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Hi everyone! Today is International Box Day! My kitties love their boxes. Chewy boxes are always popular , but their favorite box is Sammy’s TARDIS he made for Cat Scouts.

6-18-2016-intl-box-day-badge DSCF1585 (2)


Can you guess who is hiding in it in the photo above?

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop this week with more button art:

DSCF1583  I bought some blank cards and made a horseshoe card for a friend of the family that used to shoe horses for a living. She loved it and is planning to frame it. I started filling in one of the larger cat ones I made, I was dark blue for the night sky and yellow for the moon. Well, I ran out of blue and when I went back to Michael’s Craft Store, there were no more buttons! I checked online too. I had other blue ones, but they are not the same and would look strange.

Caturday Art

We are also joining Racal and Rocco’s Pet Parade.

Pet Parade 149



  1. Is that Prancie in the Tardis??

    That button art is nice, we furst thought it was a stylized ‘U’, MOL! Then meowmy read the text…oops!

    We have to find out where meowmy put our fave boxes…and post them too:)

  2. Cool horseshoe! How strange that you can’t get more buttons to finish the other picture – sooner or later you’ll track them down I bet…………what a wonderful art project.

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. Very neat horseshoe from buttons. I wonder if you might throw light on the fact that I could care less about boxes and mama tries to make them for me every now and then but to no avail. I like the couch better!

  4. That is such a great horse shoe. What a nice gift. I was going to guess Prancie in the box too. You all have a great day.

  5. I love the Tardis box, and I can see how it’s a hit with the kitties! Is that Prancie hiding out in there?

    Your button art is great! What a shame that the craft store doesn’t have any more of the buttons you need. Hopefully they’ll get them back in stock, or maybe another craft store carries the same brand and color. If not, then it can always be fun to improvise. Maybe you could make it work by using another blue, or even purple or any color you want, to add swirls or clouds to the night sky? I’m sure you’ll figure something out, and I bet it will look great!

    1. Yes, it is Prancie. They all use it, it is popular. Those are great ideas to improvise. There are 2 more Michael’s stores not too far away that I can check for the buttons.

    1. Sorry, we our stingy with our TARDIS. You can come here and use it though. Glad you like the horseshoe, thank you.

  6. Dats a furry goods horseshoe… weze hopes to sees da other picture whens you finds more blue buttons.

    Me Mommy gotted buttons once at a thrift store… dats might be a goods place to gets buttons… even ifs you buys the shirt dey ams on!

    Purrz from Katie Kitty Too.

  7. Is that Pranice? That sure is a great box! Very cute.

    Your button art card is awesome! I like all those little ones around the big ones. Neat idea!

  8. Ms. Munchkin LOVES Dr. Who .. I gave her a Tardis necklace for Christmas and suspect it was her favorite gift, even though I only viewed it was a stocking stuffer… If she gets bored over summer vacation, I foresee a tardis in Purrseidon’s future 😉

    1. That would be a fun project. If you had a refrigerator box, then Ms. Munchkin could have her own TARDIS.

  9. Oh Meow you still have your derby box Sammy P? Dat’s really cool. Me’s truck went to da trash long ago. MOL Have a great weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  10. That horseshoe button card is wondrous and mes LOVES the Tardis box…mes might has gotted into that one! Mes refused to either get into a box or let Mommy take a picture of mes when she unceremoniously dumped mes in one — so mes not pawticipating. Now mes a little miffed that mes missed it!

    1. A TARDIS is a time travel box that looks like a phone booth. It is from the show Dr. Who. 🙂 Thank you, glad you like the button art.

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