Interview With a Service Cat

Happy Friday everyone! I know you are all familiar with Service Cats Dezi and Lexi of Dezi’s World. Today we have an interview with another service cat, Simone. She is also a Cat Scout.

Thank you Simone for taking the time to answer some questions about being a service cat. simone1

  1. Please tell us about yourself (your age, how you got to be with your Mom and anything else you want to add). I have been with my mommy since I was about 4 weeks old. I was born feral in the backyard. My mommy’s daughter found me once without my mommy when I was about 3 weeks old, so her daughter found my litter mates and put me back with them and the second time she saw my mommy dump me by the back door. I was almost a goner, I had FIC, and I was put on a special diet until I was all better, but it was a very rocky road for me for the first four months with fevers and infections. It was because of her special care of me I think I became sensitive to her.   My first night with my human mommy, I didn’t stay in the box for long.
  1. Do you have any kitty brothers and sisters that you live with?
    I have two kitty sisters…Grace is older and ND Mags is younger.
  2. You are a service cat; could you please explain the difference between a service cats vs. a therapy cat?

A Service Pet is a pet that is trained to aid a human with a disability a certain amount of personal independence by performing an activity like a Guide Dog for the Blind. They get to live with the human they service and they are allowed to go into stores and restaurant because of the ADA Laws.

Therapy Pet is a pet that is trained that is naturally gentle in behavior that is owned by a therapist or somebody that is specially trained to handle them. These animals are seen mostly in hospital and nursing home settings.

Sadly we kitties cannot be a service animal because we can’t be trained like a dog allows themselves to be. And since I live with my mom I cannot be registered as a Therapy Cat, I will have to be a Companion or Emotional Support Pet. I just have some very special talents that The Social Services of Trail County North Dakota has noted.

simone2(Getting warm off her O2 machine)

  1. Did you have to go to classes or did your Mom train you? Is there a test you need to pass?
    What I do is something that is all things that are very natural for me.
  1. What are your duties? Do you get to take naps and play?
    My mom has always worn oxygen, ever since she became my mommy. The first few weeks, I would sleep under her chin listening to her heart and hearing the sound of the oxygen rushing through her cannula. So now when I don’t hear her oxygen coming out her cannula…I will meow loudly, to tell her, or her son to come, before she gets faint from not getting any oxygen.  I am also very sensitive to my mommy’s state of mind too. When she needs more oxygen, she will start to panic; I will jump in her lap and purr until her medicine works to calm her back down. The other thing I have a natural feeling is when my mommy is becoming sick because of her diabetes, then I stay with her until she feels better.



  1. What do you do for fun? What is your favorite toy?
    My favorite toys are when my mom had long hair and she would retire one of her hair bands; she would give them me to play with. I learned how to launch them using one of the nails and my teeth. My mom also buys me yarns balls and balls made from cat nip.
    simone4(I still have my first yarn ball)

simone5( nomnom Cat Nip Ball)

  1. Do you have to be registered as a Companion Cat?

I will have to be licensed, when my mommy finally goes to live in an Assisted Living Arrangement, but since the old owner of my mommy’s apartment building put us kitties on the original Lease my license isn’t required.

Thank you Simone and your Mom for the interview and for providing photos.You are a very cute kitty.

One more thing- today is Mo’s birthday: HappyBirthdayMO 2.19.2016 BADGE Happy Birthday Mo- thank you for all you do for the Cat Blogosphere!


49 thoughts on “Interview With a Service Cat

  1. I’m so happy you are there to take care of and calm your mom down. She is so lucky to have you. It’s kind of unfair that cats can’t be certified as therapy cats. My dad’s cat is a therapy cat for him, too. She always cheers him up when he gets sad and helps take care of him.

  2. Thanks for explaining what a service cat is and does. Good for Simone for looking after her mom so well! Pawkisses to Penny and Millie and purrs and prayers for Phoebe!!

  3. Simone is a very cute, sweet, and special kitty who obviously is totally tuned into her Mom and performs some special care for her. Animals are SO sensitive so so many things…..we think her and her Mom are PURRRFECT for each other! We’re also happy that Simone has joined Cat Scouts – she’s enjoying it I think!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. What a great interview. It’s amazing how in tune our furbabies can be with us, and how they can truly be our lifesavers. Simone, you are certainly a very special kitty, and you and your mommy are so lucky to have each other.

    And, a very happy birthday to Mo! Purrs!

  5. ~~~~~~~ waves two ewe simone, itz veree nice two meet ewe…..we all think itz total lee kewl how ewe help yur mom like ewe due; we N joyed reedin yur storee; thanx for sharin it with uz….we like yarn ballz round heer az well, we like ta play “soccer” 🙂

    happee fryday everee one N heerz two a flathead sculpin kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  6. Wow, Simone, you are doing such wonderful things for your Mommy! It’s wonderful that you are so sensitive to her. I wish cats were more accepted as therapy cats. I have a friend who tried to have her cat accepted into the local health care system’s hospitals, but they and the area nursing homes accept only dogs.

    • That is too bad, I am sure some people would have loved to have a cat visit. I tried to set up for a cat visit in an assisted living in CT, but there rule was no pets- no exceptions- so sad.

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