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Hi everyone. Phoebe and I are very concerned about her purrince. Please pray for him, he is very sick. This is the link to the update on his health :

Polar Bear passed his thyroid exam. He will go back in 4 months for a recheck. I also took Joanie with me for some blood work. About 6 months ago, the vet thought her kidney values were a little off and said to keep an eye on them. She only eats dry food which I know is bad, but I have yet to find a canned food that doesn’t make her vomit. I did switch to grain free so maybe that helped because her values were better this time. The vet said I could wait a year to test again unless she starts drinking a lot……that doesn’t sound right-unless she drinks more water than usual.

Please pray for Purrince Siddhartha Henry. inn-thee-pink-siddhartha


46 thoughts on “Health Updates

  1. OH! How did I miss he was so sick? I will go right over and Phoebe…hang in there darling. Joanie…I am so GLAD that your kidney values are better. PLEASE keep eating the wet fuds and I hope you remain hork free. It’s important you eat that.

    Tell mommy there that we enjoyed reading about the HAMS in your family. xoxox

  2. Weez glad to hear good news, but YES, da dwinkin’ more water IS right. Wiff kidney ad liver disease kitties don’t function normally anymore and have twubble stayin’ hydwated and therefur they dwink more. Always a bad sign when a kitty dwinks more water. And you know by dwinkin’ more da VET didn’t mean she takes a kupple extwa laps, it’s da always lookin’ fur a dwink and peein’ bigger clumps. As you know weez not weally take fotos of our pawdee box depawsits, but afur sissy was diagnosed wiff CKD, she stawrted dwinkin’ more and hers clumps got much lawrger than nowrmal. She’s not constantly at da water fountain, but watchin’ her you fur sure know she be at it a lot more than what was nowrmal. Weez sendin’ purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. guys buzzed happee yur vet a point mints wented sew well, & we hope wee small meedium dood henry getz sum good mews for him & hiz mom both….at leest gives her an answer az ta how ta help him….st francis blessings az all wayz ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Hope kitty feels better! I’ve used Aminavast / Renavast (was orig, called Renavast) for my kidney cats and it’s helped a ton. I work for a holistic vet and my boss is big on it too. My picky eaters even ate it. There were some negative articles about it on the internet and we can’t figure it out. Our kidney cats have done very well with it and we’ve seen results in most pets blood work.

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