What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Hi everyone! Today I am doing 2 days worth of photos for the #JHC because tomorrow we will be doing a sponsored post.

Today’s word is scary. I am not a fan of horror movies and don’t normally watch them, but when my niece lived with us, she got me into the SCREAM movies. I really enjoyed those, not enough to need to see them again, but I like the SCREAMΒ  mask so I do dress up my small scarecrow in the kitchen every year.


And the word for Wednesday is skeleton:

100_9760 No skeletons in our closet πŸ™‚



  1. It’s not really a scary movie, but on the plane back from the Better With Pets Summit, my human watched Beetlejuice! They had free movies, and she had never seen the whole movie before.

  2. I am not fond of scary movies myself. I’m glad that I don’t need to watch it even when it’s Halloween.

  3. Oh, you just reminded me that I have not yet watched Scream this Halloween. I’m one of those weirdos who actually likes scary movies, and I go a bit crazy with them at Halloween. I watch the movie Halloween (the original) each year on Halloween night. This year one of the local theaters is playing it on the night of the 30th, so my dad and I are going to go see it in theaters for the first time ever. And, you make that skeleton look adorable, Phoebe! Purrs!

    1. That sounds like fun going to see Halloween with your Dad. πŸ™‚ Phoebe thanks you.

  4. Hey Phoebe…I accept your case. I never got to work it much really as your mommy said she conceded the two containers of treats. She did stipulate however that they be divided into daily servings. No charge, Phoebe. Anything for a girlfriend. xoxox

    1. My Mom didn’t agree to the treats yet, she needs to be forced. And no stipulations πŸ™‚ XO

  5. The mom doesn’t like scary movies that much. She did watch Nightmare on Elm Street (the first one) and thought that was pretty scary.

    pee ess…we got our eyeballs yesterday and we’re having a blast with them! Thanks!

  6. All tho mee not aloud to watch scary movies, LadyMum says shee liked thee “Hallowe’en” seriess BERRY much! Shee said shee felt ‘sorry’ four Michael Meyerss…..
    An shee said “”Thee Shining” with Mistur Jack Nicholson REALLY freeked her out all so.
    An her other choice iss “It” frum Mistur Stephen King’ss book…..shee read thee book when shee had a 3 day Flu…that was scary enuff. Then when thee Tee Vee movie came out shee had to watch it….
    Now shee iss scared of sewer gratess an clownss, mew mew mew……
    Pleeze give all mee LUV to Purrincess Phoebe an let her know mee sit beeside her if shee wantss to watch a scary movie!!!!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ an ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry~~~

    1. My Mom watched Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot when she was 10 and it scared her so much that she hates anything with vampires and still keeps her neck covered while sleeping- MOL! Clowns are scary. XO and paw kisses and head rubs too!

  7. I’m not into the scary movies either, but there is one that I loved called The Shining. I still love that movie.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. πŸ™‚

  8. Glad to see I’m not alone in saying that The Shining is a scary movie–it still creeps me out after all of these years. I have told my husband that I can no longer watch it with him because it gives me strange dreams!

  9. noe bonez a bout it phoebe; we thinkz ya due knot like pozin with ole skellee
    ther ~~~~~~~ πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯

  10. I’m not a fan of scary or horror films, and yet most Alfred Hitchcock movies are intense and I can watch them over and over. “Rear Window” with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, “Rope”, again with Jimmy Stewart, and “Dial M for Murder” (Grace Kelly, Ray Milland), are fine films with plot twists and turns that keep me glued to my chair even though I’ve watched each one several times! “Beetlejuice”, “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”, “The Others”, and “Stir of Echoes” are all creepy and mysterious!

    1. Several years ago, the theater near us was showing Hitchcock films so I saw Rear Window and Vertigo- both really good. The Others was scary like The 6th Sense.

  11. My mom is such a frady cat…..she does not like scary movies. AT ALL!
    She went to see the first Alien movie with dad…years ago. She told him that was it he’d have to get his brother to go with him..no more scary movies. Dad loves the SciFi channel. thank goodness there are two tveeeees in the house
    We gals like the HallMark channel
    Hugs Madi your bfff

    1. Don’t ever watch reruns of Frasier, their doorbell rang all the time and used to make our dog bark ( she went to the Bridge in 2011).

  12. My Mom and Dad aren’t big scary movie fans either…..they do have a couple of really OLD movies that they like to watch for FUN though – “The Blob” (from the 50s) and “Night of the Living Dead” …….. I’m not big on scary movies – I sleep right through anything. HAHA

    Hugs, Sammy

  13. My mum used to watch scary movies when she was younger, but not now. She read a lot of Stephen King books and when It was on the TV she watched it. Pennywise the clown gave her nightmares and she is still doesn’t like clowns now.

    1. I saw Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot when I was 10 and still sleep with the covers up over my neck.

  14. The scariest i want to get is Young Frankenstein or Beetlejuice — they are fun!

  15. We are all wimps here- no scary movies.
    We did enjoy the series “Stranger Things” on Netflix – that’s a sort of science fiction/ horror/mystery.
    Ellen, those were sure cute pumpkins that Brian was playing with!
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  16. Mark here: I am not a big fan of scary movies in general. Most of them are too silly.

    I did admire the first few ‘Halloween’ movies for the creative killing techniques especially the one in the hospital. Too many horror movies are just “Slasher” villians or monsters I can’t take seriously.

    But the one that scared me was ‘Alien’. I went to opening night in NYC. A friend and I missed getting into the first showing by 3 people. We thought the alien was going to be the victim. When the first viewers came out , they were all pale and shaken. I turned to my friend and said “What have we gotten ourselves into”?

    So, while I am generally rather immune to fake horror, it scared the h3ll out of me. I found myself watching a lot of the movie with my hand partially shielding my eyes. I don’t believe in Earthly monsters, but some in outer space is completely possible.

    I still can’t watch the original Alien movie on TV. The others are easier to watch.

    1. You know what helps me sleep? The supplement called melatonin, I take one before bed sometimes and it knocks me out like a sleeping pill.

      1. I use 10mg each night as a tumor suppressor (it keeps new blood supply forming in tumors), so that the other things in my {now} healthy body can fight them off should they dare to return…

        Yes it does work to help me sleep, but I do not need to ‘test’ it, and it also makes me have very vivid dreams…which would be worse with scary movies, etc. MOL!

        1. That is interesting that you use it for that, I didn’t realize it was used for that too. I haven’t had any vivid dreams from it, I hope I don’t.

  17. There’s quite a few scary movies that my mum loves.

    But she says her favourite is The Omen (the original), and even though she doesn’t find it scary, Bram Stoker’s Dracula (with Gary Oldman).

    Purrs xx

    1. Vampires scare me. I haven’t seen The Omen either, I should get that from the library.XO

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