Selfie Sunday and a Quiz

Hi everyone! Mom actually went outside the other day and got some photos from the garden- mark that on the calendar. I thought it would be fun to have a little quiz to see if you can identify these strange things. I only picked the 2 toughest, just put your answers in the comment section until 9PM EST and anyone that has them correct will be entered in a drawing to win this:

DSCF1575 An adult coloring book ( Dogs and Cats) and a crocheted catnip ice cream cone.

Ready? Here are the photos:

DSCF1557 DSCF1563

DSCF1566 ( not in the quiz, but this is how they Dad plants a lot of stuff)

I will give you some hints- both are edible and they are not weeds. Good Luck!

Don’t tell my Mom, but I went to a party with Joanie this week over at Easy’s and I ended up at the Blogville Police Station with a mug shot.

Suck up Brody has taken to sitting on Mom’s lap. He even took a selfie with the laptop.

Brodyselfie (2)Β  He really has Mom wrapped around his paw.

My Grammie is going to watch us tomorrow for a few hours. I love my Grammie so very, very much.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.



  1. That’s a great selfie, Brody!!!! I saw that mug shot, Phoebe – you and Joanie are BAD girls!!!!! The party looked like a lot of fun!!!! I’m guessing endive and tomatoes! Have a great Sunday!

    1. Yes, the party was fun. Sorry , you didn’t get either one correct- these are toughies.

  2. WOW…..that’s a good test! Mom doesn’t have the slightest idea what those are! The green and white one is pretty foliage though……..I’m sure there are lots of peeps who have veggie gardens that will know. We just love that Brody is now a lap cat…..he’s a lucky boy that your Mom gave him a home and I think he’s just saying “THANKS” !!!

    Love, Sammy

    1. I thought your Mom would know one of them. This is tough like your teasers πŸ™‚ Yes, Brody is a lap cat- so sweet. XO and love to you and your Mom too!

  3. Well, those are wild looking plants and the first looks like a huge chard or chickory plant and I think the second one is raspberrie or blackberry bushes but what does a lowly kitty know? Mama says the dough looks very good but more heat was needed and she wants to know if you plunged your fingers in and pulled firmly to make the necessary holes? They appear to have closed up and normally after pulling and while the oven is heating, the focaccia will rise enough to be ready for the bake. Was the oven up all the way? The texture of the dough itself is perfect..lovely and shiny but could have browned a bit more. Mama is writing to you.

    1. That was sweet of your Mama to write to me with some tips, I am going to try again soon. These plants are toughies. XO

  4. Oh dear, I am the farthest thing from a gardener. I believe I remember you mentioning in the past that you grow some herbs or vegetables? I wish I had even an ounce of that kind of skill and motivation. Well, perhaps it doesn’t hurt to guess. How about parsley for the first picture and basil for the second?

    Now, Phoebe and Joanie, did you have to get bailed out of jail? I guess you girls know how to have fun. Well, I’m sure you’ll behave yourselves for your grammie. I hope she brings you lots of treats!

    And, I love seeing that Brody is truly a part of the family now! This is so heartwarming! Purrs!

    1. No, they let us out for free and even drove us home πŸ™‚ Brody is a lap cat like Mom likes to have. They do grow lots of herbs and veggies, these are tough ones.

  5. Hi friends! Your garden is impressive! It’s good to see Brody and hear how well he’s doing. Pierrot sends nuzzles and soft head bumps to his Snowball.

  6. Oh Phoebe, I am no horticulturist or gardener. I have no clue about plants or flowers or weeds. I can admire them with the best of ’em, but as to guessing? Won’t even give it a try. But I betcha my mom would be able to. Unfortunately, I did no inherit her green thumb. Enjoy your Sunday! I hope you’re able to claim a little lap time after Brody.

    1. These are toughies :)I don’t do laps, only Joanie and Brody do that. I will sit next to her though.

  7. I have no idea what the first plant is. Is the second photo potatoes? It is lovely to see Brody so relaxed and happy, and now a lap cat.

    1. So far you are the closest, you got the potatoes. I think a couple others did too so I will enter anyone who got one correct into the giveaway. XO

  8. Wow, Brody becoming a lap kitty, *That* is amazing!! Hooray!

    About those veggies…Hmmm…that furst one sure is a giant sized specimen. Is that collards? (Something from the brassia family purrhaps, like some kind of kale or other greens; nevfur have we or meowmy seen anything like that!) Ha! or…Maybe a giant turnip/rutabaga!!

    Since the second plant(s) is all growing in/on a mound it might be some kind of tuber like potato?

    We really don’t know those are just guesses.

    1. You are very smart. Yes, on the potatoes and you do have the correct family of brassica ( I had to look that up). Good guesses.

  9. Hi guys! Did we make it on the traveling sunglasses list? We hope so! We have not had a chance to visit lately πŸ™
    We think the first plant could be turnip or rutabaga? Not sure about that one… but the second one is potatoes!
    Have a great Sunday πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Yes, you are on the list first before Wilhelmina outgrows them which she may have already. I am mailing them out this week. You are correct about the potatoes.:)

  10. What a nice selfie of Brody! We’re glad he’s feeling comfortable with your mom. Now for the plants… Mommy does NOT know plants, and now that we see other people’s answers we’re embarrassed to say hers. OK, we’ll just say it. She guessed hosta and catnip. Guess we won’t be winning!

    1. I didn’t know she was a dietician, that is great. We do grown strawberries, but they are not in these photos.

  11. I have no answers for the quiz, but I did like the photos – even the selfie πŸ™‚ Glad you had such a good time at the party πŸ™‚

  12. Brody is really a cutey and he makes some good selfies too πŸ™‚ We haven’t seen the pictures of the pawty, but we will hop over…police station..really?
    We can’t see the pictures very good, but we give it a shot: Horseradish in the first and Ihaven’ttheslightestideabuttry apple plants in the second picture. I know it is not nip..I know nip and I can tell that it is not nip…MOL πŸ˜€ Pawkisses for a Sunny Day πŸ™‚ <3

    1. WOW!!! I am so impressed! You got the really tough one correct. That is my variagated horseradish that I am quite proud of, I wanted some and couldn’t find it in the seed catalogs so I ordered it from someone on ebay a few years ago. You are entered in the giveaway.

  13. Phoebe, don’t be jealous of Brody! You have your grammie…he needs to make more friends. Glad to hear he’s getting social. As for the plants; I’m drawing a blank on the first one, but the 2nd looks like potatoes.

  14. Excellent selfie Brody!! Boy there’s a lot going on in your world!!! We can’t identify what’s in the photos. But we can’t wait to find out what it is!

  15. Yous guys has a great garden!
    And Brody is (can mes say) furry handsome and mes glad that he is starting to bes so loving to your Mommy and Phoebe, yous looks marvelous darling (mes happy that yous gets to sees your Grammy.

    1. Brody ill be so happy to know you think he is handsome even though Mom always tells him that. Glad you like the garden, Dad spends a lot of time working out there. XO

  16. OMC Phoebe is all dat land pawrt of your yard? MeOW, dat’s bootyful. Da plants are nice too and so is da purrize. Me knows you’ll have fun with your grammaw tomorrow. Hope you get lots of extra treats.

    Luv ya’


    1. Yes, we have a lot of land, too bad Mom never wants to go outside. I hope Grammie gives out lots of treats tomorrow, I will still love her even if she doesn’t. XO

  17. That’s a great selfie sweetie and Brody, that’s amazing! I sure don’t know what those plants are, but I’m not much of a gardener!

  18. The police station?! Girl, what is up with that? PS: we are in love with Brody. Good for him getting some special Mom time. PPS: our Mom just planted some fake roses in her garden today, so she is gonna be totally and completely clueless about what is in yours!

    1. Fake roses? MOL! Brody will be thrilled to know you love him :)He is looking for friends and we are not very welcoming.

  19. No clue on the 1st, the 2nd is potatoes, the 3rd iseems to be a leaf lettuce cuz it is bolting, but we cant see the leaves clearly enough to guess a type.

    1. Yes, on the potatoes. The third photo isn’t part of the quiz, but it is a lettuce and I think the hot temps last week made it bolt.

  20. How cool that Brody sits on Mom’s lap AND took such a nice selfie! πŸ™‚

    We’re totally guessing on the pictures: the first on looks like chard, and maybe the second one is of potato plants?

  21. We’re so happy to hear that Brody is coming around. We have no idea on the plant but we do like your selfie.

    The Florida Furkids

    ps – we had a blast at Easy’s CHAOS party too!

  22. Those look like tasty plants. Then again, all plants are tasty, right? At least the ones the humans don’t want us to eat πŸ™‚ We loved the picture of suck up … err, Brody, as well as yours, Phoebe <3 ~Bear Cat

    1. I don’t think you would like this one Bear Cat, it would make your insides feel like they are on fire. Stick with nip and cat grass πŸ™‚

  23. Yay, you are back in my Feedly feed! I can’t believe how much better Brody is doing since you guys fell off my feed. That’s awesome.

    P.S. Sadly, I have no idea what those plants are.

    1. Thank you for letting me know- I hope we stay in Feedly this time πŸ™‚ Brody has really gotten brave.

  24. **pantin an out of breath**
    Sorry Purrince Phoebe mee iss so late!! OK thee fotoss…LadyMum says sum sorta Lettuce an thee 2nd foto iss a vine…like fur Squash shee finks….inn other werdss she has NO CLUE!
    An look at Brody! Takin selfiess! Pawsum…
    Yur lookin beeuteefull as usual sweet buttercup……
    ***paw kissesss*** yur berry late Purrince, Siddhartha Henry

    1. That is OK that you are late- sorry your answers were wrong. Brody is a suck up, he likes Mom’s lap now too. XO

      1. Iss OK; they wee LADYMUM’SS answers, mew mew mew……..
        An Brody iss fittin inn reel good! Guess what Phoebe? Last nite as me was walkin LadyMum wee saw a pure black kat on thee end patio…hee must bee a stray an LadyMum wanted to call him over mee did not like tht idea…
        So mee let out a warnin growl an thee kittyboy ran across thee road….hee was a skinny vershun of mee!
        Maybee mee will bee nicer when mee seess him again….maybee….
        ***paw kissesss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ yur
        Poe-ssessive Purrince, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. I am glad he didn’t get runned over. Maybe your Mom’s group can trap him and help him get a home. XO Pawkisses

          1. If wee see thee kitty again wee will get a live trap mee Purrincess…..
            A lot of katss come thru here like it iss a kitty hi-way of sortss…. wee did not see him last nite….
            ***paw kissesss*** Yur observant Purrince xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. That is sad that he isn’t fixed, it would be impossible to keep an unfixed male inside. Brody had quite the odor when I brought him in to get neutered, same with Polar Bear- I don’t know how anyone could stand that smell in their house. XO

      1. This happens here ALL the time Lady Ellen. people adopt a kitten an furget that it will cost $money$ to have them fixed. An then they get such a sirprize when wee maless reech mankathood! LadyMum sent mee to mee newtered thee day aFTUR shee adopted mee. So mee has smelled like fresh cotton or strawberriess onlee. That young black kat leevess his scent on thee bushess outised>>>PEE YOU!!!! Even mee not like it!
        Fank BuudhaKat Brody no longer have ‘that’ smell on him!!! πŸ˜‰
        ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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