March Madness

Hi everyone! It is that time of year that Mom gets mad because basketball is on instead of Sheldon. She did plant me some grass for being so good about my dental ( like I had a choice). Here is a video of me enjoying it.

Mom has had a bad cold so she didn’t open all the mail right away. Penny and Millie want to thank Toby and BobbieSue for the great St. Patrick’s Day cards.

DSCF0856 DSCF0858

I got to see my Grammie yesterday, I love her so very much. And she was here on Monday to watch us- lots of treats were served.

Some of you thought I didn’t look happy as Queen Esther so suck up Joanie thought she would model the costume. DSCF0868 Happy Purim!

PS: Spooky had his blood work , but we won’t know the results until sometime today. He is eating well though.


  1. First of all: Yea, Spooky! Go, Spooky! We are cheering him on. We are kinda’ fond of him. His story touched us..when you first shared it, like 100 years ago…I lost track. Sorry.
    Joanie looks cute, but so did Ms Phoebe. We thought she looked queenly.
    Feel better, Mom. ā¤

    1. Thank you, I just can’t shake this cold. Spooky got mostly good news from the vet. Joanie and Phoebe thank you. XO

  2. We sure hope your mom feels better soon. Spring colds are not fun at all.
    Joanie, you are a good looking Queen, too:)

    Sending lots of hopefur purrs fur Spooky! Hope the labs turn out well.

    1. Thank you, Spring colds are no fun when they started in the winter and continued like this one. Joanie and Spooky both thank you.

  3. Phoebe, did you call Joanie a suck-up? Oh – I won’t tell Simon – he won’t be happy about that!!!! She’s his love bug now and he WILL defend her honor!!! We’re glad you enjoyed the cards. Simon’s mad that Joanie didn’t get hers – but I reminded him they weren’t boyfriend-girlfriend yet. He’s okay about though. We mailed our Easter cards on Monday – hopefully you’ll get them soon! We got our something special – THANK YOU! We’ll post about that tomorrow!!! Love to our sweethearts!!! P.S. we are so glad Spooky is eating well!

    1. Joanie thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend- uh-oh. We are glad your Mom checked the mail and you got your package. XO and love to you all from all of us.

  4. So my buddy Spooky and I will get our blood work results today – waiting is tough isn’t it Spooky? Nice that you got some St. Pat’s cards too!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Poor Spooky has to go for another blood test next week, he did get pretty good news though today.

    1. Thank you, I think Grammie is going to give us more treats than the Easter bunny :)XO

  5. Mmmm, that cat grass sure looks good, Phoebe! You and Joanie are both such great models. And, I’m so happy to hear that Spooky’s eating well! We’re purring and praying that his bloodwork comes back looking better. Purrs!

    1. Phoebe says thank you and the grass is very good. Joanie thanks you too.

  6. Mom has the same form of March Madness. Happy Purim! Love that Queen Esther!

  7. Our dad likes basketball, our mom would rather watch Sheldon as well! (Although our dad likes that show too).

    We can see you really enjoy your cat grass!

    We hope all is well with Spooky’s blood work.

    1. At least there are plenty of reruns of Sheldon šŸ™‚ Spooky thanks you, it was pretty good.

  8. Those are nice St. Patrick’s Day cards. We’ll cross our fingers about the blood work!

    1. Penny and Millie are very lucky to have such talented significant others. Thank you for crossing your fingers, it was pretty good.

  9. Um…that grass looks as good as your momma feels, I’m thinking! The Hubby is a huge college basketball fan, so I am catching up on my reading while he watches game after game after game. Fingers are crossed for good news about Spooky’s bloodwork!

    1. I am glad my hubby isn’t into basketball- I suffer enough through baseball season- they play a lot of games.

  10. dood…..we haz all 984 paws crossed, held high and everee which a way; yur blood werkz come bak grate !!!

    we R offline fora few sew we wood like ta say

    heerz two a ham samich, dino eggz, happee easturr, kinda week oh end two eveeree on !! ā–ŗā—„ā–ŗā—„ā–ŗā—„ā–ŗā—„

    1. Thank you sweeties- Happy Easter to all of you and food service girl too.

  11. Oh, that was so nice of your Mom to plant you some grass…we can tell you really enjoyed it. We hope she is over the cold and doing okay now. We hope Spooky’s blood work shows all is well. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. We are glad you are enjoying your grass, Phoebe! Jewel used to love to eat grass, too.

    We are glad to hear that Spooky is eating well. Please let us know what his blood tests say, okay?

  13. We hope Spooky’s bloodwork is good! Joanie, you make a good Queen Esther too šŸ™‚ Feel better Mama! Colds can be difficult to shake at this time of the year! Ugh.

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Thank you, this is the cold that won’t quit. Joanie says thank you. XO

    1. Thank you, but please note it is the same few in most costumes. All my cats are not that cooperative.

    1. It sure is frustrating, first football messes up the tv schedule and now this.

  14. I’m not a sports fan either. Oh well.

    Loved the video and hope everything will be fine with Spooky.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. šŸ™‚

  15. Phoebe, you sure are happily nomming your grass! Our grass is growing. I can’t wait ’til it’s ready! Joanie, you make an adorable Esther too. We sure hope your mom feels better very soon and that Spooky’s blood work all looks normal.

    The lady sent your mom an e-mail. Pierrot got Snowball’s package today and he’s so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! He sends hugs & kisses and headbutts to his Snowball.

    1. Awww….how sweet. Snowball sends kisses and hugs back. Phoebe says thank you too.

  16. You’re lucky to have that grass, Phoebe. We never get grass because some cat around here (Wally!) always makes a big mess with it. ~Ernie

  17. Looks like you’ve devoured all the cat grass already. TW doesn’t watch b-ball and didn’t even let me pick my brackets this year. bah!

  18. Lots of great newsy news! Mes LOVES those posts!!
    And mes sending lots of purrs to yous – oh, mes should send them to your Mommy too. But is your Mommy barks as much as my Mommy when she has a cold…yous guys will needs the purrs too!!!
    PS mes much better. The weather is better and its warmer. And mes is eating people foods really well..Mommy would likes it if mes would eats my cat food though…

    1. II am sure I do bark like your Mom. I am glad you are feeling better Nellie. I will keep praying for you. XO

  19. cute video!! Be careful with that cold, mine had turned into bronchitis, I am STILL not completely over it!!! We are watching basketball here too but our brackets are SHOT!

    1. I am beginning to wonder if I have bronchitis. I hope you are feeling better.

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