Wednesday’s ROAR

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have 2 ROARS today, but I am doing things a little differently. When I started blogging, I was hoping to make some money to donate to my weekly roars. That hasn’t happened yet so I usually just donate with a credit card. This Christmas I am determined not to use my credit card so I have come up with another way to donate.

I always have items set aside for auctions to help kitties, so I am going to have my own auction, sort of, more of a flash sale. I have 2 items today and if someone wants to buy them, I will cover shipping in the US ( I wish I could afford anywhere). The buyer will pay through paypal, but not mine, one will go for Carmine and the other for Kiril being that last week’s ROAR didn’t help him at all.

Item #1 is for Carmine and it is $10 001There is aΒ  stocking for kitty, a big catnip mouse, a catnip stocking, an egg that dispenses treats when whacked and 4 of my crocheted toys. If you want to buy it say so in the comments and the 1 st person gets to buy it.

Item #2 is for Kiril and it is $15003

A black cat necklace, brand new, purchased at Kohls last Christmas.

Don’t forget to comment to enter the Hanukkah giveaway, Phoebe will announce the winner tomorrow. 012

41 thoughts on “Wednesday’s ROAR

  1. Such a sweet giveaway for two deserving kitties……Mom will see if she can squeeze some money out of the wallet – money is tough this time of year but your kindness deserves attention!!!!! Sending holiday hugs!

    Love, Sammy

  2. What a great thing you’re doing here! The world needs to be filled with people like you.

    I’ll give $20 for each item ($20 for the stocking set, and $20 for the necklace), if they’re still available.

  3. guys….thiz bee total lee awesum oh yur mom two due thiz …high paws & headbonk two her…… N we hope thiz weekz roar goes well ~~~~~ β™₯β™₯β™₯

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