Happy Wednesday everyone! I have a very unique ROAR this week and the credit goes to Raven and her Mom of Indulged Furries. They generously offered an ornament for one of my “flash sales” and offered to pay to ship it to whoever buys it ( I don’t mean to exclude anyone, but I am going to only have her ship within the US because of the shipping costs to her).

I didn’t have a ROAR in mind this week so Raven’s Mom suggested that the buyer choose the charity. Instead of a flash sale though, I am going to take bids all day until 10 PM EST and the highest bidder wins. That person chooses the charity they will give the money to. As long as it helps cats, any charity is acceptable. And as an added bonus, I will send you some crocheted catnip toys too.

Here is the ornament: Bowwow I know, you are probably wondering why it doesn’t say MEOW, but there are a lot of dog lovers out there too.

Thank you Raven and your Mom!

Stinky is off to our own vet today, I hope I get some answers- good news ones. Phoebe will update you tomorrow.



  1. What a cute pup charm – someone will enjoy wearing that for sure! As for Stinky, we’re sending prayers that the vet says she’s just fine…..will be anxious to hear………

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. It is an ornament for the Christmas tree, but I guess it would make quite a fashion statement if worn :)Thank you for the prayers for Stinky.

  2. That is so nice of Raven and her mom and you guys too for doing this. It’s a really nice ornament and will also make a good gift to a dog lover.

    We are hoping for some good news about Stinky!

    1. Very nice of Raven and her Mom 🙂 Phoebe will have an update tomorrow, but we still have no answers.

    1. Still no answers for Stinky. She got that name because she doesn’t know how to cover when she goes in the litter box and it stinks 🙂

  3. stinky….we send all de best that yur chex up goez well two day & itz nothin seer ee uz…..st francis’ blessingz az all wayz two ewe…

    & total lee awesum oh raven & mom ta donatez thiz….de ornament iz way kewl… 🙂 we will tell sum oh R dawg pals we noe ta head thiz way !! ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks for telling your dog pals 🙂 And thank you for the prayers to St. Francis for Stinky- still no answers.

  4. What a nice ornament, and such a generous thing for raven and her mom to do. We are praying for Stinky!

    Sorry we haven’t been visiting lately. Thank you for your kindness in the wake of Moosey’s passing. He was a very special boy, and we love and miss him so much. The outpouring of love and support by our friends has been such an encouragement during this difficult time.

  5. Dat’s pawsum. Good Luck to everyone. And we luvved those GoPet claw clippers. Well as much as any cat can like clippers MOL Mommy liked them real good. MOL Weez sendin’ lots of purrayers fur Stinky. Can’t wait fur da update.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Yes, it was 🙂 Thank you for the purrs for Stinky. And thank you for your adorable card- it arrived today too 🙂 XO

  6. Hope you get a bid that will be helpfur to kitties…even though its a woofie ornament, MOL! Its way too big fur our tree, we only have a couple of teeny table trees…bare of any decoration save those fiber-optic lights…and we even get accused of biting at those, sheesh…doesn’t meowmy know that there might be mousies here?? We *do* live in an old den…

    Purring that Stinky will be fine.

    We read above how she got her name…Pipo must be related to her, OMC, he leaves all his offerings open to the air too…Pee-U!

    1. I am sure we will get a bid someday 🙂 Don’t bite the fiber optic lights, you could get hurt. Thank you for purring for Stinky. Stinky tries to cover, but works all around it 🙂

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