Saturday is Art Day

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade today. For our art, I used and chose a Fall background and a  frame.

canvasCaturday Art

Pet Parade 162

And for P.S.Annie’s 19-Somethin’ Challenge the question is: Is there another song that makes you reminiscent of your teenage years? No particular song, but anytime I hear a song by Boston, Journey, Chicago or Billy Idol it reminds me of my teen years.

October is almost here and Penny’s boyfriend Toby told us about a fun challenge we are going to join.  Here is the link.



68 thoughts on “Saturday is Art Day

  1. I, for one, am hoping summer sticks around longer…I worry too much about my outside cats in the colder temps. Despite that, I get a real thrill every year when I start to pull out my sweaters!

  2. Phoebe, this is purrfect! Autumn is a gorgeous time of year, and you’re adorable, so this was destined to be a stunning work of art.

    I am so glad you told us about this Halloween challenge. It looks like such fun, and I believe we’ll be partaking in it as well! Purrs!

  3. That cat art is beautiful. 🙂

    There are lots of groups that remind me of my teenage years, too. We have at least one in common: Journey.

    I’m still trying to decide whether to join that Halloween challenge or not. I signed up for the OctPoWriMo poetry challenge and will do that one on McClendon Villa, but I need to find something to do on PS Annie! I just not well-versed in Halloween. 🙂

    Have a blessed day and thanks for playing along with our 19-Somethin’ challenge.

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