I am glad you enjoy the fill-ins and participate weekly.

  4. I think you’re right that meditation should be taught in schools. I wish I’d learned it earlier. My teen and young adult years might have been less…tumultuous if I’d understood how to not get carried away by my own thoughts! Purrs to you…

  5. My thanks to all veterans. I was in ROTC and had planned a military career, but my health prevented it. I have a deep respect for our military. Thanks to your dad, too.

    Meditation! Great idea! That would be such a great healthy elective. It could be taught along with health or psychology, philosophy or religion. Wow. I love this idea. I donated books, too. I still have too many! Your song choice is a really good one. I am an old soul who has a very active inner child. It is often a struggle, and always has been. It is good to know that you have many blessings, my friend. And you are a blessing, too. HUGS!

    1. Thank you, I am blessed with your friendship. I didn’t realize you had wanted to go into the military, I guess God had other plans for you. XO

  6. put your answers in the comment section.

    1. ____Tolerance_________________should be taught in schools.
    2. The last item I donated was ____a cookbook by mama and lots of her clothes to a charity_______________________.

    3. My (personal) song is WOO WOO WOO , because Mama sings it to me and I love that. .

    4. Three things I am thankful for this week are: Kind-hearted and lovely bloggers , that the election is OVER , and that I am not part of the puzzling human race! .

    1. Thank you for your answers, they are great. I agree tolerance needs to be taught. That was nice of your Mama to donate those items That sounds like a cute song 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

  7. I love the photo of Lucy with your dad’s service photo. I enjoyed reading your fill-ins, especially #4!

    Happy Veterans Day!

  8. What a luvley tribute to yur Pappaw Lady Ellen!!
    When you are abull come reed mee bloggie about mee GranPaw who was a WW II Survivor!
    A speshell day to reememburr all our luvved oness……
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx
    Pee S: pleeze give sweet Phoebe all mee LUV an tell her shee iss thee wind beeneath mee pawss ok??? 😉

    1. You had a beautiful tribute to your Grandpa too. Phoebe sends her love to her sweet purrince. XO and pawkisses and nose kisses too.

  9. Meditation is a wonderful thing. But fundamentalist would never let it be taught. I had to go back and add to my post when Mr BC reminded me of Veteran’s Day.

  10. Ellen, mediation/concentration would be a good skill for kids to master. My mind jumps around, too. I wonder if that something that can really be learned, though. It seems like that’s just way the brain works but then again what do I know about these things. lol I like what you’re thankful for. I wish I had thought to include my readers in the mix and I’m definitely thankful for them. They are wonderful. Now, thank you for hosting the fun and have a good weekend!

  11. guys…we haz had several vetz in trout townez hiss tree; servin everee branch N even a war dog…named pete….high paws two all vetz everee wear N manee thanx az well ♥♥♥♥

    heerz two a pacific albacore kinda week oh end guyz ~~♥♥♥

  12. Thank you for the care package link. I will look into that. I am sorry that you lost your daddy. 🙁 I had my Uncle Bobby Joe’s flag, too, but it was stolen when our storage building was stolen. Uncle Bobby Joe was my daddy’s big brother. He was in the Army and stationed in Germany when he died in an accident in 1963. He was 24 years old. My daddy wanted to join but they wouldn’t let him due to a back injury.

    All of my uncles on my mama’s side served. She had two brothers. The older of them was in the Navy and the younger was in the US Army, 82nd Airborne. The Navy brother brought home husbands for all of his sisters. It didn’t work out for my mama and her beau and she then married my daddy. So, all of her sisters had Navy husbands. Uncle Earl, one of her brothers-in-law, was a mine sweeper in Vietnam. He died soon after my daddy did.

    My brothers were in service, too, one in the Army and the other started out in the Air Force. After that, he also served at some level in both the Army and the Navy. He was wounded in Kandahar and is now on medical retirement. None of them know what happened. There was an explosion of some sort and that is all that he knows.

    My late father-in-law and his brother both served in the Air Force. There father was also in service, but we do not know what branch.

    Then, there are our sons and a nephew. One son is in the Navy as is the nephew. And, our baby boy is a Marine, which, as we all is a department of the Navy….the MENS Department. 🙂 There are many, many more but I’ve written too much as it is. Sorry to have such chatty fingers.

    Thank you for co-hosting the fill-ins with Annie. We enjoy them very much! Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

    1. Thank you, I am sorry that your Uncle’s flag was stolen. You have had a lot of relatives that served.
      I am glad you like the fill-ins, thank you for participating every week. I hope you have a blessed weekend too.

  13. Thanks for telling us about that Care Package Project. Mom’s going to check it out. Please thank your dad for us for his service. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. I am glad you are going to check out the care package website. My Dad passed away in 2001 so I can’t tell him. XO

  14. Over the years I have cared for many veterans in different settings, and they all are a joy to look after. They all are so special and I thank them a lot. They were British, American, of various European heritages, Canadian and others. All did their best they knew how. One of my late uncles served the Dutch army in Indonesia. He had some colorful tales to tell. My other uncles in Holland were in the underground. Scary stuff and their lives were always at stake, too. I wore a poppy while I was in Canada, as it is Remembrance Day there. A very solemn day.

    1. Manners and how to have good person to person relationships should be taught in schools, as well as the basics in old fashioned ways. It makes brains develop better I think…
    2. The last item I donated was cat food and treats to Froggie;s Pond the kitty shelter at the vet where our furry ones go.
    3. My (personal) song is ‘When Peace Like a River’ becuase it has such a great message and its comforting too to hold those thoughts close when you are in crisis mode such as when you have a loved one passed away (I recently lost a dear Aunt in the Netherlands.) But you know there are so many of these kinds of songs…I love the whole of many other musical works, too by Bach and Haydn and Handel and Mozart…do I have a favorite?? Too hard to call:) , .
    4. Three things I am thankful for this week are: my family, my furchildren, my faith and my friends, my health…yup, way more than three! Blessings are without number in my mind! , .

    1. I feel bad that so many veterans don’t get treated well and the services they need. Thank you for your answers. I agree that manners need to be taught in schools because so many parents don’t take the time. That was kind of you to donate to a shelter. I am not familiar with that song, I have to look it up. I am sorry about the loss of your Aunt. I am glad you have much to be thankful for. XO

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