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Hi everyone! Last week I was offered a free sample of Pet Remedy a natural de-stress and calming spray. I had a choice of a plug-in or a spray , but I worry about plug-ins starting on fire so I went with the spry. We got this for free, but all opinions are our own.

The spray arrived on Monday which was perfect timing. Right after it arrived, I got the call from the people trapping the ferals for me. They had another one and he was not happy. He kept throwing himself against the back of the cage trying to get out. I sprayed this in the backseat of my car ( that is where I had the trap) and he stopped doing that.

The next day, when I brought him to the clinic, I sprayed the car again as well as the towel and he was fine the entire way. Added bonus, the smell of the spray covered his unneutered male odor. Now that he is quarantined, I spray it in his area twice a day to help him feel better.

It is made with valerian root which is known to be a calming agent. If you want to learn more about this or order your own here is the link .

Here is a link to an article about how helpful it is for all types of stress. Click here

I have a question. I know my niece got a rabies vaccine when she started working at a vat clinic many years ago. Today I called my Dr. and asked if I could get one that way when I am dealing with ferals, I won’t have to worry. I was told they cost $5,000 and you need to get that at the ER- most insurance companies don’t cover it. Does anyone have a rabies vaccine?

Don’t forget to comment to enter Phoebe’s Dr. Seuss giveaway. And thank you to Ann of Zoolatry for this adorable graphic:15meowing


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  1. I’m glad you taking care of the feral cats and that the calming spray is working. Maybe mom should get it for BobbieSue when she has to go to the vet – she throws herself against the carrier sometimes as well. When we moved from Georgia (a LONG 8+ hour drive) mom put her in the same carrier as Piper to keep her calm. It was a tight fit for them but it was best for BobbbieSue. Now that Pipe has gone to the Bridge, mom is concerned how she will react to a carrier. I don’t no nuthin’ about no rabies vaccine – sorry! And, we love the graphic!!!! Pawkisses to Penny and Mille!

  2. That spray sounds like just the ticket for de-stressing! We’re amazed that the rabies vaccine is so expensive for humans though – seems like a good idea when working with ferals though…..NOBODY can afford that kind of cost though! Love the graphic Ann did for you – that is truly CUTE for Dr. Seuss Day!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. The Staff was very tempted to get Pet Remedy for me when I was going through “a phase”! It’s good to know it works! We don’t have rabies in the UK (yet) so can’t help with that, but it seems awfully expensive!!

    • That is great that you don’t have rabies in the UK. Pet Remedy helped the feral, I bet it would help you.Nice to see you again, we missed you.

  4. We’re glad you have the Pet spray to help calm things down. Maybe you could call the animal shelter there and see what arrangements could be made through them? Their volunteers and staff are probably vacc’d through them.

    • I just wanted to get vacccinated so I wouldn’t have to worry, but I can be careful. This feral seems OK, I don’t think he would hurt me.

  5. Pet Remedy sounds very promising! I’m glad it’s working well for Daryl.

    I also didn’t realize just how expensive rabies vaccines for humans had become. I’m a little torn how to answer your question, though. Honestly, it’s really not at all a bad idea to get one, especially since you will be dealing with feral cats. But, I’m sort of a hypocrite to tell you that. I used to work at a cat clinic, and it was recommended that all employees get a rabies vaccine. But, I’ll admit, I did not get one, and neither did most of the others who worked there. A lot of it was cost, I believe. I guess it’s all about how much of a risk you’re willing to take. I got bit by cats on three separate occasions while working at the clinic, and in two of those cases the cat had not been vaccinated for rabies. Luckily, they didn’t have the disease, so I was safe.

    One of the biggest carriers of rabies is actually the bat, so you’re perhaps just as much at risk of getting rabies if you have an attic (great hiding place for bats) or if you take a walk around trees at night. So, I guess my rambling comes down to whether you can and/or want to pay for the security of a rabies vaccine. It really isn’t a bad idea, it’s just whether you can or wish to. I’m sorry I wasn’t more helpful than this!


    • My niece was lucky to get her rabies vaccine paid for through work, but now they don’t do that. I will just be careful and this kitty seems nice. I don’t have bats in the belfry or walk at night so I guess I am OK. 🙂

  6. Hope the new feral boy works out. Just takes lots of patience. I have had Momma kitty for about 5 years outside so she knows and trusts me pretty well. That is a great Dr. Suess Prize.

  7. I picked up something called Rescue Remedy, which can be used by cats, dogs or people! I made up a sprayer to spritz it around; cannot really tell if there was much change. Maybe I need to put a few drops in my own drinking water!

  8. I will be checking out that spray. I’m glad to hear that it worked. Rufus is helping Mickey Mouser to be less scared and more confident, but as soon as there’s a strange noise or person in the house, he goes into hiding. I wonder if it would help to spray his favorite hideout. I have a feliway diffuser nearby but I don’t think it has helped.
    There’s good information about rabies here- http://www.alleycat.org/Page.aspx?pid=686

  9. I may have to take a look at the spray! My Cinco is an anxious kitty. Calming treats work well for him, but it would be nice to have more than one option. I hope you are able to get the rabies shot you want. It is amazing that it is that expensive!

  10. daryl…we iz buzzed happee ta lurn de spray troo lee helped; we hope it werkz az well when yur mom tries ta catch & transport de other kittehz …..

    N de rabiez vaccine price iz insane……ree minds uz oh de price oh scorpion anti venom…sum palz oh R’s…ther dad getted bite by a scorpion, outta curry osatee ther mom asked what de price waz for de anti venon…….faaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. 12,000.00

    ewe red that right …..12 K

    head across de border… and itz 100.00

    heerz two a peppered corydoras kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  11. We are glad the remedy was effective! We have tried a remedy called, “Rescue Remedy”, here in Canada and I truly didn’t see a difference in the animals’ behaviour so it is nice to know there is a natural product that does work! Maybe the rabies vaccine for humans is expensive because it is not really needed? I suppose you would need to research the actual chances of you procuring rabies. Do you live in an area that has a high incidence of rabies for example? We don’t have rabies here on the westcoast but rabies can be found in eastern Canada.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. I hadn’t realized there was a rabies vac you got BEFORE you got exposed to it. I had only heard of the shots you got AFTER getting bitten or possibly exposed. Gosh ! My (human) doctor gets anoyed enough at the bites and scratches I get from my ow animals.
    Glad for the calmig info.

  13. I got that calming stuff too but TW won’t use if. It contains Limonene which when combined with ozone in the house or outside turns to formaldehyde which is a carcinogen. If something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

    • I didn’t realize that. I need a science degree to understand all the labels on pet stuff. I am going to email them about this and see what they have to say.

  14. Wow, I’m chocked about the price!

    I called my local health care station before I took my cats home and asked about rabies. They told me that they only give the vaccination to people who’re working with animals, but since rabbies is very uncommon to non-excisting here, they don’t vaccine private persons.

    That being said, I can’t understand how a vaccination can cost that much??? I would have expected something like 100$ if you had to pay it by yourself, but how do you end up with 5000$???

  15. That calming spray sounds awesome! I’ll look into getting some for Carmine and Lita – they both get very stressed out when going to the vet.

    $5,000 for a rabies vaccine?! That’s really awful. I don’t know anything about the vaccines for humans. I wish I could give you some info!

  16. We don’t know furry much about that vaccine as a preventative.

    We use a feliway type spray to calm ourselves on trips to the vet, etc.
    We didn’t know there was something else, too?

    We also have tried rescue remedy, its purrty good, too. Works fur meowmy as well, MOL!

    • I guess I don’t need the vaccine, but I don’t know why it is so pricey. CK says the stuff I recommended can turn into formaldehyde, I am going to contact the company because I know nothing about science.

  17. Dat’s very innerestin’ as mommy worked as a VET tech and in rescue most of her life and never had a rabies vaccination, and was never told she ought too eever. They are very spensive fur humans, but really not necessary. Altho’ cats can be a source of rabies, they aren’t as likely to be as bats, skunks and other vermin and animals you might come into contact wiff. We doubt you will come into contact wiff a rabid kitty cuz they just don’t live long enuff and aren’t gunna be trapped. Course you shuld also be able to spot da symptoms ifin ya’ actually did come across one. And of course ifin ya’ actually got infected, insurance wuld then cover da treatments. Cat bites can be risky even without rabies. Just one of da dangers of dealin’ wiff cats. We really do purreciate what yous doin’ to help da kitties and will keep you in our purrayers of course.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Thank you. I am going to be careful, Daryl is fine and won’t hurt me as long as I don’t try to pick him up. My niece got her shot paid for through work, but now the VCA owns the clinic they don’t pay for it. Thank you for the prayers. XO

  18. Mom uses the spray for Stress from Jackson Galaxy’s Spirit Essences line. She thinks you are exactly right about plug-ins. She used to have Feliway plug-ins until one started smoldering one day. Now, she’s afraid to use them. She says that she has never heard about being able to get a rabies shot for prophylactic purposes. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  19. $5,000. dollars?? Not pesos’???
    Our rabies vaccines are covered in our Provincial (State) medical insurance so I have no clue what you can do Ellen!!!!!
    I am going to check your link to the Pet Remedy. I tried the Valerian & Silvervine on the ‘littul Purrince’ & NOTHING! Zip, zilch, nada, zero response…he is one odd kittyboy isn’t he??? I am relieved Darryl has responded so well to the Pet Remedy; makes life easier for BOTH of you!!!
    He sure is adorable!!!!!!!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

          • I am relieved Darryl is adjusting. Some ‘ferals’ are not so feral. They never go truly wild so if they are lucky enough to be caught & taken in they adjust more easily then a truly feral cat…..like I have to tell you that Ellen? 😉
            How is Darryl today?

          • Daryl is being good and not trying to scratch his way out. He eats and uses the litter box. He just sits and watches me when I feed him or scoop litter. I hope he will want to be my friend soon.

  20. I think Darryl is just glad to have a safe haven & is working out what is going on. It will take time but I believe with some time & encouragement he will fit right in. Ellen you are so wonderful to have taken Darryl in!

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