#Chewyinfluencer Kong Cat Scratcher

Hi everyone! Today we are finally getting to our ChewyInfluencer post which is over a week late. This month I chose the Kong Cat Scratcher, Incline because I wanted Brody to have something of his own.

He had no interest in it, but Sammy loves it. The minute the Chewy box arrived, Sammy figured it was something for him and Joanie hoped it was a new food to try.


DSCF1019 Phoebe, Sammy and Joanie helped me assemble it. It was mostly assembled, we just had to add the mat to the incline. This one is extra special and has a little ball hanging inside that the cats can see from the sides.

DSCF1024Sammy immediately got to work claiming it as his own.

DSCF1021Look how talented he is, he can use going up or down. After this, I did give it to Brody, but he didn’t want to use it so it is back downstairs where Sammy monopolizes it. Joanie takes a turn once in a while too:


This is a sturdy scratcher and it is on sale for only $5.79. And don’t forget Chewy offers free shipping on orders over $49 so stock up.

Disclaimer: We received this item for free from Chewy in exchange for giving it a fair review. All opinions are our own.

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I am also slipping my X in for the A-Z Blogging Challenge so I don’t have to do a separate post. X is for Xander de Hunter, the main character in Jeanne Foguth’s The Sea Purrtector Files which I told you about 2 days ago. Make sure you get your free prequel titled Lattitudes and Cattitiudes if you haven’t yet.

Another beloved pet has left , Bev ( Fozziemum) and family had to say goodbye to Forrest. Forrest, FOREVER

Phoebe will be writing tomorrow- sorry I had to push her off a day to get our Chewy post done.


56 thoughts on “#Chewyinfluencer Kong Cat Scratcher

  1. Very clever, slipping the X in with this post.

    Our cats all prefer carpet. Bill is going to recarpet the old cat tree. They will be thrilled.

    Thanks for your concern for Chloe Jo. I appreciate that. Hugs.

    • I figured if I break the rules now, it is too late to get kicked out of the challenge 🙂 That is nice of Bill to fix the cat tree. I am praying for Chloe Jo XO

    • The price is right, maybe you will get him one? There is so much sadness, I just heard of poor Cinco’s passing now too.

  2. That is a nice and VERY inexpensive scratcher! Glad you have a few who like it even though Brody probably has NO IDEA what to do with it….hahaha….he’s warming up to you all though so who knows what he’ll be like once he realizes he’s there to stay FOR REAL. We were sad about Forrest but he sure did have a wonderful family send-off.

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. What a fun scratcher! I love seeing your kitties enjoy it so much. Can you believe that I only just jumped on the Chewy bandwagon a couple weeks ago. I’ve already made two orders since then, though, and I love it! They have great prices, and their shipping is phenomenally fast!

    I am very interested in trying out this series of books. They sound so fun!

    Prayers to Forrest’s family, and to all those in need of our prayers at this time.

  4. Chucky is a vertical scratcher, while his twin sis Angel only horizontal scratches! Never though about one in between, like this one! Think I may add it to my next Chewy.com order.

  5. We love these Alpine scratchers and kittens especially love them. When Sadie and Ringo were kittens they each had one, and we paid far more than Chewy’s price. Maybe Brody will like it in time?

  6. After seeing all these reviews, I’ve been kicking myself. We should have opted to review this too. I think Pierrot would love it. It’s too bad Brody didn’t like it, but that was definitely to Sammy and Joanie’s advantage! Cute pics!

  7. We have cardboard scratchers that are really loved here. And we have one that is on an incline like that one that is really old and loved still. We are glad Sammy and Joanie love yours. Does Brody have a favourite toy yet? 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Wee iss heartbroked over losin Forrest doggie here an can not commint without tearss 🙁
    Mee an LadyMum will miss him fur efurr an Aunty Bev an Mistur Phil an deer Dinnermintzz are goin to have sum sad dayss ahead….
    Reespectfullee, Siddhartha Henry **sniffullls**

    • This has been a very sad week. Forrest was a good boy. XO and love and I will wipe your sniffles away with my soft paw.

      • Fank you mee sweet buttercup gurl…you know how to make mee feel better! Yur thee BEST Phoebe. Mee Heart beelongss to you fur efurr!
        ~~~head rubsss~~~ an ***paw kissesss***
        Yur sad Purrince, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        • And you always make me feel better my sweet and sad purrince. I wish I was there to lick your tears away. XO

          • Yur here inn spirit sweet buttercup an LadyMum strokess mee an sayss this iss you takin care of mee….thru’her…
            Not sure if that makes sense….mew mew mew….
            **paw kissesss** xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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