Flat Tuesday

Hi everyone! Thank you for all the sweet comments and congratulations on yesterday’s post. And thank you Toby and Family for this great card:happy-blogoversary

As you know , Sammy is a Cat Scout. Last summer, some of the scouts made flat versions of themselves so they could visit each other. Well, they are traveling again and we have 2 visitors, Mango and Pete. I know we showed you Sammy teaching Mango how to eat corn on the cob, but here are some more photos.

DSCF1368Getting ready to time travel in the TARDIS

DSCF1381Phoebe sharing her grass

DSCF1374Playing cards with a Hello Kitty Deck


Checking out some nip- we heard Mango was a flight risk so she needed to be on a leash.

DSCF1365And another Brody sighting 🙂





    1. Glad you like the photos- flats are much more cooperative than real cats. 🙂

    1. You are lucky. Although, I think most cats wish they had flats to take their place.

  1. What fun you and the flat kitties are having. You even shared your grass, Phoebe – how sweet of you! And, we always love these Brody sightings! Purrs to all!

  2. Flat kitties have all the fun!!! I’m going to make mom flatten me, put me in an envelope and mail me to my Lady Love!! It’s good to see Brody. We are seeing MerryBelle more but because she’s so fast we have yet to get any decent photos of her. Love you all!!!

    1. We should do flats so our kitties can visit one another. I am glad MerryBelle is more visible. XO and love to you all too!

  3. Fun post – goy a good chuckle out of the leash and am very pleased to see that Brody seems to finally be settling in. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Brody purrs for me now too- big step 🙂 Hope you have a great day too.

  4. Many concat’s on your 2nd blogoversary!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

    I am seriously loving the tardis, and OMC I furgot about cat scouts – I must pop by asap!


    Basil xox

    1. Thank you! Yes, you should stop by Cat Scouts, there is always fun going on. XO

  5. Brody is looking so handsome, out there in the open! Good for him.
    You had some real fun with your flat cat visits!

    1. Flat cats are such great house guests 🙂 Brody is getting braver every day.

    1. Yes, the real Mango escaped her home recently.. luckily she got captured. 🙂

  6. I always love reading about Scouts and what you all are up to., I had to drop out a year or more ago because my human just couldn’t keep up with everything I was involved in. It’s a great group tho, and we do miss it.

    1. Once things settle down, maybe you can get back into it and do some activities.

  7. I so trying to catch up after being gone all weekend.

    How fun. Traveling flat cats. Way fun.

    Have a terrific day. Or is that have a purrfect day. ☺

    1. Thank you 🙂 I know my flat Sammy had fun traveling with you last summer.

  8. Happy Belated Blogaversary! It looks like flat Mango and flat Pete were having a great time at your home. What kitty doesn’t love a romp in the catnip? 🙂

  9. dood…total lee awesum ta see ewe again !!!

    N we bet thiz summer WILL be a fun one with all de flats
    vizitin each other….N they due knot even knead a pass a port
    ta vizit over seez !! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  10. As always, the 15andMeowing crowd are such GOOD hosts for the Flat Cat Scouts visitors! Looks like a ton of fun………..So happy to see Brody again too – what a handsome dood!

    Love, Sammy

  11. Mee-you yur Flat furendss are grate Phoebe an yur so kind to share yur grass!
    An Brodie iss lookin cute an curmudgeonee LadyMum sayss 😉
    ***paw kissesss*** yur Purince Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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