1. That is one cool haunted house! Adding lights to that at night to complete the look of a mini haunted village would be perfect.

  2. WOW! Love he haunted house…….your Mom loves Halloween doesn’t she?! My Mom hasn’t started decorating yet…..mostly she decorates outside the house…..for the little goblins who will visit us!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Thank you ) I am running out of space now so I only buy little witches and pumpkins instead of buildings.

  3. You got a very nice haunted village!!! It’s very nice of your mom to give it to you. We love the Halloween decorations too!!!

    1. Thank you my sweet purrince, I never get to see it because it is in the dining room- no kitties allowed- pohooey! XO and paw kisses

      1. PHOOEY iss rite mee sweet gurl….maybe Lady Ellen wurriess sumone will knock sumfin over???? 😉
        ***paw kissesss*** an all mee LUV, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I keep it in the dining room which is a no kitty zone because of the plants and breakables. We have a hook lock on the door so they can’t break in and chicken wire covering the opening to the kitchen. High security.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I love eyeballs , I always buy the ones at the dollar store- the cats love them 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 No, it is in the dining room with the plants and all breakables- a no kitty zone 🙂

  4. Now that is a paw some Halloween village! We love the eyeballs and skulls! Our village looks puny next to yours!

  5. Phoebe – do you have a bandage on your back leg ? What happened ? Hopefully a vampire from that village didn’t suck your blood !

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