Mattless Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Thank you to all of you who said kind things about my awful singing, I appreciate it. I was recently contacted by the Amazon company, GoPets. They offered me a product in exchange for adding their link to my blog.


I am so thrilled with their products that I am doing a review today and tomorrow. I chose the Best Dematting Comb for Cats and Dogs because Tallulah had a couple matts that I was unable to remove with a comb or brush. They came out with 2 passes of this tool.

Next is KaTwo, she can’t reach the middle of her back so there is always an excessive amount of fur built up. 019020 021This removed it with just a couple of strokes. Regular combs don’t remove that undercoat unless I comb in the opposite direction which really irritates KaTwo. This didn’t even upset her, she seemed to enjoy it.

If you are interested in getting one, here is the link. They are on sale and there is free shipping if you spend over $35 so why not buy one as a gift too?

They have several other products, I will tell you about another one tomorrow.


  1. We wunnered how dat tool wuld be, but havin’ furminators and da groom genie we thought da clippers wuld work better fur us. And of course da scratcher. A kitty can’t ever have too many scratchers, right? MOL Have a blest day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. Oh, it’s always a blessing to find a grooming tool that actually works. I will certainly have to look into getting one of these for my household. My Evan often can’t reach to groom his hind end due to his hind limb paralysis, and my sister’s cat Toby is so furry that we’re always trying new combs and brushes for him. Thanks for this great review! Purrs!

    1. I am glad you liked the review. I am sure this would be good for both kitties and the price is great. πŸ™‚

  3. I used to have problems with Tessa’s fur, but I now don’t need to brush her anymore. Not sure why, but I don’t complain πŸ˜‰

    Thank you so much for your lovely Christmas card! πŸ™‚

    1. You’re welcome for the Christmas card. That is good that both your kitties can manage themselves-I am glad most of mine can too πŸ™‚

  4. guys….thanx for de honest ree view N de linx to thiz brush…we R gonna hafta chex it out……boomer……haz old age cat body now… & me regular brush kinda botherz me ~~~ β™₯β™₯β™₯

  5. That looks like something I might like. Mom looked at The furminator thing butdidnotghingiwould ‘stand for it’. Mol Mol I made a funny
    Madi your bffff

    1. Only 3 of our kitties have long hair and they don’t get many matts, but this does the trick. Glad to see you back to visiting.

  6. We have never liked brushes much. Mebbe that’s cuz we are all short-hairs and TBT strokes us so much we just dony have many loose furs. We do get flea-combed on the head/back/sides. He never finds any fleas, but it does take some furs off. He says we are lucky about fleas, they dont seem ta like our yard. Mebbe they all go away with the Evil Skwerrls we chase off.

    But hey, if there is a brushie YOU all like and it is good fer you, Hurray!

    1. I used to use a flea comb to get the build up of fur off of KaTwo’s back where she couldn’t reach, but I don’t think she liked how it felt. With this new brush, I didn’t get any scratches from her πŸ™‚

  7. This looks similar to something I bought many ears ago called a Mat Raker. It had curved blades that cut through mats. But this looks like it might be better because it has many more teeth. Getting at those mats when they first begin to form is best otherwise only a clipper will safely remove it.

    1. I try to keep an eye on my 3 with longer hair to make sure they don’t get matts, this will make it easier.

  8. Minko is a huge shedding machine, something like that would be great. We do use a brush here that has tiny teeth and its not too shabby in the fur it removes, but yours looks way more efficient.

    Pipo would rather bite any kind of brush…all the while he purrs, MOL!!

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