The $400 Feral

Hi everyone! Yesterday was vet day. I dropped Daryl the Feral off at the vet in the morning then I went to the dermatologist with my hubby. When we got back, I had to bring Spooky and Millie to their appointments. I had all 3 for the ride home. I must say, Daryl is a perfect passenger, he didn’t meow or poop. Millie sings the song of his people for the entire 20 minute ride and as an added bonus, he poops. Spooky ended up vomiting and pooped as soon as we got there.

When I brought Daryl in to the shelter to get fixed, he had wounds which is why he is quarantined. That wound turned out to go all the way through his neck and was very infected. He now has a drain until Thursday. I had him get the Convenia because I didn’t think I would be able to get the pill in him twice a day. He does have pain meds that taste good so he had no problem eating that with his dinner. They sedated him because it was painful for him so he was getting upset, but overall, he is not that wild.

DSCF0635 I took this photo on Sunday, I think he will be wearing a hat in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I also had him FELV/FIV tested and he is negative.

Spooky and Millie were both due for thyroid blood work. Spooky wasn’t eating much over the weekend so I wanted him to get an exam too. My husband noticed Spooky is always so tired after his meals and figured he was getting too much blood pressure medicine. He was right because Spooky;s bp was on the low end of normal -it should have been quite high because he gets so upset in the car. They gave him fluids and he ate quite a bit tonight. We are waiting for his blood test results. We are also waiting for Millie’s tests too. They both had the senior panel because it comes out cheaper than doing an individual thyroid test.

I wonder why the shelter didn’t offer an antibiotic for Daryl’s wound? I wonder if he would have died if he had been released?



  1. Sounds like quite an adventurous and full day for you all. So pleased that wound is getting full attention… we can only imagine what would have happened if it wasn’t treated.

    1. Thank you, I am glad I got him to the vet. If he wasn’t under quarantine, he would have been released and probably died outside.

  2. Daryl is so glad that he has you fur his peeps…at least we hope he is:))

    You are taking such good TLC of him. Soon he will repay you with purrs and headbonks!

    Purrs fur all of those kitties with issues in your den.

  3. Wow – so much news! Daryl the almost-not-feral is so blessed you fell in love with him! So glad he is felv/fiv negative – I guess that makes all the difference in the world when introducing him to your cat group. Poor Millie and Spooky! pooping and vomiting! Poor YOU!! I hope their tests for thyroid turns out okay. BobbieSue sends extra kisses to Millie for the trauma he had to go through. Keep us posted on test results. Kisses to Penny!

    1. Yes, we have a lot going on. Millie appreciates the kisses from BobbieSue, but he is hopes she doesn’t think he is a whimp. And Penny sends her kisses to Toby, she promises to pose for a photo soon.

  4. That was a busy day! Good thing you took Daryl to the Vet,sounds like he needed it,poor kitty.
    Purrs the blood work will be good for the kitties.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. What a long day of kitty and people medical appointments! Poor Daryl…..sounds like a bad infection but he should be on the mend now – so happy you got him to the vet so he could feel better. He is a SWEET looking and very handsome kitty. Maybe he will be a new member of the family?? As for Millie and Spooky I hope they are feeling better too and the blood work is good…………we sometimes are a lot of trouble (!) but we’re so sweet and cute that we hope our humans don’t mind !!!!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

    1. I like Daryl’s grumpy face, I don’t think he is grumpy. Yes, I agree kitties are well worth the trouble- I can’t live without them. XO and love to you Sammy.

  6. Whew, what a day you had! You’re so attentive to your kitties, and they’re all so lucky to have you. It does sound like Daryl could have been in bad shape if not for you and your care. I hope Spooky and Millie’s bloodwork comes out okay. Purrs to all!

  7. What a day you have had. It’s a good thing you got Daryl to the vet or the unthinkable might have happened. Bless you for taking such good care of all furbabies – even ferals.

  8. Oh the poor guy–he must have been in quite a bit of pain with a wound like that. What a day you had!I hope the blood work is ok.

  9. We too think life would not have been good, or long, for Daryl had he remained a feral. We’re sorry that your household has so many medical issues to be managed at the moment and all the expense! We hope everything and everyone settles down soon.

    How does Daryl do with daily interactions? Is he wild, or is he responding to his care?

    1. He is pretty good, never lashes out. I am going to try introductions once he is healed, but I think he will blend in.

  10. Hmm, I too wonder why the shelter didn’t offer antibiotic for Daryl. Here’s hoping he improves now that he’s been checked over. Poor Spooky and Millie; their vet trip was stressful, but hopefully some really good stuff is learned from it! Thank you for taking care of Daryl; I have to make decisions about taking Patty O’Malley to the vet for his constant scratching soon.

    1. I hope you can catch Patty to get him some care for his scratching. Poor outdoor kitties have a tough life.

    1. I am praying Scooby’s test goes well. I don’t think Daryl was fighting, I think something had grabbed him and he managed to get away.

  11. It sounds like it was an eventful day at the vet! I’m so glad that you were able to get Daryl the help he needed. I hope that the bloodwork for Spooky and Mille comes back looking good.

  12. hay ewe three amigoez…ya noe we haz St Francis werkin on sendin blessingz two each N everee one oh ewe……heerz hopin everee one iz on de roadz healthee & ree covered in quik time…eat up guys….each oh ewe…..itz what does a kitteh good β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ πŸ™‚

  13. Daryl was destine to live with you I firmly believe it πŸ™‚ Glad hubby was so in tune with Spooky. Hope the lab work comes out O.K. otherwise with he and Millie. Lovely photo of Daryl, sweet hat you knitted. Thank you also, our package arrived today!
    Marty’s Mom

    1. I am glad your package arrived. I think Daryl was meant to be with me too. I am going to post an update on everyone for tomorrow.

  14. Daryl is very lucky to have you caring for him. I hope those wounds soon heal well. I hope Spooky’s and Millie’s blood tests are good.

  15. I totally think Darryl is lucky to be in your care. With the wound being so infected he would not have survived. Infection goes thru a cat quickly. We have the same problem with our TNR Vets here. So that is why we use one out of town who is vigilant & checks each cat over before they go under & after they wake up. The other thing I have noticed about shelters is they do not always disclose a cat or dog’s FULL medical history that THEY know. This happened to me with NYLABLUE. Then it happened with Siddhartha Henry altho it was oversights rather than something intentionally concealed.
    So Darryl is now the priceless one……
    I am glad you went with the Convenia injection. It should work will & I am sure as his discomfort leaves he will be a happier boy!
    I am sorry Millie & Spooky had not so nice reactions to their Vet visit…..I remember one time when NYLABLUE had a GIANT poop in her carrier… friend Laura almost threw up on me! I barely even noticed. I was so used to NB’S poop odor….I was immune,,,,,,
    Which is good as the’ littul Purrince’ has IBS…I sense a ‘theme’ here!
    Hoping that Spooky is all right & Millie also; they do give us fits don’t they???
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    1. I am posting an update on everyone for tomorrow. I did get Daryl pain meds too so he wouldn’t be hurting while he heals He seems very sweet. I was lucky it was not cold out because I had to open a window in the car. I had to get embarrassed when the guy came to my window. Phoebe sends love to her sweet purrince. XO and I send love to you both.

        1. Thank you, you are so sweet. He lets me pet him with no problem now. He could see Phoebe through the screen door and he called to her with little mews for over an hour–at 1 am!!! Love to you both XO

  16. Oh carness awnty Ellen. Fank da kittens you was there fur Daryl. He purrobly wouldn’t have made it without ya’. We’s sendin’ lots of purrayers fur everypawdy. As fur da antibiotics, maybe they furgot. Did you call and ask them?

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  17. We think you are Daryl’s saving angels. We think he would have gotten much sicker without you to help him. We’re purring for all good reports for everyone.

    The Florida Furkids

  18. The Convenia is a long lasting antibiotic that stays in the system over a month so he doesn’t need another one. He probably would have died painfully if you hadn’t got him and taken him to the vet. You no doubt saved his life.

  19. That’s quite an adventure! We hope everykitty is going to be okay. Thank Cod you got Daryl to the vet to get him the help he needed. You’re an angel on earth!

  20. We wonder what would have happened to Daryl if you hadn’t been looking out for him. We think he is a sweet looking kitty desperate for love and proper care. We are so glad he now has you!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  21. Mayb Darryl was just being protective of himself….he was probably dumped poor darling. I am glad he is blossoming under your care. And I read Phoebe’s email about Darryl trying to ‘woo’ her….
    Boys will be boys….hehehehe…..
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

    1. No worries- he tries to woo every cat he sees πŸ™‚ I discovered that he likes chin scritches today, he is a sweetie. I don’t think he is a fighter, he was just being picked on, poor guy. XO

  22. Sweet Darryl…maybe his name should be Romeo (or Roameo) hahaha!!!
    He likes chin scritches? Not so feral then…in fact it sounds like he was just in a bad place. I am thrilled he came to you Ellen…I suspect 2 certain kitties had something to do with this?? πŸ˜‰

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