It’s Monday What Are You Reading ?

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I am joining The Book Date’s Blog Hop: It’s Monday What Are You Reading? The book I am currently reading is most appropriate for today.

017 Red Eggs and Good Luck by Angela Lam is a memoir about growing up in a multicultural family. I am only a few chapters in and I can’t stand her Chinese father. It has nothing to do with his nationality, he is just a jerk and a thief. He has his young daughter beg a relative for money for braces then he uses it for his own interests like gambling. I get agitated reading it because I don’t like innocent children to be treated badly  which is why it is taking me so long to finish. She is an excellent writer, I just am not fond of the material.


I also just finished When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. I was fortunate to win a copy on Goodreads. The author had trained for 10 years to become a neurosurgeon only to get a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis. Instead of letting that stop him, he kept living and accomplished so much more than most do in a lifetime. This was a sad book, but it was interesting to see him change from Doctor to patient. I think this should be required reading for all medical students. I can see why this is on the best seller list.

If you want to know what else I am reading , here is my Goodreads Link. I have a Goodreads link on the sidebar, but whenever I put in my ID number it says error.

Penny was wondering if you could go visit her boyfriend Toby and wish him a Happy Birthday. His party was yesterday, but I think it is still going on. party-badge-2 click here

Tomorrow some of the kitties will be showing off their Mardi Gras beads.


  1. The older I become, the more superficial my books. I loved to read books with important topics, often social injustice. I discussed these books with friends, books were like food I was eating to become myself.

    I’d have been ashamed if I had known what books I read in my thirties. I’m so tired of the world around me, that I’m longing for some escape: superficial and entertaining books.

  2. I’m currently reading Z for Zachariah – a young adult dystopian novel. I’m having trouble reading it too because I’m afraid of what is going to happen to the young girl – may have to take a peek ahead to see. If’s its too bad, I’ll stop reading it.

    Thanks for coming to my party!!!! I’m glad you had a good time!! Pawkisses to my sweetheart, Penny. Oh, and BobbieSue sends a hello to Millie!

    1. Millie and Penny both send their love to you Toby and to Bobbie Sue. I am glad your party went so well. I agree if it is bad just stop reading it.

  3. I don’t seem to have the time I used to have for reading……I almost always had TWO books going at once – an “upstairs” book and a “downstairs” book – but blogging and Scouts takes up more and more of my time. I should do something about that – I miss reading! Anyway, thanks for the book info and HAPPY MONDAY!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. I hope you find time to read soon. I know blogging and all you do for Scouts takes a lot of time though. XO

  4. I’m going to add When Breath Becomes Air to my read list! I have always been fascinated by medical stuff – maybe because my mom is a nurse practitioner.

    I don’t like to see children or animals being mistreated, either, so the other one would probably be too hard for me to read. I appreciate you telling all of us about the books you’re reading! 🙂

    1. I think you will like When Breath Becomes Air despite the sadness of it. I didn’t know your Mom was Nurse Practioner, that is great.

  5. I always love hearing what other people are reading. I myself am a bit (more like a lot) of fantasy/sci-fi nerd, and I’m currently reading Son of the Black Sword by Larry Correia. Next I’ll be reading a book called Innocence by one of favorite suspense/thriller authors – Dean Koontz.

    I know what you mean about taking awhile to get through a book you’re just not sure about. I feel guilty if I don’t finish a book I’ve started, but on occasion I find myself reading a book with material I’m not fond of, and then I feel like I’m having to trudge through mud to finish it. I hope the book you’re reading gets better for you!

    1. I have read a few Dean Koontz and liked them. I do feel guilty if I don’t finish a book, I at least skim it and read the end.

  6. That’s why I love the library! If I start a book that just doesn’t suit…back it goes. The problem is, when I love a book but forget the title or the author…then I have to search the listings to find it again, because they do NOT keep our checked-out info. Apparently, my brain is also not keeping info…

  7. guys….de food servizz gurl iz reedin de next in line oh her dark shadows books…all we gotta say iz …..quentin iz in a **** load oh trubull !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    we stopped bye toby’s & sended sum bee lated birthday fishes two !! ♥♥♥

    thanx for introducin uz ta a new friend !

    1. Penny thanks you for visiting Toby, that was sweet of you. I am not familiar with Dark Shadows, but if your Mom is reading them they must be good.

  8. LadyMum iss reedin “Thee Alienist” bye Mistur Caleb Carr …..
    It iss set in New York inn 1896 an iss about thee ferst serial killer an how Mistur Teddy Roosevelt helped to make thee city safer. LadyMum says thee writer iss a history dude an his wrtin iss berry innterstin…Shee all so said thee book could bee ritten durin anytime because Humanitee has NOT progressed much frum that time!
    Mee should get LadyMum soum Nursery Rhymess or sumfing, mew mew mew….
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. That sounds like a scary book. Maybe some Nursery Rhymes would be good- although some of those can be scary too. XO

      1. It iss purrty inn-tense Phoebe…but LadyMum says it iss berry well ritten an tells thee story of how Psychiatry came inn to beein what it iss now…so it iss part fiction an part truth. Shee not read thee murders stuff to mee…
        how shee can read thiss befur bed iss a misstery, mew mew mew….
        Then again shee doess have her Deeploma in Psychiatry…. 😉
        An Nursery Ryhmess are weerd…
        Mee iss goin to ask LadyMum to read “Thee Velveeteen Rabbitt” to mee…..
        ***nose kissesss*** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ an **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry under thee covurrss……

        1. My sweet boy, the Velveteen Rabbit is going to make you cry. I don’t want you to cry my sweet boy. XO and love to you.

          1. Good idea- I have been reading sad stuff lately which is not good in the winter after losing 2 cats. XO

  9. Sorry you don’t like yous book. Mommy sez she dusn’t have da time fur readin’ anyfin’ but blogs these days. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. I used to read more books, but I do spend a lot of time reading blogs daily too. XO

  10. Just finished “The Wright Brothers.” Interesting story but I found it strange that neither brother was ever interested in having a relationship.

    1. That does sound interesting. I love biographies and memoirs, I need to look into that.

  11. My mom needs to read more. She has a few cozy cat mysteries sitting on her desk, but hasn’t been inspired to read them. She picked up some sciency/environmental magazines this weekend for starters so maybe that will get her going.

    1. I hope your Mom gets to read everything she wants. Maybe she can read to you Raven, my hubby reads to Prancie.

  12. Meowmy is a (nonpractising Nurse), and she also has had more than enough experience being the one in the bed as well…now because she loves the hands on part of nursing, she works as an aide in a nursing home. Furry rewarding, she might add:)
    Reading?? Not so much these days, she says she used to ‘eat up books’ and magazines. MOL!!

    1. I admire what your Meowmy does for a living. I am glad she finds it rewarding. I wish she could get some time to read.

  13. Lady Ellen mee seess LadyMum gotted a book titulled “Pegasus’ an it iss bye Miss Danielle Steele..iss a luv story……mind you shee has to get thru thee seereuss book ferst…..
    Mee iss goin to reed Bailey Boat Kat’s book! 😉 That should bee good!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

    1. We love Bailey’s blog. We should read his book too. We just read Lola’s – that was very good. XO and love to you.

  14. Mee-you Bailey’ss book iss amazin! Mee leerned so-o much frum his book about sailin!!!
    An mee has started “Thee Velveteen Rabbit” an mee likess it so far Purrincess Phoebe…..
    LadyMum iss half way thru’ “Thee Alienist” an shee sayss it iss toe-tally engrossin an shee iss leernin a lot about earlee ‘Sigh-kye-a tree’….
    ***paw kissesss** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ an <3 LUV <3
    Purrince Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. It sounds like you have gotten a lot of reading done my intelligent purrince. XO and love

  15. LadyMum an mee are leernin to read together. Mee has a short attenshun span so wee practice efurry day a bit….An mee reedss on thee bloggiess so mee iss leernin vocabularee purrty good…
    Mee finks leernin iss imapwtent! So mee can mee-yow propurrlee with people an other 4 legedss like mee 😉
    ***paw kissesss*** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  16. Fankss fur thee comleemint mee sweet buttercup baby 😉
    Mee new werd fer thee week iss Trep-I-day-shun….LadyMum had to look it up fur mee!!
    Me read a bit of “The Alienist’ with her last nite….a berry deetailed an eerie story!!
    ***paw kisses*** Siddhartha Henry thee Leerned xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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