It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Hi everyone! It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? DSCF1632  We just finished reading the 50 beautiful poems in Weeds by McGuffy Ann Morris of McGuffy’s Reader. I  have always avoided poetry because I never understood it in school, but during the A-Z Challenge, she had a poem for A-Z, many that she had written. I actually understood them and could relate to them so I decided to purchase Weeds. I am glad I did because I enjoyed all 50 poems, my favorites being “Willow”, “Requiem” and “Heart” .

I bought mine through Amazon , it is only $2.99 for the Kindle version. Here is the link.

I am also pleased that Sammy of One Spoiled Cat is going to be writing a poem for us every Thursday. We can also add our own poems in the comment section, Phoebe is working on one for her Grammie ( you know she loves her so very much).

We are joining the Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? Hop and Comedy Plus’ Awwww……..Mondays Hop too.



  1. I am not much into poetry ether, but sometimes I do pen little verses about things if I feel ‘inspired’. Once in a great while I can do a good one…well in my own humble opinion, MOL!

    When I was a lot younger I used to keep a journal beside my bed and when I could not sleep I would put down my thoughts about various things in verse, mostly rhymed and in meter as well. Then I got married and had children and fur kids too, OMC!!

        1. Hammie, Lamby, Lammie, Chammy(Chamois), clammy, jammie, sammy, slammie, pammy, mammy, whammie, tammy, Miami.

          Or improvise and don’t put that at the end of a line but at the beginning or middle.
          Or another ‘solution’ might be to make verses of 4 lines, but only make the opppsite lines with grammy rhyme. ie:
          I love my Grammie
          She visits and we play.
          She treats me, too.
          I wish she’d always stay!

          1. Wow- you are good! Thank you! Phoebe may borrow your poem 🙂 She would credit you.

    1. Did you keep the journal? I hope you did. I bet you would enjoy reading it now. I kept a journal for years, from high school through the first 12 years of marriage, but then I got too busy too. I wish I had kept one because so much happened in these past 11 years and I have no record of them except in my head and I am running out of space in there 🙂

      1. Yup, I still have it, its got a Mickey/Minnie Mouse cover, MOL!
        But it isn’t like diary, its just verses about all kinds of subjects. Here is one about when my grandfather passed away, I was about 12. (my dad’s dad, in Europe.)

        I saw the Heavens open once,
        Gods’ face came into view.
        ‘Twas though a thousand lights were lit,
        But God shone bright I knew.

        Each cloud then slowly disappeared,
        And all the Heavens I saw.
        Then I realized what God does,
        He does without one flaw.

        I wrote that in 1970…and when I was married and had more theological knowledge (We cannot see God, let alone His face), and 2 teenaged sons, I revised it a bit: (2005)

        I saw the Heavens open once,
        God’s glory was in view.
        ‘Twas though a thousand lights were lit,
        But God shone bright, I knew.

        Each cloud then slowly disappeared,
        And all the Heavens I saw.
        Then I realized all God does,
        He does without one flaw.

        When my Opa died, it was a cloudy day, and late in the afternoon the clouds were breaking up due to high winds. A small opening let the sun shine through, and sunbeams were shining down as well, hence the inspiration…because it is unusual to see things like that.

        Everything in that journal was composed from 1971, through 1984, except for a couple added after many years.
        When I read through them now, they seem trite and childish almost:)

        Oh well, something to leave to my grandchildren if there ever are any, LOL!

        1. That is great that you still have them all. This poem is beautiful and I am sure all your writings are wonderful. I am sure you will have grandkids someday, people wait longer now to have their children.

  2. We’re reading The Cat in the Window: And Other Stories of the Cats We Love by Callie Smith Grant (also known as Lonnie Hull DuPont) who will be at the BlogPaws conference this week 🙂

    1. I have that on my list to read. You are so lucky you will get to meet the author.

  3. Well, I read over mama’s shoulder and we are reading The Blue Guitar by John Banville and it’s very funny and sad and beautifully written all at once. Mama’s brother-in-law is WS Merwin and his poems are not only easy to understand but incredibly beautiful. Mama vowed to read a poem each morning, just for the beauty of it, but I’m afraid I divert her….
    Here is a poem of his:

    The Fishermen

    When you think how big their feet are in black rubber
    And it slippery underfoot always, it is clever
    How they thread and manage among the sprawled nets, lines,
    Hooks, spidery cages with small entrances.
    But they are used to it. We do not know their names.
    They know our needs, and live by them, lending them wiles
    And beguilements we could never have fashioned for them;
    They carry the ends of our hungers out to drop them
    To wait swaying in a dark place we could never have chosen.
    By motions we have never learned they feed us.
    We lay wreaths on the sea when it has drowned them.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about this poet. I am going to start reading more poetry and I need easy to understand. XO

  4. Hope you had a great Father’s Day! I’m already thinking about what poem to do this Thursday……it has to be about something starting with the letter “B”…..butter? bingo? bunny? It’s tough coming up with the right thing!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. How about Bacon 🙂 We are looking forward to your poetry. Suzy’s cheers are like poetry too. XO

  5. Ooooooooh that looks fun!

    And can’t wait to see what poems mew feature on your Thursday post *excited ears*


    Basil & Co xox

    1. It is Sammy of One Spoiled Cat that is going to do the poems, but Phoebe is working on a poem for her Grammie.

  6. Mom bought tons of books (what she should not do!) about cats stories. she is going to read one by next monday to share!

    Billy The Time cat

  7. You know, I never really got into poetry. But Ann’s poems sure do sound wonderful, so I will definitely have to check them out! And I also can’t wait to read Phoebe’s poem! Purrs!

    1. I was never into poetry and now that I am in my 40’s, I understand it.

  8. I am reading No Mallet Intended, a cozy “vintage kitchen” mystery. I’m undecided about it so far. It’s the fourth book in the series, so maybe I should have read the others first. 🙂

    1. Most books can stand alone except for a few little things they throw in for ones who have been reading them all.

  9. I linked you as requested. I’m sorry that you can’t seem to link up. I know it’s a blogger issue with the change from http to https.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

    1. Thank you. It is a catchy name and makes a lot of sense once you read the poems. XO

  10. I don’t read very much poetry but these sound interesting. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. Thank you for visiting. I checked out your blog too and I really enjoyed it.

  11. We have never been into poetry either. But that sure was a great review for that book. Sounds good.

  12. Mommy must read this book! She’ll get the kindle version this evening. We don’t write poems, we’re not the poetic type. But maybe we’ll give it a little try. Right now Mommy is still reading Drums of Autum – it’s like a gajillion pages. She still has to read two books for reviews (cat books of course!)

  13. May mee rite a poe-em fur mee Purrincess fur a Fursday of yur choice pleeze???
    Mee wood bee honred Lady Ellen….
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx
    Pee S: LadyMum still reedin samebok as last week an mee pawin thru “Oscar Kat” book!!!!

    1. I know you and your Mum have been too busy to read. I would love a poem from you whenever you have time. Uncle Sammy is having poetry Thursday and we can leave poems in the comments. xo and paw kisses

      1. That will bee kewl fur sure sweet Phoebe!
        Now LadyMum iss sick! An mee iss ‘on duty’….
        Shee losed her voice overnite (where DID it go?) an iss achey an has sum fevurr 🙁
        Aunty Judith was sick like this Sunday an LadyMum had to bee outside ALL day…..maybe thee *hot* did this to them???
        Butt mee <3 LUVSS <3 mee seet Purrincess!
        ***paw kissesss*** Yur Purr-amedic Purrince xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. I hope the tag sale was a success at least being that your Mum got sick over it. We hope your Mum feels better soon. XO and love to you both

          1. Aunty an Unccle are putting thee house uppy fur sale so they had to have a HUGE yard sale…. sad part iss that mee Aunty gotted sick an then LadyMum…..shee iss still quite sick today an it’ss Furiday! PHOOEY!!!!

    1. Good idea, it is good to expand our minds. I loved your post today, such cute photos.

  14. guys….de food servizz gurl has weeds N her loves it ….we high lee recommend it two any one & everee one; even if ewe due knot normal lee
    reed poetry, guarantee a purrson will find at leest one poem… they can
    relate two……fur shirley troo lee…. reel ♥♥♥

    1. I am glad food service girl has Weeds- the book, not the actual weeds 🙂 XO

    1. I think it depends on what the poetry is about. I hated poetry when I was in school, but I loved these poems and I hope I will find more that I like too.

  15. Dat’s pawsum awnty Ellen. Mommy says da thing to ‘member ’bout poetry or any writin’ fur dat matter is to do it from your heart. Ifin you do, it can’t be wrong.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Awww… how sweet. I loved the photos you had today of their date 🙂 XO

  16. Ellen, you are a special person. I am honoured that you bought my book and reviewed it here. I hope you will review it on Amazon, too. I feel honoured, too, that you seem to have connected to poetry! I wish everyone could do that. Poetry is all about feelings, observations, and sharing. I am blessed to share with you. thank you, my dear friend. HUGS.

    1. Thank you, I think you are very special too. I will do a review on Goodreads and Amazon 🙂 Your poetry is the first I have ever enjoyed and connected too.

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