It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Hi everyone!We are participating in Book Date’s  It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? blog hop. I have been reading a lot and I hope to be reading even more after today. My Mom and I are going to a big book sale that we go to every year, it is almost 2 hours away, but so worth it ( 120,000 books). Plus it is half price day.


I just finished Changing Normal: How I Helped My Husband Beat Cancer by Mariliu Henner. I enjoy reading about how people overcome diseases with a combination of regular medicine, healthy eating and supplements as well as a positive attitude.

I also just completed an older book ( published in 1943) called The Little Locksmith by Katharine Butler Hathaway. When the author was 5, she was afflicted with spinal tuberculosis causing her to have to be in bed strapped to a board for 10 years. Unfortunately, after all that torture, she still ends up with a hunched back. She does eventually manage to live alone in a house in Maine and get married. Her story and attitude are amazing.

I am reading Listful Thinking Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed by Paula Rizzo. I hope it works.

DSCF1791 (2)

We are also joining Comedy Plus for Awww……Mondays. Here is Millie, he fits so he sits.

58 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. You read some really interesting non-cat books! My human reads a lot of biographies of silent and early sound movie stars, true crime murder stuff, and books about publishing. She has kind of dark interests, publishing and cats aside!

  2. Millie looks like a sweetheart!

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve been reading. While i have a to-be-read pile a mile high, i’m ever the optimist and don’t mind if it grows a bit more.

  3. I cannot go to anymore used book sales, because I buy too many and I’ve already got TONS of books! I’m reading Sue Grafton’s “S is for Silence”; I’ve been reading her entire series in a row. Thank goodness the local library has them ALL! Just finished Harlan Coben’s “The Stranger” on CD in my car; I had NO IDEA where that mystery was going…good surprise ending.

    • I am not planning a trip to Vancouver, but I bet it would be a nice place to visit. Apprentice Cat sounds good- anything with a cat usually is.

    • I prefer cat books, but I like memoirs and self-help a lot too. I hope you get to read a beach read-at the beach 🙂

  4. dood..ya look grate in yur box….N hope mom haza awesum time at de book sale….inn deed it iz werth de trip…we noe her will haza lotta fun; safe travelz ~~~~~~ â™Ĩâ™Ĩâ™Ĩ

  5. Mee-you millie Kat you look so comfy cozy there inn yur box!!!
    An Lady Ellen you sure reed sum kewl books.
    LadyMum iss now readin Kathy Reich’ss series of bookss…..
    Currentlee shee iss reedin “Brake No Boness”.
    Mee iss still enjoyin “Oscar kat” book….mee has 2 more to look at…if Ladymum efurr getss time to help mee…. 😉
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx
    Pee S: LUV an **kissesss** to Purrincess Phoebe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Wow! we want to go to that book sale with you!! Our library used to have giant booksales like that one, but no more (bummer), BobbieSue says thank you very much for Millie in the box!!! It’s a wonderful photo!!!

  7. Well since we’re not readin’ anythin’ today, we’re reply to everythin’ else. Glad Sammy be doin’ good. As fur those clothes, a bit of vinegar and bakin’ soda will freshen ’em right up. Our mommy gets furgetful too. Now Phoebe, ya’ll were ‘posed to call a truce. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  8. Well, TBT was re-reading one of those books that were made years ago by cat bloggers. He does that when we are all on the bed before sleeping for the night. Our favorite was one starring Skeeter as a detective. It is good they are short, cuz we fall asleep if TBT talks for too long.

  9. Millie fits purrrrrrfectly in that shoebox. They actually are one of my favorite boxes as they are snug and sturdy! Reading? Mom has no time to read she says – she’s running after me all day long……I’m rather demanding these days!

    Love, Sammy

  10. thanks for the tip on the book Changing Normal: How I Helped My Husband Beat Cancer. Our library has it and I need to read it for my son who is quite ill.

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